The Daily Star Claims That Chelsea, Not Blackburn Won Carling Cup Match


Blogs often get the raw end of the deal from avid readers when mistakes are made in posts. That criticism is then usually coupled with a remark that belittles the blogosphere and puts daily newspapers on a pedestal as the real form of journalism. However, as we’ve indicated on several occasions, daily newspapers are guilty of mistakes too and sometimes, as in the example we’re about to show you, they’re guilty of embarrassing mistakes of cataclysmic proportions.

In Thursday’s edition of The Daily Star, a tabloid newspaper in England, “journalist” Dave Armitage has written a match report regarding Wednesday night’s exciting Carling Cup match between Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea. However, the article in question is guilty of the following horrendous mistakes:

  1. The headline and article reports that Didier Drogba takes Chelsea into the quarter-final of the Carling Cup. However, Blackburn Rovers won the game on penalties,
  2. The article says the final score was 2-2. Yes, the score in regulation was 2-2, but the game went into extra time and ended 3-3 and then went to penalties which Blackburn won 4-3,
  3. The article states that by winning, Chelsea made it into the quarter-finals. The game Wednesday night was a quarter-final. By beating Chelsea, Blackburn has qualified for the semi-final of the Carling Cup!

Don’t be surprised if the article in The Daily Star is updated in the early morning hours to correct their mistakes, but a screenshot of the article is saved for posterity (see above).

I can only imagine that some poor soul got the match report at a late hour from the reporter but didn’t realize it wasn’t the final version of the story. However there should be no excuse for such a catastrophic mistake. We all have heard about the London bias and bias towards Big Four clubs, but this is taking it a little bit too far. In the meantime, congratulations to Blackburn Rovers on a well-deserved win even if The Daily Star would lead you to believe otherwise.

12 thoughts on “The Daily Star Claims That Chelsea, Not Blackburn Won Carling Cup Match”

  1. I know the bigger teams usually get the rub of the green but this is ridiculous – newspapers trying to alter an entire match cause the smooth silky southerers (whom they support) were out battled by the poor northerners (who all live in huts according to them). We may get a fairer write up now no London teams are left.

    Good spot just don’t let Sepp Blatter hear about the result – he will send the Men in Black round to erase everyones memory and put Chelsea through.

    Come on Rovers

  2. hahahaha….chelsea were desperate for the win they sent on drogba haha….well done blackburn hope you beat villa also to meet united in the final and lose….but kudos to the rover

  3. also says in the article that kalou stroked the ball past henrique hilario for his goal even though that’s chelsea’s own goalkeeper.
    he stroked it past paul robinson.

  4. @ Dave. That’s what Chelsea get for subbing 3 players at HT. Now why would they do that? Because Rovers ran them all over the park.

  5. This just shows the limits of the printing paper/deadline model of journalism – I’m sure this writer felt pressure to produce a story before the match ended. Conversely, on the blogosphere and online publication deadlines are based on when a story breaks, not the break of dawn.

  6. I have only just stumbled across this website and admit to being extremely disturbed by this. I would order someone to take it off and all that rigmarole, but it seems pointless. I am the Dave Armitage referred to in this article and can tell you one thing for absolute sure – I wasn’t at that game. Whether a by-line has been wrongly attributed to it, I don’t know, but I was NOT at that game. I tend to cover the Midlands patch and have done for over 30 years during which my integrity or accuracy has only rarely been called into question(everyone’s does occasionally!). Occasionally I go ‘off-patch’ but it is so rare I would remember going to this particular game. I can’t explain what has happened here, but definitely not me folks!!

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