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New 08/09 Liverpool Shirts: Home, Away and Third

In case you missed it, pictures of Liverpool’s home, away and third shirts for the 2008/2009 season have been leaked courtesy of our friends at Football Shirt Culture.

Here’s the home shirt:

liverpool home1 New 08/09 Liverpool Shirts: Home, Away and Third

As you can see, Adidas has designed a very classy home shirt with a similar style to the Chelsea home shirt (except for a different collar). This is typical Adidas, where they like to work from similar templates rather than recreate completely different designs for each club.

If you live in the United Kingdom, go ahead and pre-order the replica Liverpool shirt and get a free Fernando Torres T-shirt. Just click on the image below for more details.

liverpool preorder New 08/09 Liverpool Shirts: Home, Away and Third

Here’s the away shirt:

liverpool away New 08/09 Liverpool Shirts: Home, Away and Third

The gray and fluorescent orange colors for the away shirt are very unique. While the design looks more like a goalkeeper’s shirt, it’ll be interesting to see how Liverpool perform in gray especially seeing how poor Manchester United did in their infamous gray shirt from 1995-96.

Here’s the third shirt:

liverpool third1 New 08/09 Liverpool Shirts: Home, Away and Third

While Liverpool’s away shirt looks like a goalkeeper’s jersey, the third strip looks even more like one. However, the short-sleeve shirt will supposedly be used in Europe. For more analysis about Liverpool shirts, visit the excellent Liverpool page on the Football Shirts website.

Let us know what you think of the 08/09 designs by clicking the comment link below.

In the meantime, if you’re a Liverpool fan, listen to these exclusive EPL Talk interviews with Liverpool-related celebrities (or, better yet, subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode):

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111 Responses to New 08/09 Liverpool Shirts: Home, Away and Third

  1. camagedon says:

    Not impressed.

  2. Never quite sure whether to believe these leaks or not, but they look fairly legit and I’ve heard lots of rumours that the 2nd kit was planned to be grey (like a remake of the one in 1990) so these could be the real deal. The home one looks a bit plain for me but solid enough.

  3. Nooby says:

    Please … back to the drawing board !!!

  4. rouman says:

    why go back to grey, and green shirts. which we all ready had years ago, go forward, not backwards. the home shirt should have more red come on were in 2008 now,,,

  5. hick out !! says:

    home shirt is nice but the away one is awful never liked grey shirts should stick to white or bring back the yellow one !!!! the yellow one adidas made for us years ago is still my favourite shirt to date.

  6. LemmusLemmus says:

    To me, the away shirt looks clearly green rather than grey. Something wrong with my monitor?

  7. dragonki2012 says:

    Dude, the shirts they have now are sweet, and I don’t know if I should believe this or not either but I’m going to for now, I only believe the Chelsea one because Frank was wearing it.

    Classic red – they have to have it.

    The Black – how can you go wrong with that, I’m not a Liverpool fan but even I’d buy that shirt.

    The White – OK replace that one cuz it’s not all that attractive, or add some red or gray to it?

  8. raymond says:

    Agree! Go forward!
    Away shirts in black…..that will scare the hell out of our opponents!

  9. LukasLFC says:

    No, no, no, no, no!

    If these are not fakes, they are awful. They look like cheap imitations you find on Spanish market stalls.

    Grey – NO!
    Blue – NO!

  10. sai says:

    aiyoh! very very ugly lar! i hope is fake lar.

  11. jamie redknapp says:

    what! so lousy and cheap design lar. i hope my beloved liverpool dont accept this adidas design lar. really so ugly!

  12. kin yuan says:

    UGLY! and Yeak!!!!!

  13. caslern says:

    really ugly and very cheap lar. like kit used by the lower league team. please lar liverpool, if you want to sell your kit, dont accept this type lar. please………..

  14. bruce lee says:

    i will buy this type of kit even though im a die hard liverpool fans. looks really ugly lar!!!! wat have u design adidas? r u stupid!

  15. Steve E says:

    Crap. Let’s stick with our traditional white with red trim away shirt & black shorts.

