David Luiz Makes Full Debut for Chelsea: A Star Is Born

As the final whistle blew to signal the end of a thrilling match between Fulham and Chelsea, the Premier League had just welcomed its newest star, David Luiz.

The impressive Brazilian on just his first start for Chelsea was, in all sense of the word, everywhere. Partnering John Terry in the centre of defence he started showing signs of typical Brazilian elegance, composure and confidence that belied his lack of Premiership experience.

A towering presence at the back, Luiz along with Terry was soon dominating in the air and making valuable interceptions, but the most noticeable aspect of his game was the fact he was so calm and composed bringing the ball out from defence.

This was done a few times in the first half, playing almost as an extra midfielder as Chelsea started dominating the game culminating in him playing a lovely ball over the top of the Fulham defence to Fernando Torres who unfortunately mis-controlled the ball and the chance was gone. But the brilliance of Luiz’s pass was there for all to see.

After half-time it was more or less one-way traffic towards the Fulham goal and David Luiz found himself everywhere. The Brazilian was marauding down the right-wing, playing quick, one touch football around the 18 yard box and generally acting more as an advanced midfielder than a centre-back. Such was his active role in the game that he once found himself on the left hand-side of the Fulham penalty area and, in true Brazilian style, put in a cross by way of a Wayne Rooney-esque overhead kick. Needless to say, the Chelsea fans behind the goal gave him a rapturous cheer amongst the chants of, “Luiz…Luiz…Luiz”.

His first full debut got even more eventful as in injury time, he gave away a penalty when he was adjudged to have tripped Clint Dempsey. His blushes were spared though as the resulting penalty was saved by Petr Cech.

The match finished 0-0 and despite his late blunder, the Man of the Match rightly went to David Luiz for his excellent, action man like display. Calm and composed, and brilliant with the ball, if this match is anything to go by, Chelsea have bought themselves a star in the making.

12 thoughts on “David Luiz Makes Full Debut for Chelsea: A Star Is Born”

    1. When he was been paid the money,you have to remind him of what is been paid for.
      likewise you said he was good last night,fine that is a good statement from a nis person to a nice man like me,but to me advice him not to relent from his hard working of goodness, thanks.

  1. Luiz’s match was remarkable, but he’s got a lot to learn before he gets anointed as a star. He made two risky challenges at the edge of the area, both against Dempsey, the first resulting in a solid clearance for a corner, the other a penalty. He also had at least one instance where he tried to initiate the attack with a move forward, where he was stripped of the ball, and was fortunate that Fulham’s attack tends not to be particularly gifted or ambitious.

    He did show a lot of skill when advancing in attack, including the cross executed with his back to the target. Just think that some temperance is called for in this situation, since he wasn’t flawless, and to be a high paid center back in the Premier League you need to be defensively sound.

    Finally, thanks for a well-composed article.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Earl: I was very impressed with his performance yesterday. A 23 year old coming from Portugal where the pace is much slower and having a game like that. Obviously you can’t tell how he will turn out but after last night, his talent is there for all to see and in my opinion will become a star.

    Karl: Sometimes price doesn’t reflect ability. Torres cost £50 million but has looked a shadow of his former self. Still alot of time for him though..

    Kratic: Why do you think he will not be a star? He was immense last night and has all the attributes. With regards to Charlie Adam, I don’t think Tottenham got to speak to him as the deal was too late in the day. Who knows though, a deal could be done with either Liverpool, Man United or even Tottenham in the summer.

    Once again, thanks guys.

  3. What impressed me was his demeanor after the penalty was called. No gesticulating at the ref. No histrionics. He obviously has a lot to learn about playing in the Prem. 😉

  4. Enjoyed the piece and the comments. I have never seen a more confident entry to the EPL than Luiz.
    (I was amused by Glenn Hoddle, former England and Chelsea manager, calling him what I heard as ‘Louise’) His performance was a great contrast to that of Torres who, if he could only get a goal soon, might also show his old confidence.
    I hope he does not become another Shevchenko – who languished at Stamford Bridge for two years without holding down a regular place (£30+ million). But T’s arrival has sharpened up Drogba. When he came on as a sub last night he looked like the player he was last year.

    1. The most logical assumption would be that Hoddle was simply pronouncing it wrong, but at the same time, Portuguese has some funky pronunciations, especially the Brazilian variant, so who knows.

  5. His display was definitely a good one – no question about that.

    But one good game does not make a star. I’m curious how many such articles have been written about Wright-Phillips and Milner? certainly good players now, certainly better players in the past, and certainly not what we would consider “stars” (IMO). Come back in a year and revisit this article :)

  6. I think you are on the mark with this article. Granted, I am biased but truly, I have cannot remember ever seeing someone step in after just arriving in this league from a slower and less physical league and having these skills and abilities right out of the box. I can only see greater things to come for this young man, he is arguably the most exciting and talented centre back I have seen in a very long time.

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