Glenn Beck Hates Soccer and the World Cup

If every day could be like the World Cup, that’d be magic especially for soccer fans in the United States.

Driving to the World Cup Viewing Parties at Wowies in Boca Raton today, I saw a billboard on the side of the highway advertising a World Cup party at a local casino. Then, after arriving at my destination to watch the lackluster opening games (including the mind-numbing France against Uruguay match), it suddenly hit me that the World Cup is everywhere. On television, CNBC was talking about it. The family of ESPN networks had it covered. The local newspaper and the Internet is a abuzz with the World Cup. Visit the homepages of Google, Bing and Yahoo — and the World Cup is front and center. Surf through the web and you cannot avoid the World Cup.

At the same time, Twitter and Facebook is all over the World Cup. By the way, I’m predicting that the England against the United States match will crash Twitter. Despite all of this, the soccer haters are out in full force and have begun their bashing of the sport of soccer which they continue to do every four years whenever they feel threatened by the beautiful game.

And now, Fox TV host Glenn Beck has got in on the act and launched a vicious attack against soccer.

Here’s what he said today on his radio show, The Glenn Beck Program:

“I don’t get the baseball thing, but the soccer thing, I hate it so much — probably because the rest of the world likes it so much, and they riot over it, and they continually try to jam it down our throat… It doesn’t matter how you sell it to us. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities you get. It doesn’t matter how many bars open early. It doesn’t matter how many beer commercials they run. We don’t want the World Cup. We don’t like the World Cup. We don’t like soccer. We want nothing to do with it. You can package it any way — you can spend all kinds of money. You can force it on our television sets. We will not enjoy the World Cup.”

Here’s the audio clip from the segment on his show courtesy of Media Matters.

Whether you love or hate Glenn Beck or whether you know who he is or not, he’s entitled to his opinion no matter how old his argument is.

It’s obvious that by looking at the stats that Americans do care about soccer and the World Cup. Read this post to understand how popular soccer is. It sounds to me like either Glenn Beck hasn’t done his homework, is living in a shell and refuses to accept that soccer is successful in the United States, or he’s doing this just to provoke a reaction.

What do you think?

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  1. A little bit of everything when it comes to Beck’s reasoning.

    It’s funny how with the increased coverage I suddenly don’t get angry when my buddies regurgitate the same old “soccer sucks,” “soccer’s boring,” talking points. It really doesn’t matter to me anymore. They either like it or they don’t but not even the pundits railing against it pisses me off anymore.

    The only thing that DOES annoy me sometimes are the fairweather/every-four-years “fans” who act like experts on the game when the WC rolls around. Could do w/o that sometimes.

  2. what glenn said about soccer is what i say about him. don’t care about those glenn beck commercials or glenn beck program or glenn beck radio. knowing him he would think soccer is un american even though our soccer association was established in 1913. i don’t like traditional american sports but you don’t hear me hating on it.

    1. It seems since the US team is out of competition I’ve heard little about the world cup. Like bobsledding, you won’t hear much about soccer until the next world cup. I dislike soccer not because it is a foreign game but because it is BORING. 90 minutes of kicking a ball around the field resulting in one or two goals usually.
      Now, Australian rules football is exciting…..high scoring, real men playing, no pretending to be injured writhing on the field like a sissy… pads and a physical game combining aspects of rugby, American Football, even a little constant movement (the only saving grace of soccer) with a tad of basketball thrown it to boot. Now I’d like that to be imported to America. You can keep soccer… fits the whining little countries of Europe and South America.

      1. Well, I like soccer. And do agree on Ozzie Rules. Perhaps sports haters may think about turning their attention to cricket?

  3. It’s Glenn Beck. What else would anyone expect? The guy commands the attention of his feeble-minded audience by spewing inaccurate hogwash from every orifice. Most of his listeners echo the sentiment of former Congressman Jack Kemp that soccer is a “European socialist sport.” I’ll gladly enjoy my World Cup, just like my taxpayer funded roads and public schools, in spite of Glenn Beck. If I want to hear moronic statements, all I have to do is watch Alexi Lalas’ analysis.

  4. I don’t know who this guy is and therefore don’t really care what he thinks but the thing a thought was a little strange was the fact that he seemed to be under the impression that the rest of the world was trying to ‘jam the sport down his and the rest of America’s throat’. It was like he actually thinks that the rest of the world gives a shit whether Americans like the sport or not. I certainly don’t give a shit whether Americans like the sport and I don’t know anyone else who does either.
    Just struck me as being a little bit arrogant that’s all. Is this a common thought? Do American’s actually think that the rest of the world wants them to be interested in the sport?

    1. It’s not that. Some Americans think *because* the world plays the sport and cares about it more than we do, it is somehow inferior. It’s arrogance and ignorance, plain and simple. I can only say: not all of us think that way! Don’t judge us by our bad eggs.

      1. “Some Americans think *because* the world plays the sport and cares about it more than we do, it is somehow inferior.”