  16. torres says:

    i hope my beloved club do want to accept this design shirt, please parry….please

  17. YNWA says:

    This is 3 steps backwards…

  18. GERRARD says:

    I aint playin in that shi”r”te

  19. lee says:

    like the home and away the third one is shit, these could be genuine as adidas have released the chelsea home kit same as liverpool but in shitty blue they r goining down the more traditional route. why not white and red for the 3rd

  20. Agger says:

    uuurhg, three step back!

  21. Simon says:

    Absolutley awful.

    I’m abstaining from buying any club merchandise until we get the yanks out anyway.

  22. Manav says:

    This is a joke, right?

  23. King Torres says:

    They are a joke right. Home shirt awful and boring. Makes the candy bird sh!t kit look marveloues. As for the away strips… Terrible cheap boring unimaginative need I go on.

    Is it not bad enough that people want to buycot merchandise due to the owners. Now you have given them a reason not to buy. Thought the home and away kits from last season were spot on. Try one of the leaked designs from last season for the home strip instead!!!!!!

    Don’t do it don’t commit commercial suicide!!!!

  24. CK says:

    The Grey away kit is a disaster, I really hope the players have a say in it and reject it outright. The home kit isnt bad, but again lacks any individuality, its very similar to the chelsea one and not really anything new. We should have a classic red home kit and a black away kit, please, NO YELLOW/GREY/PINK or GREEN. Someone tell Adidas who we are for heavens sake

  25. T says:

    They’re takin’ it back! Old school time!

  26. rick says:

    i have to agree with CK, a classic red for the home kit (i really like the current one) and an all black for the away kit (our current all black one is really nice but we never seem to play in it much!) all the shirts here are awful i wouldn’t buy any of these, would rather have chelsea’s high-vis shirt becuase at least it has a point!

  27. soonerscotty says:

    absolute shite!
    why’re they always screwing with things? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  28. bez says:

    Crap,crap and crap
    Why can’t they design a different kit for every team, sorry the collars are different so fuckin what.We should have a design thats different from any other team in the league.
    Hopefully someone from LFC will sort it out and demaned a different style, if not i for one wont be buying any of them.

  29. ShanklyRed says:

    Never……..Ever are adidas gonna sell this shit, all we would need next is a sponsor change,…………..maybe DIC!! Rather apt in more than one way!!!

  30. Virus says:

    what difference does it make what we play in as long as we keep winning i’am not complaining.
    We’ve gotta look good playing rather than the kit.

  31. Oreva says:

    I love the home kits, not sure about the others. Love the throw back to the late 70/80s

  32. LivFan says:

    Shocking! The red shirt is too plain, the grey shirt looks like a keeper jersey, and the green shirt is just repulsive. All around miserable line of jerseys. LOVE the current kits, although the white could change. Love the black and red ones though. Hope these designs aren’t real cause they are absolutely MISERABLE. I am sick of clubs trying to pull the retro look off. Its ok if they have one thrid jersey that is meant to be retro, but not all of them. Adidas had a good thing going with the current line, why result to nike tactics and make them look hideous.

  33. red man says:

    Well it must just be me then but that 3rd kit looks fucking BLUE!!! i’m not having that!
    am i the only one that thinks that?
    there is no way it’s green unless i need my eyes testing…. and i know i don’t!!
    Please tell me that these kits haven’t alredy been approved and manufactured!! I can’t see gerrard and carragher wearing blue for liverpool even though carragher is (sorry was) a toffee and we’ve all seen those pictures of gerrard in that everton kit
    If anyone agrees post below!

  34. Chorlton says:

    Sweet Lord is like someone shitting in my eyes. Aweful.

    The current set are mint, just change the logo to the trefoil one and it’s a done deal.

  35. Chorlton says:

    aweful? Awful i mean, obviously.

  36. boon says:

    HICKS! Yucks

  37. dragonki2012 says:

    Lol, why is it such a big deal…?

    Just don’t believe everything you see on the internet is all I’m going to say.

