Even though Euro 2024 is coming to a close, the Google Mini Cup lets fans compete against one another based on who they support. Fans can use their mobile device to play a game that puts them in the shoes of a penalty taker. Fittingly, penalties have been common at the Euros. Both England and France advanced to the semifinals via a penalty shootout win in the quarterfinals.

The game is only available on mobile devices, and it allows fans to choose what team they support. The score they collect during their attempt goes into a total that shows how the two sides compare to one another. Of course, it has no significance on the games at Euro 2024. Still, it shows the support each team has from a global population and how savvy those fans are at video games.

Here are the steps to play the Euro 2024 Mini Cup on Google as we enter the final three games of the tournament in Germany. It follows the suit of previous Google Mini Cup games, like the one for the 2022 World Cup.

Play Google Mini Cup for Euro 2024

As a reminder, this is only available on mobile devices. It is impossible to access the Google Mini Cup on your desktop or laptop as it requires moving your thumb on the screen to play.

  1. On your mobile browser, visit the Google search engine.
  2. Search “Euro 2024” in the dialogue box.
  3. You will see the schedule of games and in the bottom right, a small soccer blue soccer ball. Click on the blue soccer ball.
  4. Select the team you want to support. It will be a contest between the two teams playing the next fixture. You can also play for the other game, assuming it has not happened yet, by searching the two nations on Google and having the Euro 2024 schedule pop up.
  5. You will now see a goalkeeper moving back and forth on their line horizontally.
  6. Your goal is to swipe the ball up toward the open part of the goal based on where the goalkeeper is. The more goals you score, the faster the goalkeeper goes along the line to make it more challenging.
  7. The number of goals you score goes into a total that becomes a friendly contest between the two nations.

You can also track how popular the teams are throughout the tournament. After you finish your game, you can click the statistics button. There, you can see the total score among teams from the competition. As of publication, Turkey is at the top of the leaderboard.

Millions of players

As this is a contest among players from across the globe, fans do not have to play for the nation they live in. However, certain nations certainly lead the way in popularity. Quarterfinalist Turkey had over 800 million goals during its Google Mini Cup campaign. Portugal was in second, but it was well over 400 million behind Turkey. Therefore, it will be hard for Spain or France, which are third and fifth, respectively, to usurp Turkey for that top spot.

Regardless, the Google Mini Cup is a fun way to show your support for a team while testing how good your video game abilities are.


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