With more cause for fear spreading across Europe, today’s tribute at Wembley Stadium becomes even more poignant.  Before an international friendly between England and France, the crowd assembled at the London venue honored the fallen in Friday’s Paris attacks with La Marseillaise, signing the French anthem in unison as a sign of solidarity while Europe confronts an escalation of terrorism.

In Hannover, Germany, a friendly between the German and Dutch national teams was postponed after a suspicious package was found at HDI-Arena. Later, an ambulance which had been converted into a truck bomb was reportedly found outside the stadium, with part of a local train stadium closed off after the discovery of a second suspicious object.

The events in Germany come a day after a friendly between Spain and Belgium, scheduled to take place in Belgium, was postponed amid heightened fears of a potential attack. Brussels has the a focal point of investigations in the wake of Friday’s attacks.

Despite the tragedy at home, the French national team still travelled to London for today’s match. Here’s how England’s national stadium welcomed them: