Do Tottenham Really Need to Sign Scott Parker?

With news out that Harry Redknapp launched a bid to sign West Ham skipper Scott Parker it leaves us wondering whether or not he would actually improve the Spurs squad.

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Tottenham will be hoping to secure a Champions League group stage place and for another successful Premier League campaign this season and Parker is not a player many would have expected them to be chasing this summer. Parker is a very good player as he has shown at Charlton and West Ham but Tottenham already have an abundance of midfielders at their disposal. Jenas, Huddlestone, Palacios, and O’Hara are all already competing for central midfield spots. Add to that youngsters Danny Rose and Adel Taarabt and you can’t help but think Tottenham should be prioritising other positions.

With Jonathan Woodgate’s playing career looking in doubt and the well documented fitness problems of Ledley King, Redknapp should be looking at bolstering his back line. Tottenham have a very talented midfield and front line and if they can bring in some good defensive cover they could just surprise a few people this season and have another very good campaign. Redknapp himseldf as mentioned a title challenge and with a bit of luck they may not be far off. There has been very little transfer activity at White Hart Lane this season and Spurs fans will be hoping this changes before the big kick off. Do you guys think Parker would improve the Spurs squad?

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  1. Scott Parker has heart. A very underappreciated quality in professional athletes of all types. Redknapp is clever for trying to add him to his squad, but I don’t think the new West Ham management is going to let him go for any price.

  2. Scott Parker would be a great addition to Spurs. You listed many midfielders but we don’t really have that many quality central midfielders. Modric, Palacios and Huddlestone is really all that we have. Jenas and O’hara just aren’t good enough and won’t be around the Lane that much longer. Sandro is young and will need a bit to settle in. Rose and Taraabt will never play CM. End of. I am a big fan of bringing in Scott Parker.

    1. Jenas is terrible. Hugely overrated. He does not belong on a squad that wants to compete in the champions league. Scott Parker would be a great addition.

      1. No doubt Thomas thinks that Jenas & Parker are better players than David Silva & Yaya Toure. He has very strange opinions on football.

  3. Jenas is rubbish. Watch him play. It’s dreadful. Spurs are also looking at going to a 4-2-3-1 so we’ll be playing an extra mid. His tendency to get forward and tackling ability would fit well and add depth to the squad.

    With that said, a CB should be a priority due to ledleys fitness.

  4. Having a player like Parker is something we need. Yes we have Palacios and Sandro (eventually) but that is the extent of tackling midfield. Palacios in my opinion played too much last season, and tailed off at the end of the season; plus the suspension factor with Palacios too. Sandro will need time to adjust/adapt. Considering he is joining towards the end of August, we will need another defence minded midfielder.

  5. I’m sure Parker is a very good player but the priority for Spurs has to be to strengthen the back four – the rest will look after itself……

  6. I think everyones missing a point here, Scott Parker is a great replacement for “The General Modric”. If we suffer with Modric’s absence like we did last season, we have NO cover. HR will paly the same formation, he needs depth, SP is perfect. ThoughI have to applaude David Sullivan for sticking by his guns not to sell him, only time will tell if that sticks.

  7. Scott Parker is one of the last of the old-school Premier League footballers who plays with heart and seems to want to win rather than collect a paycheck. I was disappointed because he wasn’t selected for the England team. He reminds me a lot of Owen Hargreaves from the 2006 World Cup when he took charge of the team and gave everything. I think he’d be a smart Tottenham signing if it goes through.

    The Gaffer

    1. Gaffer,

      Hard to buy that “in it to win it, not to get paid” line about Parker when his best days were back at Charlton and the second Chelsea came calling, he threw away his development for a fat wage packet.

      Let’s get something straight about this guy: He used to be a young talent. Now, he’s neither young, nor particularly talented. He’s just a guy who tries hard, and for some reason, pockets cuts of well overpriced transfer fees, while not making any discernible imapct on the pitch. Other than “trying hard”.

      Pluggers don’t deserve this level of attention.

