FOX Soccer Announce Plans for New iPad and iPhone Apps and New Shows

FOX Soccer will be launching an iPad app and a new iPhone app this summer in conjunction with the launch of the network’s new name, new logo, improved graphics and new sets, which will debut on August 13 in conjunction with the kickoff of the 2011-12 Premier League season.

Details are minimal as of press time, but FOX has also announced that there will be “new shows.” Whether the network will try to launch a new call-in show to replace Soccer Talk Live or Fox Football Fone-In is unclear, but as soon as we have more information, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

Currently FOX Soccer doesn’t have an iPad app, but the FoxSoccer iPhone app does work on the iPad. It’ll be interesting to see what the custom-made FOX Soccer iPad app that’ll be launched in August will feature, but if I had to guess, I would say that it would allow subscribers to watch games via the iPad complete with new features such as being able to watch more than one game at once, as well as to engage in chat with other soccer fans, and more. Plus, I would suspect that the video quality would be even better than the current experience on the iPhone.

The news was announced at a cable industry show in Chicago this week.

“Growing up you just couldn’t find soccer on American TV,” said Cobi Jones, who was at the industry show to announce the new plans. “Now, on TV and on the internet, FOX is giving players and fans a chance to see the biggest games. With FOX Soccer, tomorrow’s Clint Dempseys and Cobi Joneses will be able to see their heroes today.”

FOX Soccer will also begin offering bundled content, allowing cable and satellite subscribers the option of watching the games on computer and tablet devices. What that means, exactly, we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, EPL Talk has learned that will be showing games this summer from the Chelsea Asia tour (on delay) as well as Premier League classic games and FA Cup classic games in addition to other as-yet-unannounced content.


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