    And that it’s disappointing to see the black kit go, really liked that one, and I hate Liverpool.

  38. marto 9 says:

    god no! plz god no! there vile. WTF are ADIDAS playing at? are they trying to kill sales of next strip?
    yup I think we need to kill the desinger, for sure.
    im gonna boycot that one

  39. chaddaz says:

    The new home kit looks old and retro, which i know, is what liverpool supporters DON’T want to c!! it’ll take somethin special to beat the home kit that they have now, so good luck to adidas on that one!!! as for the second kit, i could probly get used to the grey colour, think it’ll grow on me!!! as for the third kit……CRAP!!!!

  40. timmyd says:

    Ha Ha Fakes sorry adobe photoshop strikes again!!!

  41. Aiden says:

    there fake that is not the adidas layout for next season sorry

  42. jak says:

    absolute shite they are so plain and boring and the away shirt and the 3rd strip need to be different colours no one likes them at all they are shit…. and im a liverpool fan myself

  43. Richie says:

    too much white on the red shirt and the other shirts are shockers. I wouldn’t buy any of them. The second and third strips look like gk jerseys. Why not all white or all black as alternate strips? those strips are sh*t.

  44. Richie Sam says:

    Why not try to be bit more creative rather than basically keeping the same designs for each adidas team. Lazy …. and obviously in dreamland when they designed the 2nd and third kits…the more i look at them the more i dislike them… they really are hideous, boring, unimaginative and really DON’T INSPIRE me in the slightest. Those kits don’t look like anything that a champion team could wear that would inspire their supporters.

  45. salmi says:

    all i am gonna say is that on liverpool official website they say they are keeping the red kit for the 08/09 season and if u don”t believe me go to and see.(don’t belive everything on the internet

  46. LFC Supporter says:

    WOW! these are really ugly, won’t buy them…I agree with a couple others in sticking with red for the home and a black one for away, euro shirt i’m not sure but not gray or that green up there! the kits from this year are spot on they look real sharp, don’t do the retro look please!!

  47. Walsh says:

    The red home shirt is ok but should have a bit more red on it.It does look a bit to much like a red version of chelsea which is worrying as ,unlike them,we have a history to be proud of.
    The grey doesn’t do anything for me & the third kit is vile. What bozo sat in their office & decided these were ideal for LFC?
    I like this seasons kits especially the black one,think it’s very smart so leave it alone.

  48. mark tang says:

    way too plain, hardly any pattern, da away 1 loox horrible, i prefer this season’s away shirt

  49. Aaron says:

    PLEASE DESIGN SOMETHING BETTER! the first shirt was bland as all get out (and too much like Chelsea) Grey and orange? are they all keepers? And the third one is just gross.

  50. ToRrEs El NiNo says:

    i like all the current kits for liverpool but these new ones are just rank the new home shirt is nice but the others just look terrible i think the 3rd shirt should stay the same colour but make it look like the home shirt and same with the away shirt make it look like the home shirt in white

  51. ToRrEs El NiNo says:

    to be honest looking at them all workers at adidas must be man utd fans cos if man utd fans saw great players like torres and gerrard playing in puke coloured shirts theyd be pissing themselves wiv laughter they really are not nice i will only buy the new home shirt and thats it

  52. JaViEr MaScHeRaNo says:

    i like the home kit(a bit plain) but the others are crap…
    also we should hav a black away kit

  53. nern says:

    I dont believe these are real for one minute

    absolute crap they are

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  55. big paddy says:

    red shirt ok ! other 2 crap !!!

  56. Homer says:

    Home shirt is fine. Simple and got rid of the crappy flappy collar. Away kit absolutely shite. Surely it’s in their interests to design kits people might want to buy? Hopefully these are fake.

  57. sosruko says:

    all getting very ugly. what’s wrong with adidas? I’s really like Reds to hv jersey like Spurs (home) that is usually worn by Berbatov with red as base and some white trims.

