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phil-cornwell-spurs-showLast week, I posted a tweet that if I was reborn, I would become a Tottenham Hotspur supporter simply because of The Spurs Show podcast. And I meant it. Most of the readers here know me as a Swansea City supporter, but there’s something completely endearing, refreshing, honest and depressing about being a regular listener to The Spurs Show that makes me feel closer to the pain one must feel supporting THFC.

I don’t typically recommend club podcasts. They tend to be too biased, boring and lacking any real content. But The Spurs Show is different. It pulls you in right from the get-go with host Phil Cornwell’s brilliant delivery of his Harry Redknapp impression, which is just as good as his Martin Jol one.

Cornwell, you see, is an English thespian, who has appeared on many British television shows over the years as well as being a stand-up comedian. It’s his mix of comedy and deep passion for Tottenham Hotspur that is so refreshing, while co-host Mike Leigh (also a well-known person on the British comedy circuit) is the perfect balance to Cornwell, keeping him in line but carrying the conversation forward with their obvious love and knowledge of the game and, more importantly, their club.

So, it’s with great pleasure that we bring you an interview with Phil Cornwell on the latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast. The interview is special for many different reasons, but it also marks the debut of Stephen Darwin, one of three hosts of the EPL Talk Podcast (including me and Kartik Krishnaiyer). Stephen, Kartik and I will continue bringing you interviews with some of the biggest names in English football.

Enjoy the podcast episode. And if you haven’t had a chance to listen to The Spurs Show yet, it’s required listening whether you’re a Tottenham supporter or not. It’s one of the highlights each week on my iPod, and is always laugh-out loud funny. Check out The Spurs Show on iTunes at or

Be sure not to miss a single episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. We have a long list of high-profile guests scheduled over the next weeks each with their own fascinating stories to tell. Subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes or visit EPL Talk or the archives for the latest episodes.

4 thoughts on “Phil Cornwell Interview: EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. A programming question for you Gaffer: You have the Liverpool v. Manchester Utd. match on October 25 showing on Setanta. I was just looking through my Comcast guide and it says that Fox is showing the game. Any news on this? Is it going to by simulcast, is Comcast screwing with me?

  2. So glad you guys posted about The Spurs Show. I’m a Spurs supporter, yet I can appreciate it from just the genius creativity side as well. It’s pure entertainment. One of my more recent favorite segments on the show was from the October 6th show when Phil starts impersonating Anthony Hopkins. It’s right near the beginning of the podcast, and it is SO quality. I die every time I hear it hahaha. He sound JUST LIKE the man hahaha.

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