Everton Coming To Canada This Summer


Everton are planning on playing a friendly in Edmonton, Canada this July, according to a report in The Edmonton Journal.

According to the newspaper, a contract has been signed for Everton to play against a team to be determined on July 25, 2009 at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta.

Everton’s opponent has not yet been named, but Mike Traficante, the past present of the Alberta Soccer Association and current technical director for the Canadian Soccer Association, said on Monday that organizers are trying to secure a top team from Argentina.

A press conference to announce the July 25 Everton game in Edmonton is expected in the next few days.

Everton announced earlier this week that they’ll be playing a friendly in Ghana in early July. Plus, Everton has already been booked to play against the Major League Soccer all-star team in Salt Lake City on July 29, 2009.

For the complete schedule of preseason friendlies for Everton and the other 19 Premier League teams, keep on visiting EPL Talk’s preseason friendlies guide which is updated every day.

3 thoughts on “Everton Coming To Canada This Summer”

  1. BBC is reporting Pompey will play Guimaraes on July 31 and Benfica on August 1 as part of the City of Guimarães Trophy. Uncomfirmed on any of the three club’s websites, but I expect an announcement soon.

  2. This made me incredibly excited when I first read this as I live in Edmonton. And then I saw the date, and realized I am in Ontario for a cousin’s wedding that weekend… Ah, the angst

  3. I am really excited. Everton has always been my team since 1987 when my parents moved me over to England from Edmonton. I was undecided on what team I wanted to support. When one day I was in London sightseeing when a whole bunch of people(ok hoolgins) came toward me and my friends. They came up to us and asked who we supported and not knowing amy better I said no one. Boy did some of the guys look pissed. Then 1 of the leaders asked me where I was from and I said Canada. That calmed them down and he said I should support Everton. I said ok. And that was that I have been following Everton ever since. I will be there !!!!!

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