Which Premiership Teams Will Be Relegated?

Despite the criticism of the Premiership so far this season, it’s refreshing to see that all of the teams in the league have double digits after Charlton’s last minute win last night against Blackburn.

Last year, if you remember, it seemed that Sunderland were stuck on single digit points for the majority of the season. The Black Cats ended up with 15 points. Bottom team Watford, right now, has 10 points.

But between now and the end of the season in May, there’s still so much to play for. Only ten points separates Watford from eleventh place Manchester City. Sadly, the number of teams that could fall into the relegation trap far outnumber those Premiership sides that have a chance of winning the title.

So who do you think will be relegated? I’m still going with my original picks (made before the season started): Charlton, Sheffield United and Fulham.

I still believe Watford has what it takes to survive in the Premiership. I see that hunger in them and their perseverance. If they can get a win or two under their belt, they should be able to regain their confidence. Right now, they’ve been rocked by injuries with goalkeeper Ben Foster and forward Marlon King just two on the physio’s table.

Fulham, meanwhile, are on a slow downward decline. Watching them play in person against Reading, Luis Boa Morte looks like he’d rather be home than on the pitch. And he’s the bloody captain! Defensively they look weak (which was exposed in Saturday’s match against Blackburn). And defensively is where they’ve been the strongest in years of late. In midfield they lack the creativity and imagination. The midfielders seem too predictable. Hence the reason why Brian McBride isn’t getting the service he needs to score.

The race to avoid the Premiership relegation battle could be one of the closest in years with the parity of mediocre teams this season. Who are your picks to go down and why? Click the ‘Comments’ link below and tell us.


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