Special 1 TV: Act Of God (Video)

Special 1 TV is back after another eventful week featuring The Boy’s wonder goal against Manchester City, Gattuso headbutting Joe Jordan and The Special One making a secret appearance at Craven Cottage. At the same time, the controversy regarding Sven getting sacked from Special 1 TV rages on.

Be champions!

11 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Act Of God (Video)”

  1. Dear Gaffer.

    I like your website. I like the videos. I like the American perspective of British football. However, what is really turning me away from EPLTalk is the constant recurrence of ‘Interactive Adverts’. They are unstoppable and impossible to mute, which makes watching this probably decent video futile in the face of the inane laxative selling jingle currently playing at full volume. I understand you require ad revenue, but this type of marketing is making me reconsider visiting the site in future, and making me more frustrated every time I try and read a well written article, only to be told how I can shit easier, stop my skin from drying out and cure a sore throat.

    1. Dan, thanks for the feedback. I’ve received a couple of other similar complaints too. I contacted the ad agency two days ago and requested that they stop those ads from being displayed. Hopefully they’ll be removed soon.

      The Gaffer

        1. If I was to mute the speakers then listening to the video’s would be difficult when 10 seconds in an advert comes over it. I’ve seen the same adverts on other sites, but they have a mute function, it’s just strange that the ads here don’t! Like I say, I’m glad the site is going strong and ads obviously help out. Cheers to the Gaffer for listening to the feedback, keep on finding interesting footy vids so we don’t have to.

          1. Use AdBlock or something similar with your browser… works like a charm – faster page loads and no annoying ads!

          2. The other option would be to open it up in Youtube with that button at the bottom of the video insert. But hopefully Gaffer’s got things moving in the right direction.

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