Brek Shea To Train With Arsenal: Is He Ready For a Move to The Gunners?

After the international break concludes, FC Dallas and US international midfielder Brek Shea will fly to England to train with Arsenal for one month with a view to a possible move.

“Affording Brek the opportunity to continue to work on improving his game and measure himself among the best players in the world is something we are all excited about,” said FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman. “It’s a winning situation for Brek, FC Dallas and the U.S. team, as the extra training time will help push his game to the next level.”

A integral connection between Arsenal and FC Dallas is former Arsenal footballer Steve Morrow, whose title is International Partnerships Performance Supervisor at Arsenal. It’s not known whether Morrow was involved in recommending Shea to Arsene Wenger, but Morrow did draft in Shea when he was manager at Dallas.

Shea is making the move to train in off-season per US coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s recommendation.

“[Jurgen’s] been pushing and wanting us to train in Europe in the off-season and it is good to get that experience. It’s just strictly training, [getting] that experience and hopefully raising my game to another level. I think, obviously I am happy where I am, but I want to, eventually when the time is right, try it out and give it a shot.”

Whether or not Shea can make a positive impression at Arsenal, we’ll have to wait and see. Freddy Adu trained with Manchester United in 2006, but failed to make a good impression on Sir Alex Ferguson. But plenty of other Americans have hit the ground running in the United Kingdom and Shea could be the latest American to gain valuable experience overseas.

But what do you think? Does Brek Shea have what it takes to impress on his off-season training at Arsenal to get a permanent deal? Vote and share your opinion below.


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