        If this is true, I think it is a very small minority. Basketball is slowly becoming a global game and that doesn’t seem to have diminished it in the American collective.

        I think fundamentally soccer isn’t our kind of game. We like scoring and we like outcomes. The idea of appreciating a scoreless draw is simply not in our DNA.

        Toss in the fact there has never been an American superstar in the sport and you have a recipe for kids abandoning the game for something more “cool.” Virtually every suburban American plays the sport when they are young. And virtually all of them give it up by the time they are teenagers.

        1. nothing to do with dna and all to do with history and marketing. what glen realises is that given the right marketing, anything can become popular. christmas was not always celebrated in this country. it was considered a catholic-only holiday. thanks coca cola and other buisnesses for making it the phenomenon it is today. cinqo de mayo was only celebrated in isolated areas. thanksgiving was invented as a holday by sarah hale as a religious holiday. and the myth of the original thnaksgiving concocted nicely. none of these things were originally part of the social fabric of america. in the same way, football could easily be the most popular game one day. time changes all things.

      2. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people not liking the sport in your country, there are lots that don’t like it here (well some anyway). You have your own sports which you have been brought up on and it is only natural that people are going to get into those sports first. I disliked liked his comment about the world wanting America to like the football more than i disliked the comment about him not liking the football.

    2. Any American with a high school education will inform you quickly that Glen Beck is a fool! I am too kind to Mr. Beck I know, worse should be said about him but I will restrain myself. Ok, Sarah Palin will agree often with him so that will tell you something about him.

    3. Thats just Becks way of keeping his followers thinking like him. See, when Beck says anything, his fans will defend it to the death. By him saying everyone is trying to ‘jam the sport down his and the rest of America’s throat’, hes making his followers say to themselves, “Ya know, hes right! They ARE trying to jam it down our throats!” without even thinking about it. Your average Beck fan would not be someone who watches football anyway and would find it easy to relate to Becks comments.

    4. – no its just the seige mentality the “right” in this country tries to instill… first “they” lost “their” country when obama won, then he hoodwinked us and didn’t legitimately won, then he is a socialist trying to convert us into communists…. sadly in a country of 300 million, even a small percent that may be stirred by this former hack morning dj is still a large number of people who sadly are tricked to support policies that contradict their own interests (aka the republican mission statement since 1980)

    5. Beck has no principles at all. He is all about money. I assure you if Fox had the rights to the WC, Beck would be praising it. The man (like Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove) has not even a college education and they try to make up for this in the classic reaction to an inferiority complex by pontificating as if they know something. It is the same here.

      See how many of them would ever take the challenge to debate an intellectual at a neutral site where they do not control the agenda and audience. It will never happen. They do not have the brain power to stand up to having their prejudiced views attacked by reason.

      Personally, I do not like soccer. I saw a big difference with baseball the other day when an umpire blew a significant call and said he was wrong and sorry. That ref in the U.S. game the other day did not even talk with the press. I think that arrogance turns people off (just like they keep to themselves exactly how much time will be added — I want the clock in public view for all too see) . Soccer, like baseball, has a lot of guys standing around. Unlike hockey (I wonder if Beck does not like this since it comes from Canada) where you can freely substitute, there is no way soccer players can be expected to go all out for 90 minutes. Hockey has more action because the player is out for maybe 45 seconds and can give his all. Soccer, like baseball, has the property that once you are out of the game, you can’t go back. Hence it has some bursts of speed, but never a whole team going all out.

      Having said that, I have no problem with people who like soccer or anything else enjoying it. Unlike the Conservatives, I think it is a free country where people can play or watch whatever games they want. They are always yaking about the free market — let it decide. I personally think that if all people were exposed to all games, the people would like football (I think one reason is it is made of of discrete plays and people can match wits with the coaches and players by calling plays and defenses for each play. Soccer will probably never get the big TV contracts as long as they do not have time stoppages for commercials (baseball was a natural for this and football, basketball, and hockey have adapted). Without the TV contract, they will not pay the big money and without the money, our top athletes will not pick it.

      I will be rooting for the US to win tomorrow, and following them if they moveon. But if they are out, I would not watch any more games. But for those who do like the sport, I hope you enjoy it no matter who wins

    6. Glen Beck is elitist and hates soccer because he doesn’t like something he doesn’t understand..American football is so expensive, many schools are dropping due to lack of funding..Soccer has more players in America I am sure because it requires less equipment and space. Also their motto in youth soccer is everyone plays..unlike football and baseball where children sit on the benches when they are not top athletes…Glen Beck uses WE..but it is only himself..He is not the American Public as evidenced by the quantity of American tourists in Africa for this World Cup…Good Show…USA and all the other teams who play with heart

    7. No. I am from Massachusetts and I can say that only the idiots over here agree with this man. While we might be arrogent in many cases, I like to think we are not all as dumb and self centered as glenn beck

    8. It is apparent you are not here in the US. ESPN,ABC and every other kind of media has done it’s best to make us like this crap. Sure there are people in the bars you sell beer half price and everyone shows up. We know that you guy’s don’t care if we like it or not, we just wish the morons trying to cram it down our thoats here in america got it.

