Vote to Add "Match of The Day" to BBC America


BBC America has a form on its web site where you can vote for programs you’d like to see added to their network. One of them includes BBC’s “Match Of The Day.”

I wouldn’t think that BBC would have the rights to show the highlights show in the U.S., but whether they do or not, feel free to let BBC know you’re interested.

If you want to see more football, go ahead and vote today at

10 thoughts on “Vote to Add "Match of The Day" to BBC America”

  1. FSC shows both the EPL Preview and Review shows right now.

    Surprising as it sounds, BBC America is actually completely unrelated to the BBC. They aren’t like the BBC’s network over here, they just (I believe) licensed the name and only buy/show BBC programs.

  2. I love Match of the Day. Gary Lineker is a great presenter with a proper Leicester perspective :) But as the Gaffer mentioned, it is very unlikely that BBC America would be able to get the rights to show Premiership football.

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