FIFA 11 Simulation Predicts Result of Arsenal vs Barcelona

The ghosts within the FIFA 11 video game have predicted the score of another match, in this case Arsenal versus Barcelona. But this is no ordinary pick. Consider the fact that the FIFA 11 Simulation machine correctly predicted that Manchester United would beat Man City 2-1 at the weekend. Even before that, the FIFA 11 Simulations have correctly predicted the scoreline (or if not the scoreline, the correct result) of every other match I’ve seen them predict in the previous several weeks.

So the question is whether today’s prediction of the result from the Arsenal versus Barcelona Champions League match will be accurate or not. Watch the above video and then watch the match this evening to see.

24 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Simulation Predicts Result of Arsenal vs Barcelona”

  1. It would be nice if FIFA would fix player growth and the transfer market in Manager Mode rather than do these cheap PR stunts.


    1. True – and the stupid glitches that seem to effect every annual version of this game, that never become apparent until after you have devoted an unhealthy number of hours to your manager mode.

  2. If it’s FIFA then it has to be connected to betting syndicates in Indonesia or somewhere equally scurrilous. From beyond the grave Paul the octopus says 8-8.

  3. how the HEL L is this game not on Fox Sports? For us that don’t get the option of FSCHD this is very frustrating. This is the marquee matchup of the round.

    1. It’s going to be on Fox Soccer Channel. FSN shows one Champions League game on Tuesday’s, but Fox Soccer Channel has a lot more bandwidth to show games on its station rather than trying to get on FSN where it has less control.

      The Gaffer

      1. I feel like last year FSN had one match on each day during the knockout stages? I remember being able to see them in HD. Did they decide not to show as many matches this time? I remember them showing one game on FSN and the other at the same time on FSC. That doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

        1. One of the readers will have to answer that question because my memory is a bit foggy. I know that originally it was only on Tuesday’s, which was a big deal for Fox because they had never done that before. But perhaps someone else with a better memory than us can fill us in!

          The Gaffer

          1. I am fairly certain they did Tuesdays only on FS Net last year as well. The potential problem that I see is that FSN may not be getting the best game this year as they were last season their Tuesdays. The best of the game yesterday was easily Spurs-Milan and that game was shown on FSC in grainy SD. While Schalke-Valencia a game that I have no interest in was coming in crystal clear in HD.

  4. Not only was Puyol in there but so were Almunia, Rosicky, Squillaci, and Chamakh. What, did they have Ibra and Henry playing for Barca too?

    Not that EA is very dilligent about updating the most simple things in this game, but good grief.

  5. maw4bc,
    FSN and FSC are indeed showing a different match each Tuesday as they did last year. Yesterday, FSN showed Valencia vs Shalke and FSC showed Milan vs Spurs. Both matches were in HD. also showed the Valencia vs Shalke match live.

    On Wednesdays, one match will be on FSC and the other on . Last year, on Wednesdays one match was on FSC and the other was on FSE (Fox Sports Espanyol). Not sure if that will be the case this year. I haven’t checked my channel guide today.

    Hope this helps.

  6. So, I set very likely line-ups, with Sczeczny in goal and without Puyol.. The outcome was: Arsenal 1-4 Barcelona. Djourou got a red card in the process.

  7. Just checked and both FSC and Fox Deportes (FSE) are showing the same match, Arsenal vs Barcelona. The other match, Roma vs Shaktar, is being shown on I don’t get FS+ so i have no idea what they’re showing.

  8. As a serious contribution to this article, I should warn you that I played FIFA 11 this past weekend, Arsenal vs. Barca, and Barca won 2-0. That’s my xbox 360 prediction….oh wait, was that blatent product placing???

  9. Didn’t get the score/result correct but I do find it funny it got 2 of the 3 goalscorers right, was hoping Van Persie would get the next one.

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