  5. This is the typical talking point for conservatives and everyone else who doesn’t like the World Cup (I heard variations of this on CNN today): “they are shoving it down our throats” OR “the rest of the world likes it so therefore we cannot have anything to do with it”.

    That kind of thinking sums up all you need to know about American thinking. That same thinking is why we elected George W Bush twice. It is what also makes my support for the US team in the World Cup rather tepid. Any success for our national team would mean so little to those of us back home that I would prefer a country won the World Cup where it actually meant something to its fans.

    1. Sammy,
      Has it occurred to you that you might be part of the problem? The World Cup is one arenas where everyone can unabashedly root for their country, whether their a superpower or a minnow. What’s great about it is that it’s one of the few places you can root for the US as a legitimate underdog. I’d argue that what makes the World Cup such a great experience is being able to root for your country (whether it’s the US, Brazil, Germany, etc) and you just can’t get that by trying to piggy back off another country’s fans.

  6. “Do American’s actually think that the rest of the world wants them to be interested in the sport?”

    You don’t get it, do you? We (as a country) don’t care about the sport. That’s it. When you don’t care about a sport you certainly don’t care whether other countries want you to like it.

    What Glenn Beck probably means is that ESPN is trying to jam the World Cup down his throat. There has never been more American coverage of a World Cup than this year. The biggest reason for that is that ESPN paid a fortune to broadcast the games.

    1. McBride: While I appreciate you speaking for all 300 million Americans when you say that “we as a country” don’t like soccer, the fact is is that YOU don’t like, and GLEN BECK doesn’t like it. That doesn’t mean I can’t like it. Somehow the idea that it is by far the most popular sport in probably every other country makes me wonder why Americans like you are so determined to take such an isolationist view. It’s ignorant and it doesn’t make the world a better place.

  7. Wow, talk about dumbass (sorry, forgot for a second we’re talking Glen Beck)!

    You don’t care about the World Cup? Why, because more than one country competes in this ‘World’ Championship? How many riots are there at college ball games? weren’t there coverage the other day of police beating the hell out of students during a kerfuffle?

  8. Wind up merchant.
    The “Americans don’t like soccer” argument is so old.Its not the most popular sport & it never will be,but it’s so obvious that soccer is very popular…Ask those owners of those bars opening early if they were packed at 7am(pst)..I bet they were.
    Don’t even get me started on the rascist/xenophobic side of this argument.If you live anywhere with a decent Latin American or European immigrant population,odds are soccer is very popular where you live…which just drives right wing nuts like Glenn Beck crazy.

  9. Maybe it’s the liberal in me that thinks this is just fine. There wouldn’t be so much coverage if it wasn’t a money maker. Glenn Beck should be a happy capitalist.

  10. It’s people like Glenn Beck that give the Unites States a bad image towards the rest of the world. But hey, not like they care anyway, right? They’re living in their pseudo-patriotic bubbles, afraid of the rest of the world, change, new things… actually believing in their narrow minds that America is better than everyone else, doesn’t need anybody else.


    Not really.

    No offense. And without getting into a politics discussion… fortunately “lifestyles” like that are slowly becoming extinct. I’m a US resident and I approve of this message.

  11. Glenn Beck has made far too much money being far too stupid for far too long.

    He capitalizes on the vulnerability and ignorance of others in the most dangerous of manners–by confounding that ignorance with misinformation and fear-mongering. Little that he says is fact and shouldn’t be taken as such.

    Entitled to his opinion, yes. But that doesn’t change the fact that with such a platform should come a certain amount of responsibility, and he’s blatantly irresponsible with the vitriol that he spews.

    That being said, France v. Uruguay was pretty bad.

    Roll on tomorrow!

  12. Another reason to hate this bile dickhead. (sorry I normally keep it clean on here but only a handful of words do him justice, none are very clean haha)

    I’m tired of the age old arguements people try making, pitting Soccer(futball) against NBA, NFL, and/or Baseball; Citing “its only popular because poor countries can play it cause all you need a ball” or “its a sport for those who cant take contact” and etc (you guys know the stupid stereotypes).
    People dont realize any sport in its simpilest for can be just played with a ball and some open grass. These type of people are fed ignorance their whole lives thinking one sport is “better” or the need to belittle competition they dont like or understand. The only way to fight ignorance is to inform people. You think Americans would like NFL, NBA, or baseball if they knew little about the players or didn’t grow up hearing “baseball is ‘Americas game” or “NFL is americas game” or this team is “americas team”? ESPN is doing what they should, force feeding people the most popular and watched sporting event in the WORLD. (After all they do claim to be the “world wide leader in sports”).
    That ignorance slowly dies when you inform people, when they tell us the stories about how players came to the point where they are now and where they come from it gives people a chance to connect and understand(the players and the game). I for one am happy ESPN is supposedly “force feeding us this”, nothing but good can come from it really. I’m not saying that because I think soccer or football is a superior sport, or because I think people should appreciate it that don’t. I love all sports where people are pitted against eachother. It’s good entertainment with some of the worlds best and most exciting athletes facing eachother for one of the worlds toughest trophys to win. If you’re a fan of ‘sport’ like myself, you can appreciate the fact that its one of the worlds purest competitions where every country has a shot at winning and anything can and will happen.
    If you can’t appreciate that than I feel you may want to rethink how you like entertaining yourself cause really any arguement for why one sport is more superior or whatever is just a testament of ignorance and opinion. All sports are great in some aspect and all have entertainment value, theirs just no point of splitting hairs.