  58. Kyle says:

    They better not be real.
    I have the current 3rd kit (black kit) and it is by far the nicest kit we’ve had for a few years.
    I can’t believe they would go back to using grey and green.
    I mean, with that 3rd kit people will think Reina is playing all over the pitch.
    That 2nd kit isnt much better.
    Grey. Are you for real Adidas?

  59. King Kenny says:

    Liking the home shirt if only because its the best one since the 2003/4 reebok shirt but the others are just awful also have a look at the new goalie kits (pukes)

  60. Ernie Campbell says:

    Second and third kits are a disprace, they do not represent lfc at all.
    Absolutely shocking colours.
    The away kit should be white jersey, black shorts and white socks.
    There shouldn’t be a third kit there is no need for them and are never used.

  61. sparko says:

    I’ve had the priveledge of seeing these kits close up as i was at a meeting with adidas 2 months ago when they were shown to me. The home once is really nice and the away one is better than it looks on the photo on here(by the way, its not hi vis orange stripes, they are red!) but the green/blue one is pure pants!

  62. Ernie says:

    Home one is ok. At least no Elvis collars on it. The grey is ****ing awful. It should be a crime to design a grey football shirt. The turqoise one looks rather good to me but I don’t like the collar on it. Again, NO GREY. PLEASE.

  63. Ibizaboy says:

    dont buy the home shirt from ebay, poor quality import from far east. bought 1 myself and very disappointed with the quality considering the ad claimed it to be an original adidas product. IT IS NOT

  64. AC says:

    omg man thats jus stupid the third luks alright but the away one is terrible. why cant we just have black ones definetly not yellow or green
    and what happend to the home shirt WHERE IS THE CREATIVEITY

  65. AC says:

    i am hoping that the away grey shirt is FAKE

  66. shakie 08 2k8 says:

    they should put the away kit yellow or keep it white coz the gray one is gross same as the 3rd kit should keep it black or should go back to white n green that was a nice kit

  67. Roza says:

    complete shit

  68. learoy says:

    this is a load of crap as home kit is due for a change but the away will not change till next year.picture off actual new home kit will be on website this friday 25/4/08

  69. adam says:

    its pure class

  70. adam says:

    Red shirt is pure class!! Stevie G cud wear a bin bag still be pure class !!!!!!!

  71. SAM says:



  72. Anonymous says:

    u guys have no class, the home jersey is nice,

    anyone know where i can preorder this in the U.S.?

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  74. BOBBY says:

    Nope, i dont belive the Grey and GREEN are the away and alternative shirts. look at the collar. the new HOME shirt has a V neck and i believe the Away and alternative one will follow suit. whoever post this pic must have made a mistake. LIVERPOOL official website havent unveiled the away and alternative one as well.

  75. hazza says:

    These shirts were tested in the adidas shop in the bullring, birmingham to see what people thought of them on the 21st of last month. The new shirts are very similar to last season.

  76. fariz says:

    I like the new home jersey but not the grey one. it don’t represent a strong n fearless reds. like that black very much n white is not bad too. why just don’t stick to white, attractive and looks tidy.

  77. NATHAN BATES says:

    i like the new home and away kit. but I’me not keen on the grey one tho . i like the black goal keeper one tho. we should just keep to the white ones because it makes liverpool stand out better.
    and it makes all the kits look tidy

  78. Ron says:

    terrible all 3 shirts..heard there was boycott of shirts this year, an adidas has helepd the boycoptt by producing terrible shirts.


  79. Ron says:

    also FYI
    these are the official shirts, they will ook exactly liek that
    i have an insider at LFC, just for the press area, no team news and this is it, so get ready to be disappointed

  80. clayton buckland says:

    these ARE the new kits but you have to see them in real life as these pics don’t do them justice. grey is good and green is amazing whe you see real, wait till you see it before commenting. try printing pic of green and see how it looks YNWA 96

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  82. aljoe says:

    check the man united kit, very more nice, than bad lfc!

