Talks Regarding Champions League On US TV Still Ongoing

fox-soccer-channel1Here are a few important news updates during one of those mid-weeks where it feels strange that there’s no massive football games going on.

  • Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports are still in talks regarding the U.S. TV rights to the Champions League beginning with the 2009-2010 season. The negotiations to finalize the deal are taking longer than anticipated but as soon as the news breaks, EPL Talk will be all over it. In the meantime, be sure to listen to the recent interview with Setanta Sports where an executive discussses when Setanta will be available on Comcast Cable and Time Warner nationwide, when Setanta will be broadcast in HD, news about the relaunch of Setanta Broadband (scheduled for mid April), details about more World Cup qualifying matches being shown on Setanta and much much more.
  • Listen to the latest episode of the Major League Soccer Podcast featuring an interview with GolTV owner Enzo Francescoli. Nicknamed ‘The Prince’ by Pele, Francescoli discusses a variety of topics including La Liga coverage on GolTV, his career in France, Italy and Argentina, Bundesliga TV rights in the United States, whether GolTV will pursue the next TV rights deal for Copa America and much more. Listen to the Enzo Francescoli interview hosted by Kartik Krishnaiyer. Speaking of Enzo, take a look at this video of Zidane’s young son who is named Enzo in honor of Francescoli.
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There are plenty of intriguing headlines regarding Premier League teams today, so be sure to stay on top of the latest English football news by reading or subscribing to EPL Talk’s shared items from Google Reader.

7 thoughts on “Talks Regarding Champions League On US TV Still Ongoing”

  1. you’re still going to make us listen to the freaking mp3 to find out news. you guys aren’t very good at this reporting thing.

  2. Has anybody listened to the interview so you can tell me on when or if Setanta is coming to Time Warner? Thank you in advance. I

  3. Recap GolTV –

    Interview was with Enzo (E) AND his translator (T), who seemed to add additional info at the end of each translation.

    La Liga rights (deal since confirmed):
    E: “Talks are in an “advanced state.”
    T: “We should have good news today or tomorrow, this week for sure.”

    Bundesliga over the last few years:
    E: It’s getting better. It’s our second most important league behind La Liga.”
    T: “The ratings are increasing like crazy, if you take the whole year as a reference. The ratings are very very good.”

    Resolution to showing Bundesliga on one hour delay on Sat morning?
    E: “That’s on the programming department. The majority of European leagues play mostly at the same time. We try to put the best match on live.”

    World Cup 2010:
    E: “Besides the qualifiers, we will send a production team to cover the day-to-day at the World Cup.”

    Copa America 2011 (English rights):
    E: (In English) “Yes, maybe, the intention is to keep the Copa America. Maybe in both languages, but in Spanish is very difficult because of Univision.”
    T: “The Spanish audience is our main objective.”

    Possibility of some Mexican League rights in the future:
    E: “Yes…no, blah blah blah…Maybe”
    T: “blah blah blah…Maybe”

    Copa Libertadores:
    E: “For the next few years FOX has it, maybe in the future”

    GolTV returning to Dish:
    E: “It’s a business, blah blah blah. We weren’t able to come to a deal but we are open to returning and would like to come back.”
    T: “We’ve actually gained subscribers so it hasn’t affected us that much, but we’d love to get back on Dish very soon. We are totally open to renegotiating.”
    KK: “A number of people dropped Dish when they dropped you…”
    E: (in English) “We know that..”
    T: “We have an open door for talks….”

    La Liga one-day delayed match (Athletic Bilbao-R. Madrid):
    Translation muddled, Enzo first thinks this is about a Barca match, the translator thinks it’s about the Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid derby.
    E: (assuming in error that the derby was NOT televised live) “It was a programming decision. Sometimes a Bundesliga match is more important or another match in Spain is more important, in spite of the fact that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are very important clubs. We put on almost 14 live matches between Fri-Sun, we know that someone will always be displeased.”
    E: (continuing to talk but I mean completely out of his ass) “For example, if we would have shown the Madrid derby instead of the Colombian classic, we would have had a ton of emails from angry Colombians. It’s not a whim, these are programming decisions.”

    Return of the American Soccer program:
    E: “Because we broadcast in two languages, we try to find programming based more on images than words.”

    Any other leagues in the future:
    E: “Blah, blah, blah”

    My observations-
    GolTV needs to explain their “programming decisions” better. The dude blames the Bundesliga match delay to the fact that the many European leagues play matches at the same time, but SPAIN and GERMANY DO NOT COINCIDE and last time I checked there were no English or Italian matches on GolTV.

    The interviewer completely botched the question concerning the dropped La Liga match. He should have used the completely dropped Barca-Malaga match (I realize that at the time it was a few days in the future but it was clear then through GolTVs schedule that the match would not be shown AT ALL) as an example instead of the Athletic-R Madrid delayed match. If speculation is correct, it seems Cablevision has retained the defunct Worldsport HD first choice rights and that is why GolTV does not have rights to all La Liga matches. It would have been great to get this confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth. It also would have been informative to learn if they were trying to negotiate a solution to this.

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