    /end rant

    I hope everyone enjoys the world cup dispite it being forcefed to us. HaHa. Don’t let turds like Beck bring us down to his level, lets be the better man than he is (I know the bar isn’t set very high). Best of luck to everyones team during the Cup and try not injureing any of my boys from Fulham or the US

  13. This is the guy who spews racism (towards Obama mostly) on a regular basis. He is a bigot and a big idiot. No offense Gaffer but I wouldn’t give this clown the time of day on this great site.

    1. I have to agree. You’d get a more intelligent argument out of an institutionalized paranoid-schizophrenic than you would out of this half-wit.

  14. This perfectly illustrates Glenn Beck’s ignorance of the real world. He sees hooligans and Mexicans when he thinks of soccer. I see families making six figures with kids in private schools.

    Anyone who supports Beck or even ponders any of his half baked thoughts is buying into America the stupid.

  15. This is the same old crap from this a**hole. He talks to my parents, who are in their 60s, sorry they don’t know crap about soccer. What they do know is that they are supposed to be scared of all things that Beck says they should be scared of (except gold-sellers). This is obviously European so it must be bad! I’m an American soccer fan, I played soccer, I watch EPL, I watch MLS, and I root for the USA MNT. I will not apologize for that, I don’t have to choose between soccer, football, and baseball, I love all three and am proud of it. So Beck, play to your old crowd who are scared of everything and I’ll live my life with my friends and enjoy the World Cup, the World Series and the Super Bowl.

    1. Whooa!, just a minute I am a grandmother in my 60’s just like your parents.
      In my younger years I was a soccer coach for my 2 sons, when no dads could be found to take their team. My oldest son now 40 has been playing soccer since he was 8 and still plays 2x a week. My grandson is now playing and is the goal keeper. The whole family loves the game and are all glued to the world cup.
      Glenn Beck does not have a clue about the most widely played sport in the world. AND I pay no attention to his garbage spewing ignorance.

  16. Honestly I am thrilled that Glen Beck doesnt like soccer. Now I officially dont like anything that Glen Beck likes….YEAH!!!!!!!

    1. You hit the nail on the head… We don’t need to get into name calling or anything else. I do like soccer, born and raised in Frankfurt/Germany, I cannot help but like the sport. And yes, I am glad that Glenn Beck and I haven’t got anything in common :)

  17. I’m a Tory at heart so from time to time I’ve watched Beck’s show. Never again. He says he hates socialism and so do I. Yet he supports American sports which are built on socialism, e.g. draft that rewards failure. You would think he would like a system that rewards success, e.g. promotion/relegation. Mr. Beck please watch espn’s OTL special on Robben Island and then maybe you’ll understand. The mistake that Beck and some liberal’s posting here is that if one is conserative one cannot love football. You’re both guilty of the same thing. Rugby and now football is bringing all South Africans together. How can this be bad. Thank you espn for not listening to pillock’s like Beck because we appreciate your sacrifice.

    1. a tory man united fan is shocking but at the same time the tories are probably equal more maybe even more left than the democrats in the usa…

  18. He hasn’t said a worthwhile thing since that morning of his last traffic update on the top 40 morning Zoo show he used to do in CT (KC101)

  19. Have to agree with those who don’t think this argument is worth giving Glenn Beck the time of day. Beck loves to link everything on this planet to some horrible force, usually Nazi-ism. Obama in his mind is the new Hitler.

    I could make arguments about how fans get out of control at American sporting events, that soccer isn’t be driven down the throats of Americans, as they have so many other choices to not watch the sport if they don’t want to, or whether soccer may or may not be populer in the US. However, Glenn Beck just doesn’t inspire any rhetoric worthy of argument.

    I’ll say this: I have only ever read one piece that I think well defines the argument that soccer will never be a major sport in this country. It’s titled “George WIll vs. Nick Hornby”, in the book “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” by Chuck Klosterman. I don’t fully agree with it, but he’s someone who makes a solid argument while not having to resort to political rhetoric (i.e. soccer is socialist). Plus, Klosterman is an amazing author, you should all read his stuff.


  20. There’s nothing more capitalistic than football (the real football).
    Has an NBA team paid 80 million pounds ($150 million) transfer fee for a player?
    Does MLB have a broadcast network in 202 countries?
    Will an NHL team play to sold out stadiums in China, Japan, and Korea?
    Yeah I think not.

