FIFA Street 12: Video Previews of the New Game From EA Sports

FIFA Street is scheduled for release in March, 2012. But we have several videos that provide a glimpse into what the video game will look like.

The game, based on street soccer or street football, is also known as FIFA Street 12. It’s the first game in the series in four years, and this year will focus more on realism instead of the stylized cartoon-like visuals of previous versions of the game.

Lionel Messi will grace the front cover of the video game.

Here are the sneak previews of the game:






FIFA Street will be available in the United States on March 13 and in Europe on March 15. The game will be available on the following platforms: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Based on what you see above, what do you think? Are you a fan of the FIFA Street series? How do you think FIFA Street 12 compares to previous versions? Is FIFA Street something you would buy?

H/T FIFA Soccer Blog.

2 thoughts on “FIFA Street 12: Video Previews of the New Game From EA Sports”

  1. Hmmm….I will definitely get it eventually but I’m going to wait for a price drop. $60 is just to steep for what you get. I can drop that for regular FIFA games but not street.

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