When actors are not giving chairmen managerial advice or being the face of a popular FX TV show, they sometimes enjoy sports in their free time.

Will Ferrell is a Chelsea fan, Brad Pitt loves Liverpool, and Jackie Chan likes Manchester City. So it’s not surprising that Star Trek and X-Men actor Patrick Stewart is an avid fan of his home town club Huddersfield Town.

Stewart watches every Huddersfield game

But unlike many other high-profile actors, he watches every Huddersfield game without change. Stewart lives in Los Angeles, where he starred in the award-winning Star Trek: Picard.

It means that Stewart cannot watch Huddersfield games in person, although he travelled to Wembley to watch Huddersfield win promotion and recently made the voyage to Vicarage Road to watch Huddersfield win 3-2 over Watford.

I never miss a game. I see every game on TV. iFollow is very handy for that.

It’s an important part of my week. My wife knows how important it is, and sometimes I record the games and I have to pick a special two hours when I can watch, and it’s great because you can rewind and all that.

Stewart on keeping up with Huddersfield Town online.

Stewart uses the popular iFollow service, which lets fans stream Championship games. Subscribers outside the UK pay $120+ to access the service.

Stewart has alluded to a return to live theater. He has received acclaim as a Shakespearean actor, landing roles like Prospero in The Tempest, Othello in Othello, and Macbeth in Macbeth.

With the end of Star Trek: Picard, he will have a lot more time to watch Huddersfield Town as they try to stay alive in the relegation race.

The Championship continues on Monday, with Huddersfield playing Blackburn at home at 7:30 AM EST.

An entertaining promotion race and exciting relegation scrap will enchant viewers as the league winds down. League One and League Two will also start on Monday, adding up to 36 games in the EFL.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Focus Images