    I’m a fiscal conservative, and I think Glenn Beck is a moron.

  21. The man is entitled to his opinion but we’re not talking about a man here, he is a cartoon character – the man obviously gets off on saying things silly enough (most of which he probably doesn’t believe personally) for ratings to justify his multi-million dollar salary – I could care less, and anyone else with a brain or a life should not either.

  22. Ummm, you should know better than to post something like this. It will just provide a platform for arguing and for people to unevenly spew hatred. Not everyone on the right agrees with him all the time, so just stop with those stupid attacks. This is not the place to post this, in my mind. Why is this here, Gaffer?

    1. Cause he is spewing ignorance about soccer. Just like he spews ignorance about everything else.

      It is about everything you love, why don’t you find it shocking?

      1. Because I thought soccer was a game where politics are left out. If this was about Jim Rome, or someone involved in sports I wouldn’t mind. Why does Beck deserve to be called out like this?

        1. It’s about being held accountable for saying stupid things. It’s an unprovoked attack on something he can’t understand and people are holding him accountable for the bile he spews…

        2. Beck deserves to be called out because he’s an idiot. If he doesn’t want to get called out he should try to come up with a coherent thought for once in his life.

          And politics are alive and well in soccer, just like they are in any international sport. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. Plus, if Beck were to say he likes soccer it would destroy his whole belief system that nothing good exists anywhere outside the U.S.

          Beck is the textbook definition of the “Ugly American”.

          1. If he’s so unimportant and stupid, then why does he even matter? Why does he deserve this? Are we going to see posts every time Jim Rome says something about soccer, or any other talking head?

  23. The only thing that surprises me about Beck’s rant about soccer is that he didn’t liken it to Nazism. Then again, maybe if Germany does well he might just do that. He is an ignoramous that unfortunately gets too much unneeded attention.

  24. Gaffer,
    By posting his photo and writing about him you’re giving him more coverage than he deserves. The man is an ignoramous. End of.

  25. That’s nothing compared to how much Chris Russo and Jim Rome rip on the sport. These guys just don’t understand soccer and get upset that people like it so much. Why they feel the need to come out and voice their discontent is beyond me?

    My favorite thing to hate is all the people I know who used to bash soccer and now they think they know what they’re talking about. Like this comment the other day from a friend:

    “If Gooch can contain Rooney the rest of the US can beat the rest of England”

    I don’t even know where to start with that, but that’s probably the logic of most “once every 4 year” fans. They remind me of myself during Easter mass, when I try and sing all the songs without having been to a single mass since last Easter.

    1. Well its easy to say why the mainstream media sports dudes hates soccer… cause its a sport they can’t talk about. So they deflect. If you are an authority on a subject and there is a part of that subject you just never understood, you minimize it out of raw defensiveness.

      I actually have taken this time to educate all of the wanna be soccer fans with real facts. Its sorta fun to convert. and if one guy who watched a sportscenter highlight and thinks he knows it all. I don’t have a problem saying. NO HESKEY IS NOT THAT GOOD.

  26. This was a rant about the policies of President Obama.

    He hates soccer, so what? The rant was to illustrate the difference between much of the world and much of the US. This write-up would be as inflammatory as Beck was attempting to be, if it had the audience to inflame.

  27. “I don’t get the Glenn Beck thing … We don’t want Glenn Beck. We don’t like Glenn Beck. We want nothing to do with him. You can package him any way — you can spend all kinds of money. You can force him on our television sets. We will not enjoy Glenn Beck.”


  28. Can’t say I am surprised that glenn beck thinks like that. A lot of Americans that I work with think along those same lines especially the older ones. Their thinking is if it is not American we shouldn’t support it because it will make it look like other people have come up with something that is better than what we have come up with. Furthermore, America is not more than a third world country in terms of football. They will never support a game unless they are amongst the best in it and lets face it they will never be a first world country of football. Also, if the score isn’t 100-95 it can’t be exciting lol. Remember these are the same people who tried to make the argument to FIFA to widen the goals, reduce the number of players to 10 and have four quarters. Need I say anything more. I never see anyone trying to change the rules etc of American football but then again no one else really plays it. I have to admit I watch it though. Go Cowboys!

    That said though there are some good American fans. They are interested to learn about the game and not just google world cup every four years and act as if they know something about the beautiful game loved the world over! Hey, if one country doesn’t love the game there is still the over 200 countries that do.

    1. Not trying to be “that guy” but the rules of American football are changed about every year. Can’t tackle QB below knees, catch rule was revised, replay rules, talking about changing over time rules, etc.

      Just informing you, but I see what you’re trying to get at 😉

  29. – speaking as an American, who the hell is this “we” he speaks of? i have a “we” for him, we do not like glenn beck… we don’t like the bullshit that comes out his mouth… we do not appreciate how such an uneducated loud mouth acts like he speaks for us… we would like glenn beck to go back to peddling his fear and gold investing scams to the same uneducated kool-aid drinkers and old folks that voted for bush and give their money to televangelists…

    – glenn beck hates the world cup… even more reason it will be the biggest event of the year in this country

  30. Wow who cares what Beck said. People really don’t care about the world cup in America. All people are talking about is Laker v Celtics and the college football news. Soccer in America is not important.

