Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, noteworthy in soccer for their ownership of Wrexham AFC, have added Necaxa to their portfolios. Through their company RR McReynolds, the two North American actors joined an ownership group that features several other noteworthy stars. For example, Eva Longoria is part of Necaxa’s current ownership group. According to reports, the actress played a role in bringing Reynolds and McElhenney aboard.

According to Variety, the publication that broke the news, the stake in Necaxa from Reynolds and McElhenney is significant. There is no reported fee nor is there a clear percentage exchanged. Regardless, this is a major boost for the Liga MX side in its bid to grow its international brand. This deal also benefits Wrexham. Sportico reports that Necaxa’s ownership group purchased a 5% stake in the Welsh club. With interlocking owners, there is cause for cooperation between the two sides.

However, the main consequence of this development is what Reynolds and McElhenney will be able to do with the Mexican side. Despite being across the Atlantic Ocean, the two actors have transformed the club into one of the most popular entities in the United States. Using FX’s Welcome to Wrexham as a catalyst, the soon-to-be League One side has a substantial following in the USA. As a result, Wrexham played games in California and North Carolina in the summer of 2023. Moreover, the side scheduled more friendlies in the USA in 2024 against the likes of Premier League sides Bournemouth and Chelsea.

No documentary from Reynolds and McElhenney on the cards, yet

Wrexham’s success comes down to active owners and the aforementioned documentary. For Necaxa, flirting around the middle of the Liga MX pack has left it behind many of the more traditionally popular teams. The ownership change to Eva Longoria’s group in 2021, headlined by Al Tylis and Sam Porter, has not led to significant growth in recent seasons. However, Reynolds and McElhenney have experience with success in soccer.

If the goal is to turn Necaxa into a force in Liga MX, one vehicle could be a documentary series akin to Welcome to Wrexham. However, there are no plans for that sort of entertainment regarding Necaxa. Liga MX has different media restrictions compared to the National League or League Two. Therefore, McElhenney and Reynolds have no guarantee of producing a series about Necaxa. Additionally, Eva Longoria has her own media brand, Hyphenate Media Group, that would be a part of the content. Of course, the inroads are laid, and Reynolds and McElhenney would hypothetically have the path to get a documentary series started at the club. Again, this is all premature to discuss, as there are no plans in the works.

Season three of Wrexham debuts this week

The news surrounding the Wrexham owners adds to an exciting week. Season three of League Two side’s documentary series begins on Thursday, May 2. Coverage is available on FX with next-day viewing available on Hulu. The trailers for the season represent what was another exciting campaign for Wrexham in its return to the English Football League.