Wayne Rooney Has Disgraced Himself to Manchester United Fans

While the lot of the Internet waxes poetic on the Wayne Rooney saga from various corners of the globe, I’ve remained oddly quiet on a matter concerning the club I support and a player I’ve held in incredibly high regard for some time.

Rooney’s declaration of desire this past week hit me in that kind of ‘I don’t really want to believe it’ kind of way. As I traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and connected flights back to my home in Lexington, I’d hoped the 13 hours in the air would produce a sort of clean slate on the Rooney saga, that he’d wake up and realize the error of his ways. My thoughts remain astray.

Before I woke again Stateside I tried to convince myself that surely these quotes and statements were rumors conjured up by journalists like some bad spell from a part time witch. In my faux state of disbelief, I decided the truth would soon come out in regards to the lynchpin of the club I support and that he’d been misquoted and would then restate his desire to stay and fight for the league this season.

It seems for now at least, I must prepare myself for the worst while in the current state of football in 2010, I really should have seen this coming. What defines loyalty in players anymore anyway? It’s all so disheartening.

As a football fan, these are the kinds of scenarios you think about from time to time, but assume they’ll never actually happen. As Liverpool fans with Steven Gerrard, or Chelsea fans with Frank Lampard, United fans worship the ground Wayne Rooney walks on. The great revelation now is that we must all grasp the hard to digest fact that Rooney doesn’t walk on water and is more concerned with a few extra pounds than the overall cohesive best of the team. My naivety now erased.

In a nightmarish circumstance, United supporters, because of the behavior of one, are now being asked to choose between their club’s best player and the club itself, an institution they hold so dear. My advice to them: always back your club and the manager. The Wayne Rooney’s of the world will emerge again while the history of a club can never be replicated.

Isn’t Fergie Smelling Of Roses?

While Rooney was stretched off the Carrington training ground with yet another ankle knock, Sir Alex Ferguson was drawing a figurative line in the sand over the whole matter. Ambition!, Ambition you say? Rich comments coming from a young, petulant child directed towards a club the likes of Manchester United, and more specifically, a manager the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson who has won some 35 trophies as a manager at United.

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