    1. I just think that this guy is jealous… Of what???? I remember my self watching a baseball final back on the 90’s when the marlins won that year the tittle, I was 13 and when they won the match right on the
      Center of the TV screen said “World Champions” the Marlins won the world championship, then I ask my dad back then…. Hey dad how come they are advertising WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS” ????? I don’t see any international team here, they are both U.S. Beck grew up with this same idea of world champions between American teams and now that a real world championship it’s goin on he gets jealous, maybe he likes it but he just don’t want to admit it

  31. What a chode.. I’ve been looking forward to the world cup for a long time. But.. Its FoxNews.. what else do u expect.

  32. after the s. africa v mexico match, i turned the channel to cnn. they were showing highlights of the match and the news anchor seriously said “AND NOW THE WORLD CUP, FROM SOUTH AMERICA”

    that pretty much sums it up to me. (although glenn beck hates cnn too)

    i love the “soccer is being shoved down america’s throat” argument. thats the same way i feel about NFL, NBA, and MLB. and it’s called FOOTBALL dammit!!

    1. Well there’s also this:

      “A new Rasmussen Reports nationwide telephone survey finds that 66% of Adults correctly identify soccer, or football as it’s known outside the United States, as the sport played in the World Cup competition. However, three percent (3%) say it’s all about baseball, and one percent (1%) each think the international teams will be playing tennis, hockey or golf. Twenty-eight percent (28%) are not sure what sport will be played.”

    2. Can’t use that as any kind of stat to base off of…Generally soccer fans in the US don’t go to ESPN as a source for soccer. ESPNsoccernet is teriable with their coverage and most of their writers are equally bad. This “blog” has better and more knowledgable writers than ESPN has.

      Most of us in the US visit alternate sites like foxsports, Yahoo!, and etc. for our soccer news. ESPN is generally towards the bottom of the list :)

  33. I respect American football fans even more when I see things like these. I think the whole situation of whether or not football takes off in the US is up in the air. How long it takes if it does happen is also up in the air.

    But if some people feel so hostile towards a sport where you live most people would buckle under peer pressure and watch what everybody else likes/thinks is popular. A lot of the football fans in the US are resisting this peer pressure and you guys are also doing a great job of promoting the sport by refusing to be dissuaded by the idiots that attack the sport.

    By refusing to bow to peer pressure and broadening your horizons your not only doing the sport a favour but your setting a good example for future generations in more than just football.

    It obviously burns some idiots that some Americans are watching a sport their enjoying rather than blindly following a derivative sport just because its American. Like I said its much bigger than sport the example being set and its very respectable.

  34. Not just b/c of the comment above, Beck is a sad excuse for a human being…that creature has no redeeming qualities…he would have made a fantastic Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, though…disgusting!

  35. This guy is an unbelievable douchebag, please don’t listen to what he says because he literally brings nothing to the table but hate. A complete black eye on the American political landscape.

    1. Patrick,

      You could not be more right. Using Beck as a gauge for Americans is like using today’s Sun headline to judge the English

  36. Jason, you wrote: “This write-up would be as inflammatory as Beck was attempting to be, if it had the audience to inflame.”

    In case you don’t know, this vile TV commentator has one of the largest audiences n the US, far outpacing CNN. He is entitled to hate soccer. But to tie it in with Obama is despicable. He is a c**t and deserves what’s coming to him.

  37. Americans hate football period. Yesterday me and my friend went to Chili’s to watch Urgy. v Fra. and all the people in the bar area were bothered because we requested the match on their big screen. People started complaining because of the vuvuzelas horns so the manager turned down the volume of the soround system. Later the waiters asked me a couple of times is the game over I said no its only half time. By the second time he asked me if the game was over I completly ignored him.

  38. Mr. Beck has obviously never been to a Raiders game. Just last year the LA Dodgers organization had to ban tailgating because of all the fights and drunks in the parking lot. Yeah no trouble ever happens in sports outside of soccer. What a tool!!!!

  39. Soccer sucks. I hate it. probably one of the stupidest sport I’ve ever seen.. If you can call it a sport. Looks like a bunch of 5th graders playing their version of dodge ball. LOL

    1. Please explain to me why you would go to a blog about soccer and take the time to write about it in such a negative fashion. I think your statement says more about you than about soccer. If you are trying to get people upset then join Beck and “Ditto”.

  40. I agree that everyone has an opinion. But when he says “us” and “we” dont like the world cup,why is he speaking for everyone in america? If i recall soccer is the fastest growing sport in america.hes a tool.

  41. Why would anyone care what this guy says?

    The people who actually care about what he says are the ignorant, unemployed, morons who don’t care for the reality of situations but rather their own bias, idiotic thoughts.