      1. I disagree. Parker is very talented. His West Ham side had a terrible season last year, but he was one of the shining stars. As for Charlton, what did you expect him to do? To stay with the side who are now in League One? In order to make advances in his career, he had to sign with a big club.

        The Gaffer

        1. I can understand a transfer, but (a) A little disingenuous referring to Charlton as A club now in league 1. They were a solid mid-table EPL side when he was there. Relegation was a few years after his departure. he was central to their Premiership success.

          (b) Don’t forget why he left said big club. What’s the benefit of signing with a big club if they never let you play?

          (c) He failed to make an England squad that proved to be technically sad and woefully inadequate. the Jury is out and so is he; if Spurs want to move forward, they should listen to MATTSPURS and save up their pennies to buy someone of real quality instead.

  8. don’t get me wrong i like scott parker but palacios is a beast, a better number #5. i think they play the same position except parker is more versatile.

  9. Would love Scotty Parker for a reasonable amount.
    5M and Ohara should do it.
    Scotty Parker is just what we need, an experienced captain who always puts in a performance.
    Perfect for the young boys in the squad.
    Now a top striker, a center back and we should be there.

  10. sorry if this contradicts you lot but i actually don’t think we need sp or that he’s much good compared with our own..yes he can tackle yes he’s passionate..but hang on a minute that’s the MINIMUM requirement for a normal central midfielder is’nt it? Why is he so great if he can do the normal things?, sorry we don’t need him, save the money and put it towards buying a youngish and to be world class central defender for £25-30M…

  11. I think Scott Parker could add something to Spurs, but what Spurs really need is a center-back and a solid RB. RB was the Achilles heel of the squad last season, with Assou-Ekotto being hot and cold and no real replacement. And with Ledley and Woodgate ailing, Spurs desperately need cover in the back. Micah Richards would fit the bill…

    I’d feel happier with another striker, too, even if it’s just Gudjohnsen on loan again.

    1. BAE is a LB. if bale is going to play there we should be fine in that position. at RB we have corluka who is pretty decent. we still have hutton on the books for now at least and we have young players like walker who play there.

  12. Who is the idiot who wrote this piece?? Obviously knows shit about footy or Spurs!! Parker would be an excellent addition to our squad. In fact he wouldn’t even be a squad player, but a first team regular! The only mid fielder of his class is Modric, and he goes forward more. We need quality in that holding role – Huddlestone can’t fill that role on a regular basis.
    Still need a quality backup goalie, a first team defender, and another quality striker. Harry is waiting for Middle Eastlands to dump some excess oil over North London – Bellamy, possibly Bridge (squald player at best!!), and God know who else! Thoughts??

    1. I think Paker is a good player but believe other area’s of your team need looking at before the midfield where you do have options. The defence for example.

      1. Thomas,
        My comment was a little harsh – I appreciate your “calm” response. But lets just say we agree to “disagree”. Whilst our back 4 definetly need some help especially the two central positions, but I feel with Scott Parker playing in front of them it would help immensely. He’s a hard worker, good tackler, has vision, good distributor or the ball, and can even score the odd goal. Would love to contribute some articles on Spurs!

  13. What everyone misses here is that Harry is a wind up artist. He may have a slight interest in Parker but throws out a low ball offer to unsettle the player. He is doing the same to Bellers… 4 mil? really? Parker 7mil???

    Harry wants to dangle the Campions League football carrot, then drive down the price. But don’t forget, Spuds will have an issue with the new PL 25 man rule.

    Harry is perfect for Spuds, deluded and over inflated sense of worth.

  14. scott parker geriatric haha some sentiment…hes a spurs fan! top boy & hammers best player ? who have been tapping up ohara, silly season spurs need class CB for woody & king plus two forwards eg: kaka lukaku or falcao.

  15. scott parker would be perfect to play alongside luka modric in the middle of midfield he plays with a lot of heart which is what spurs lack on times we need to rid of bentley,jenas and unreliable assou-ekotto and please harry do not sign craig bellamy.

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