Trabzonspor will be forced to play their next six matches without fans in the stands in their home stadium after a major issue in the recent game against Fenerbahce. The Turkish Football Federation officially handed out the punishment on Wednesday. Two Fenerbahce players picked up one-game suspensions for their parts in the brawl as well.

The incident between the two teams occurred on Sunday, March 17th. Former Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi gave Fenerbahce the victory on the day thanks to a late goal. After the match ended, the away side celebrated together in the middle of the pitch. This particular move did not go down well with Trabzonspor supporters.

Multiple fans from the home team rushed the field and began attacking the Fenerbahce players. Officials inside Papara Park failed to fully control the situation and the incident perhaps lasted longer than it should have. In the end, a dozen fans were arrested for their roles in the melee.

Trabzonspor exec labels the punishment as illegal and immoral

Following the fan ban, Trabzonspor issued a scathing statement on social media to the authorities inside Turkey. The club initially posted an explicit message calling for Turkish Football Federation officials to resign. Trabzonspor vice president Taner Saral then claimed that his team has lost all confidence and trust in the administration in charge.

“The penalties announced by the Turkish Football Federation are neither legal nor reasonable nor immoral,” stated Saral. “TFF President Büyükekşi and the team have caused a new chaos in our country with the penalties they announced today.”

“As Trabzonspor, we do not have even the slightest shred of trust left in the TFF President, his incompetent team, or the referee community that is controlled by certain interest groups. Unfortunately, at this point, even good people doing their jobs have either become part of this despicable order or remained silent and worried about their seats.”

“Today, the Turkish Football Federation opened a new curtain in the theater it has been continuing since the beginning of the season. Once again, we state it most clearly… We have not been, are not, and will not be a part of this process!”

Fenerbahce to remain in Super Lig despite threats to leave

Despite the harsh statement, Turkish officials had to grab hold of the situation. Scenes from the postgame celebrations inside Trabzonspor’s stadium were ugly and the violence simply cannot happen. Following the incident, FIFA president Gianni Infantino even labeled the fan behavior as “unacceptable.”

Authorities essentially had no choice but to punish the club’s fans for their involvement in the situation. Trabzonspor currently sits a distant third in the Turkish Super Lig standings at the moment. Their next home match is Friday, April 12 against Sivasspor.

Fenerbahce previously hinted at leaving the Super Lig altogether because of the incident with the Trabzonspor fans. Club president Ali Koç claimed that the situation was essentially the straw that broke the camel’s back in a long list of grievances. Nevertheless, Koç announced on Tuesday that his team will remain in the Turkish top flight for now. Fenerbahce officials will instead revisit the issue during the general assembly following the season.