    Perfect fit for his idiot fans and him

  42. this bloke sounds like a right pillock. with mls clubs building their own stadiums, i wonder what this berk thinks. it can only mean that the game is getting more popular. i am from the u.k. so i dont know for sure, about the size of the crowds, but it seems to be a hell of a waste of millions of dollars to spend just to play in an empty stadiums. i think the tosser is a worried man.

  43. I don’t like it as a character builder for kids. It requires nothing of them except to chase the ball. Other than the keeper, the risk of failure is zero. Parents of today love it b/c the tie relieves them from imparting togh life lessons.

  44. Coming from the US, I deeply apologize we have goons like Glen Beck. I apologize we have a population of ignorant, distasteful people who commonly follow Beck and people like Sarah Palin and Michael Savage.

  45. I predicted Glenn Beck saying something like this. If you know anything about Glenn Beck it’s all about trying to scare his listeners of the outside world. He’s actually said with a straight face that the French are weird and don’t shower. He’s obviously a blathering idiot and he sees everything outside the US as strange and weird and he tries to scare his listeners that it’s all a big conspiracy to turn the US into the “rest of the world” (i.e. Socialists, Communists, Marxists, etc… in his view). You want to know who listens to his crap? People who don’t travel much, who are extremely ignorant of the rest of the world, and ignorant of science and thinking in general. For those of you who didn’t know who Glenn Beck is, please don’t waste any time researching him. He’s not worth it. Every country has its small groups like this and in the US we call them right-wing nuts.

  46. Glenn’s a HUMORIST.

    Those of you who don’t understand this are the dorks. I for one think he is great, and I agree with much of what he says. Call me a “right-wing, gun-toting, bible-thumping Nazi/trailer trash tea-bagger and YOU would be wrong on all counts.

    But at least you’d be staying consistent.

  47. I think GB just became the best thing that happened to the beautiful game in the US. Now if I could only get him to rant about how absolutely no one should send me money for tuition.

  48. Glen Beck, like his pal Rush Limbaugh, is another pompous bag of wind. Glen, boy, soccer is the most popular game in the world, and gaining popularity in the USA. You have no idea, like in most matters, of what you’re talking about.

  49. The proof will be in the ratings. In for one don’t gives a rat’s ass about the World Cup. As former Palm Beach county see a sign aimed towards soccer is just demographics. With large Haitian, Latin population it’s natural target audience. So take the supercilious tone and shove it. Opinion polls show majority Of American just don’t care, get over it. Oh, yea f**k soccer!!!

  50. Soccer, tennis and golf, are all truly world-wide professional sporting events and America has National Teams recruited from the best talented players America is proud to send to compete world wide. These teams and players are exhibited on the worlds sports stages and TV from time to time. Americans watch what ever TV they like and enjoy. Today Americans do not endorse professional soccer as it does American style professional football, baseball or basketball. But an increasing number of Americans are watching soccer each year. Americans seriously rally around its National teams and players on the world-wide sports stages simply because they are for everything American. We see soccer teams fielded across America in the form of thousands of teams of boys and girls, as young as 5 yrs through college age and they are changing the perception of soccer more and more each passing year. As these children come of age, they will continue their love of soccer and in years to come America will add soccer as an American sport too.

    World wide, the audience for these world sporting events is enormous, soccer is the National sport of major foreign countries on the world sports stage and gets the attention it deserves. Since America has fielded a world wide competitive team it is supported by Americans too as evidenced by the increase in TV audiences for the 2010 World Cup Soccer events.

    A hate monger such as beck, beckons you to join his ” hate everything beck hates campaign”. But hate is a four letter word that is usually not invoked by reasonable persons with the ability to think before they speak. The skill level to think without invoking some kind of hate does not register in beck’s brain. beck in his “insanely, wide-eyed, tearful look” that appears as though he is mentally unstable and needs psychological help. Monitoring in a mental facility on a ongoing basis come to mind. However, History is full of these types of persons and beck is doomed to the same fate as hitler, stalin and many other hate-mongers throughout history. Pay no attention to feeble minded beck, he deserves no more attention than a flea bite on an elephants ass. Who cares what beck hates?

  51. G Beck is an ignorant piece a shit. He is an insult to Americans and all citizens of the world, spreading hatred with his small-minded conservative trash talk. I love the World Cup and apparently several other people around the world love it too.

  52. I grew up in Michigan (1960’s) playing hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer. Both were something we could do without a building. Soccer was great, all we needed was a field,a ball and something to use for goals. As a kid it never ocurred to me that I needed someone like Glen Beck to tell me what I liked. Soccer is a great for keeping people in shape. I wonder if Mr. Beck feels it is more American to sit on the couch with a beer and watch football.

    We are in competition with the rest of the world – the fittest will survive. I support any sport that encourages the masses to be active and not spectators.

  53. I think Glen Beck doesn’t like the world cup because he is much too fat to play sports. I believe it is a jealousy thing. he needs to get out, kick a ball, and lose some of those lbs.

