Brek Shea To Train With Arsenal: Is He Ready For a Move to The Gunners?

After the international break concludes, FC Dallas and US international midfielder Brek Shea will fly to England to train with Arsenal for one month with a view to a possible move.

“Affording Brek the opportunity to continue to work on improving his game and measure himself among the best players in the world is something we are all excited about,” said FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman. “It’s a winning situation for Brek, FC Dallas and the U.S. team, as the extra training time will help push his game to the next level.”

A integral connection between Arsenal and FC Dallas is former Arsenal footballer Steve Morrow, whose title is International Partnerships Performance Supervisor at Arsenal. It’s not known whether Morrow was involved in recommending Shea to Arsene Wenger, but Morrow did draft in Shea when he was manager at Dallas.

Shea is making the move to train in off-season per US coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s recommendation.

“[Jurgen’s] been pushing and wanting us to train in Europe in the off-season and it is good to get that experience. It’s just strictly training, [getting] that experience and hopefully raising my game to another level. I think, obviously I am happy where I am, but I want to, eventually when the time is right, try it out and give it a shot.”

Whether or not Shea can make a positive impression at Arsenal, we’ll have to wait and see. Freddy Adu trained with Manchester United in 2006, but failed to make a good impression on Sir Alex Ferguson. But plenty of other Americans have hit the ground running in the United Kingdom and Shea could be the latest American to gain valuable experience overseas.

But what do you think? Does Brek Shea have what it takes to impress on his off-season training at Arsenal to get a permanent deal? Vote and share your opinion below.

26 thoughts on “Brek Shea To Train With Arsenal: Is He Ready For a Move to The Gunners?”

  1. HAHAHA! A Yank playing for Arsenal??? That’ll be a first. No thank you, we are not that desperate. We need players who have plied their trade in Europe for a considerable amount of years and are ready for the challenge at Arsenal. We cannot keep relying on youngsters anymore we already have enough. We need players in their mid-20s who will do a good, professional job for us and have developed bodies unlike those in their early 20s and help us get back into the top four towards the end of the season. We need some physicality when we play against sides like Man City. We’ve already all the other Sky Six teams once except City so we have a pretty favorable schedule for the next 9 games or so. Then after that, we’ll have to play the top teams again. Wenger must really be losing the plot if he wants an MLS player in his side. We need Champions League and Premier League caliber player. It’s too much to ask for someone who plays in Columbus OH to make the change to live in a massive place like London and play in the Premiership…

    1. Do you not have a brain and/or have any clue what you’re talking about.

      Breck Shea, plays in Dallas not Columbus. Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US. True not as large as London but I don’t see it as any sort of challenge for him.

      As far as needing a physical player, he is also almost 200lbs and over 6 feet tall. He’d actually be one of your mosy physical platers were he to join. Also, if you knew anything about his game you’d know that he plays a physical game. He also has trained with Bolton in the past.

      Try to know what you’re talking about before you write off someone just because they are American and you probably haven’t heard of them. It really shows off your ignorance.

    2. so you’re a typical american eurosnob trying to pretend that he is british or are you a european on an american blog just to trash talk us? either way u are just pathetic and apparently stupid

    3. You obviously know nothing about this kids talent. First of all, his body is there already. He is 6ft 3 and is is exceptionally fast for his size. He is the most promising talent to come out of the USA ever and would be a very ‘talked about’ prospect if he was from Germany, France, etc. Get informed.

  2. I love MLS, and stay up till the early hours of the morning to watch it, but there’s isn’t a player in MLS right now that could even get on the bench for a top 4 side like Arsenal, Keane and Donovan are the only players that would come close. Does he have what it takes potentially to play for Arsenal, we’ll soon see, cause if Arsene Wenger thinks he does he won’t be going back to Dallas next season, but at the moment he’s not ready.

    1. alot of players are worth playing in top 4 sides, its just they have no real talent beside them to let them play as well as they could possibly play.

      I say give him a shot.

  3. Shea just finished a season, will be called into the USMNT squad for some pointless friendlies so Jurgen Llinsmann can figure out what he’s got… and now he is going to train with Arsenal? Why I hate the reverse fixtures of MLS. He’ll break down just as we need him. The guy is probably a Championship rotation player at the moment, but has a upside of a top 11 for a PL squad. He has no place in Arsenal unless they move him back to being a defender. I personally see him as holding midfielder. In the top flight of football he just doesn’t cut it as a winger or AMC or striker. Would be a nice box to box mid… Could see him do well at a club like Villa.

