EPL Talk Matchday Three Review Show

Martin O'NeillThe third round of fixtures is in the book for the 2009-10 Barclays Premier League campaign. Alexander Caulfield, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna break down all the action in this, the latest edition of the EPL Talk Podcast available here and on iTunes.

The latest episode focuses on:

  • Jermain Defoe’s hot start,
  • Martin O’Neill’s mastery at Anfield,
  • William Gallas’s sudden goal scoring prowess,
  • Chelsea’s Italian styled football,
  • and much much more.

Laurence McKenna is a football pundit from England and a recent addition to the experts on the EPL Talk Podcast. Alexander Caulfield, meanwhile, is a former resident of England and now an executive at Seattle Wolves, a PDL team. And last but not least, Kartik Krishnaiyer is the host of the EPL Talk Podcast who has been featured on ESPN Radio, Yahoo Sports and FoxSoccer.com as a soccer historian.

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2 thoughts on “EPL Talk Matchday Three Review Show”

  1. Great show. So very well done on your first effort. Already the best effort this side of the pond. What was nice was having it out on Monday so close to the end of Monday night game.

    Looking forward to more.

    1. I agree. Nice work Kartik. I especially enjoyed in on my morning drive today. And good analysis by Laurence and Alex. I didn’t necessarily agree with all of their opinions, but the conversations were lively and held my attention.

      The Gaffer

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