  83. jack barrass says:

    it is shit

  84. davo says:

    like all 3. Home one back to basics, more red and retro 70s collar. Away kit obviously a throw back to 1990(we done alright in it i spose although lost fa cup semi to palace!).
    3rd kit looks tidy enough. I’ve seen worse!
    Adidas have tried to incorporate a number of LFC eras into these shirts and i applaud the effort.

  85. chloe says:

    i love torres hes d best. gerrade your the best i love you i never want you to leave

  86. chloe says:

    liverpool liverpool i love your black shirt. Im never gonna support any other team but yours u the best team ever

  87. chloe says:

    hey up again i got to say common liverpool win this oh yea by the way io hate manu the most then chelsea

  88. Paul says:

    Who gives a toss what the kits look like, I go to watch them play footy not parade up and down a catwalk. Yep I’ll be buying them all for my son anyway. (The away and 3rd ARE fakes by the way). It also makes me laugh the way people can get closer to being a scouser by putting ‘Lar’ in their messages. A word to the wise, we write it ‘La’ in Liverpool, as in the name of the famous Scouse band The La’s from the 80′s (There She Goes – Then major part of Cast)

  89. Perinho says:

    New red shirt looks ace, no need for flashy stuff. LFC should be the proud reds. All red, to frighten the opposition remember!!!
    Keep the white though for the away n why the dick would the reds wear blue. That’s like accepting Everton as mates. I hope no reds supporter buys the blue one if made cos it defeats the point of havin the red n blue sides of mersyside.

  90. simon says:

    anyone who says they’re not the real ones because they don’t have v-necks is probably wrong as we wouldn’t have three v-neck shirts

    euro away is 1992 all over again, ronny rosenthal at villa park

  91. claire says:

    the home kit is nice … but that away one is horrible , the white tops are the best with the red, with black shorts are the best, i hope its fake and not the real one.

    i reakon liverpool home kits should be red with the white stips and the away ones like the opposite so it is mainly all white with the red stripes. they should not have the other colours like the grey or even yellow.

    that chealsea one not that nice, the older one was well nicer that this yrs one for chelsea.

  92. Rich says:

    this shirt has just been put on the official site for pre order ,im gutted its awful awful awful
    wouldnt mind so much but we could do with the money off shirt sales to at least look like were in the transfer market ,in stead of bargin basement shopping as usual.
    id doubt this will sell and looking down athe those grey diamonds gonna be vomit inducing

  93. olumide salawu says:

    i want my team liverpool fc to please help me, i am a footballer and i dont have any body to help me and i love liverpool football club,i will be very happy if my club can help me in such a way,and also i dont mind if u said i will not be given any thing i will be happy.

  94. majed says:

    ???? ??? ?? ??????


  95. Nkem Njoku says:

    The home shirt of reds is very ok,and likewise the new away shirt.I like the gray and red combination.I like reds.

  96. Scott says:

    Home Shirt is Really good

  97. bombhead says:

    Finaly we have a green shirt and it gould be a bit darker but it is still great.

  98. ronald says:

    alone the home is ok,

  99. jack .g says:

    I thing the liverpool grey shirt is cool. I like the colour grey it is my best colour. I've got the new liverpool kit with torres on the back.i got the the yellow one with gerrad on the back of it i've got the white one with risse on the back of it. The grey kit is my best kit out of all of them. The grey liverpool kit is great. The liverpool is best kit in the whole wide world.
    Jack age 7

  100. LFC Red says:

    Fantastic shirt.

    Be worn with pride on Saturday.

  101. pinky doo da says:

    WOW! this is brill

  102. Danny says:

    the away kit is the hillsbourgh keeper kit

  103. Danny says:

    the away kit is the hillsbourgh keeper kit

  104. Alonso says:

    home shirt: quite nice
    away shirt: since when have we had such a shitty away kit like that the white and red was waaaay better.
    Third shirt: I cant describe how someone could make a shirt as bad as that green and black awful m8 the liverpool supporters club should be sacked cos these kits arn’t particularly good liverpool deserve better

  105. liverpool is the best EPL team.I like all the shirts but the green one is horrible to me

  106. kaptec says:

    for me i dont like the jersey,cos is not that a little bit okay

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