Upton Park Crowd Trouble In 1975: Video

I came across this video today which features a West Ham United against Manchester United match from 1975, and an unfortunate incident where parts of the ground were so overcrowded that fans were getting crushed at the front and spilling over the fence on to the pitch.

It demonstrates how packed football grounds were and how the police had a difficult time trying to control crowds.

Commentating on the events that day was the late Brian Moore, one of the best English football commentators ever to grace the game.

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12 thoughts on “Upton Park Crowd Trouble In 1975: Video”

  1. One of the most famous lines in all of English football involves a crown invasion. ” Some of the crowd are on the pitch, they thinks its over, it is now”…

    It is amazing how quickly they sorted out the crowding, and everyone seemed in good spirits. Great to see Ron Greenwood, and that was the year West Ham won the FA Cup against Fulham 2 nil to the cockney boys… Odd year as well as Bobby Moore was playing for Fulham.

    The other crazy thing is if you look at attendance records around England, todays 20,000 30,000 seat stadiums, packed in double that at one point.

    One of the first matches I ever went to was at Stanford Bridge in 1988, as an American used to the outdoor concrete multi purpose stadiums, it seemed almost 3rd world and frightening. But I must admit that being young it was very exciting and got me hooked. Not that I feel for Chelsea, but the game itself.

  2. Actually it couldn’t be 1975… Ron Greenwood left West Ham after the 1974 season and John Lyall was the West Ham manager when we won the cup in 74-75..

    1. I do not know bout this match, but Ron Greenwood became General Manager when John Lyall took over the team (as head coach?) and only left the club when he took over as England Manager. He was at at the Cup Final and recordings show him telling John to lead the team out. He may still have been called the Manager.

  3. this was 25/10/1975 2-1 to west ham ron greenwood was general manager john lyall team manager.the game was marred by aggro on the south bank, as there was no proper segregation at west ham in those days.fair to say man utd had a reputation for causing trouble big time in those days and were unfortunatly met hip and thigh by thugs from west ham wanting to get in first.after that millwall game the other night it saddens me to say not much has changed

  4. I remember this game, West Ham won 2-1, was on 25th October 1975. with Alan Taylor scoring the first goal then Lou McCari equalising, I can’t remeber who scored the Hammers winner. West Ham, Man Utd and QPR were the top three that day, as usual West Ham’s challenge fizzled out after Christmas as they concentrated on reaching the the Cup Winners Cup Final where they lost to Anderlecht 4-2. Man Utd reached the F.A.Cup Final losing to Southampton 1-0 with Liverpool winning the League.

  5. I was there that day as an eight year old with my Dad sitting safely in the west stand. It was my first game at West Ham and I remember thinking, “is this normal?” I remember John McDowell of West Ham leading a child off the pitch. Great game actually and we won 2-1 with goals from Alan Taylor and Bobby Gould! Still have the progrme somewhere.

  6. was there that day i was 22 every west ham was there mem tbf everyone and man u got bashed all around the ground, the north bank got to priory rd entrance to sth bank at 4.20 when it opened they went in man u just run on the pitch but had nowhere to run. what can i say

  7. I was there that day on the South Bank. Man. Utd at that time had a reputation for wrecking trains and town centres evrywhere thay travelled. They came down in large numbers that day hoping for a repeat of 1967 when they swamped the North Bank and beat the Irons 1-6 on the pitch.

    What you see on this video is the result of them having been attacked relentlessly by the TBF and the South Bank Crew. They were forced over the the corner by the Chicken Run and were trying to get away to safety. Many of them suffered further attacks at the hands of the West Ham mob on their journey back through the East End on the district line.

    Man. United supporters were despised by West Ham in those days.

  8. I was at that game in 1975, the ground was rammed full, hundreds of Manchester fans had kicked in one of the turnstile gates to get in after the gates were closed, there was a big crush on that terrace the crowd were swaying everywere, fans got on the pitch to escape the crush, there was no fighting, there was alot more in that ground that day than the stated attendance of about 38000. The Manchester fans had a bad name then, they came to Upton Park in there thousands, it was pay on the gate, there was just not room for them all

  9. This game is legendary. The mancs came down in their thousands….but as the song says “the cockneys were many and ready to ruck, and the great man united got battered to f###”


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