  54. I find that so many gay men have little interest in team sports. I assume Glenn just falls into that stereotype.

  55. Lol, how much do you think ESPN paid to make him do that stunt? The guy is a shill, dominating a certain segment of the market. Whats spooky is that so many US folks in positions of considerable influence hide under his shadow of outrageous spew. (If its OK to compare Obama to Hitler on TV now, then the rules of the games are new. There used to be a certain “hail-the-flag” treatment of the POTUS…)

  56. It is interesting that soccer is the most popular sport among the poor of the world and the favorite sport of a good bit of Africa. Yet in the U.S., it is played by a disproportional number of rich suburban white people. I do not mean the following to make any comments about those who play now, but I can sadly remember in the 60’s when soccer was just getting pushed in the schools (and later when another world sport — hockey — was) that I heard an unfortunate number of white parents say they wanted their children to play these sports because they did not like seeing them lose to black kids.

    Given the racism I see on the right, if they knew this, they would probably switch their views of soccer.

  57. I agree, Glenn beck is an ignorant piece of shit. His reasoning is that he doesn’t like soccer b/c its the only game that the whole world plays. And Glenn Beck only likes (white, straight, anglo-saxon protestant) Americans. He hates the rest of the world, even though he’s probably never been there. But he doesn’t much like the food they eat, the games they play, or the colors of their skin.

    And Glenn Beck is the heart and soul of conservatives and the intellectual force behind the Republican Party. F*cking facist.

  58. i think one of the reasons americans don’t like soccer, is because they can’t dominate the sport.
    there’s far better soccer clubs around the world, and the US can’t get a title that easily.
    its easy to like the olympics, because they get medals every time.
    its kind of humilliating to lose a game to a third world country to Glanus Beck hahah…

  59. It really amazes me the new dimensions of stupidity these people expose to me I never knew existed before. I choose to watch the World Cups I have for the past 24 years even though I have hundreds of cable channels to choose from. I think the reason he hates soccer is because the ratings for World Cup are higher than the ratings his show is getting. Maybe he’ll break down and start crying about since he’s done it in the past on his show. Glenn Beck needs to grow up and stop his sniveling, we have too much hate in this world already. As for me I will continue to watch my communist plot on TV and route for the US.

  60. I moved to Europe a year ago. Enjoying the cafe life, full of heated discussions about politics, religion, life and of-course soccer and discovered that we (many americans) are really good at talking but lousy at discussions (especially when it comes to sensitive topics).
    I’m now a soccer fan (cafe level expert) and I rather stay that way than to be the judgmental guy I was (Budweiser level).
    Mr Beck, I’m urging you to move around a little outside your bubble and bring your fans with you…and we all will have better world.

  61. I am Spaniard, I like “Soccer” and I also have lots of american friends, some of them do like the sport and the enviroment and some of them just not, thats ok with me, I might even agree if he thinks that obama´s efforts to bring the biggest sport event with all the costs required in a tough period to a country not very familiar with the game instead of “help his country”, my problem with this guy, other than that I find him very annoying :)

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  62. 50,000 americans Soccer Fans will go to Brazil World Cup 2014.
    Greetings from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mèxico

  63. I don’t have a problem with Americans who aren’t interested in watching soccer or following it as a sport. It’s a cultural thing, and that’s okay. What annoys me are Americans who feel the need to trash soccer, and belittle it and dismiss it. I think that comes from deep-down feeling of American exceptionalism, and an annoyance that … See morethe USA has been able to dominate the world in almost every way except for in the sports world. Baseball and basketball have only a mild popularity in other countries, while American football as been completely rejected by the outside world. I think every four years, seeing the rest of the planet so obsessed by sports event in which the USA is only a minor, marginal player, makes some Americans into sports jingoes. Glenn Beck is a perfect example. He was talking about soccer as though it were an un-American threat. He was so full of disdain for it. It was absurd. He, and American Exceptionalists like him, are so pathetic.

  64. And as you can see from the “see more” I have already posted my comment on Facebook under a posting of Beck’s anti-soccer comments!

  65. Every one of the comments posted here that references Glenn Beck spews hate about a man you probably don’t even listen to on a regular basis.I will bet that none of you have the morals or decency that he express daily. You spout words that are hateful and show how far your heads are stuck in the sand while the Republic burns. If soccer fans are represented by the likes of these comments, why would any real God Fearing American want this sport to become any more popular.

  66. Who cares about if america love or hate real Football? Pss Our thing is the thing, they are happy jumping with their pillows and helmets over a watermelon, while others are eating hot dogs like if wouldn´t be a “tomorrow”

  67. Is Glenn Beck saying he speaks for all Americans? We this and we that. What happened to individualism?

    What Beck is angry about is supply and demand. Plain and simple. I hope this shows that Beck is not really a believer in American liberty and free trade. He is just another flag waving corporate shill.

  68. It’s only because he hasn’t found a way to hustle gold coins to the world cup audience. One day when gold returns to it median price all the people that listened to him are going to be 1/2 broke thanks to him.

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