    1. I think of all squads Arsenal is best though. Brek does not and should not be a defensive mid, any EPL side would push him in that role due to his size. He needs to be allowed to attack and be the wing player he is, even maybe a wide wing fullback. Arsenal will allow him to attack

  4. Love Brek. His work ethic is through the roof, and he’s just got that spark that few American players seem to possess. That said, he’d be looking at the reserves on his best I do think. Still, sign him, let him develop under the Professor, then who knows what will become of him. Great to hear this though!

  5. Let’s look at him compared to some of Arsenal’s existing wingers, though I’m not going to take the time to look up facts. Sorry…haha.

    But based on my relative experience watching Shea and comparative experience watching Arsenal, I am going to use > or Theo Walcott (better crosser of the ball, more technical on the ball, better shooter)
    Brek Shea > Marouane Chamakh (everything)
    Brek Shea ? Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (haven’t seen enough of the lad TBH)
    Brek Shea < Gervinho (not as good of a passer/shooter)

    Again, don't know enough about the newer guys/youth players.

    So I think it's a great idea, hopefully it works out for him.

  6. Evryone here is either riding breck’s d*ck or bashing on him. The truth is i wouldnt be surprised if he was sitned to arsenal. He’s going to be awesome. But if he went to arsenal i would be surprised if he got any playing time at all. Not good enough to play over wallcot or gervihno or arshavin,.

  7. “Training with Arsenal” doesn’t mean a lick more than “Training with Arsenal”. All this speculation is ridiculous. Countless players have trained with Arsenal simply to stay fit or learn.

    1. Let’s be reasonable here, though. Yes, he’s training with Arsenal but it’s definitely with an eye to a permanent or loan deal. Shea could go to any club and train with them, but his one month training session with the Gunners is because there’s a mutual interest. He has to prove himself to Wenger to show he’s the real deal.

      The Gaffer

  8. Not too old, but too old to develop the kind of passing/crossing touch necessary for Arsenal. I would agree with the other poster who suggested a more defensive role. Maybe Shea doesn’t see himself as a defender, but maybe he’ll get a better opportunity in the PL on that side of the pitch.


    The fact of the matter is Shea is a FANTASTIC player in MLS but it’s also against MLS defenses. Whether he can replicate this against Premiership sides is another thing. We can’t know. He could become amazing at Arsenal or sit on the bench but I think it’s great he is trying it out and best of luck to him. I don’t see him starting regularly his first year but almost no players that move to the Premiership do that their first year, not even the best.

    I do like that he is going to Arsenal since it’s one of the few teams in the Premiership that will allow him to develop his attacking part of the game and not pigeonhole him into a defensive mold due to his size and physical strength.

  10. Brek is currently one of the best players in the world. No need to sell him when the MLS is rated very highly.

    We have Beckham, Keane and Henry playing here. Best 3 players in the world, in my view.

        1. There’s no way you could ever convince me he’s better than Robin Van Persie or Arsenal’s starting 11 at this point in time. Did you see them play against Chelsea and West Brom? It’s a system you have you to fit into, and that’s not easily done.

  11. I’m an FCD season ticket holder and the post from trickybrkn is really good, he got it 100% right. When FCD played against Inter Milan last year Brek gave Maicon all he could handle–that was what made me first think he could actually play effectively in Europe. Still needs some work, but his size, talent and the speed of his game are on par w/top players, he just needs a bit more guidance (via a rotational duty in the Championship) and experience with top players to get him to the next level.

  12. LOVE Brek Shea. SO glad to see him training w/ The Arsenal. I’ve thought Shea was a Wenger-type player ever since the 1st time I saw him. Clearly Jurgen Klinsmann and Thierry Henry both agree.

    Assuming arguendo that he is in training as a test to maybe sign, my only question is, does he have the *pace* for the Premiership. He LOOKS wicked fast against other MLS players, but the Premiership game may be too fast for him. Not sure. But I wish him the best and hope it works out!!!!

  13. Brek needs to go play somewhere in Europe and start before EPL, Maybe a dutch team like Altidore, french team, bundesliga…….Arsenal is a bit much right now, maybe a Aston, Bolton, or a team like that, but Arsenal has solid wingers and strikers, its not what they need, i wouldnt mind seeing him coupled with Dempsey or maybe at Everton though……

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