Glasgow (AFP) – Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster says clubs will consider a potential restructuring of the divisions in the aftermath of the season being abandoned.

Hearts are aiming to revive plans to reform Scottish football following their relegation from the Premiership when teams voted to end the season due to the coronavirus.

A number of Hearts’ top-flight rivals appeared to rule out any prospect of change this summer.

Hearts owner Ann Budge is working on a plan which would need the support of 11 of the 12 Premiership clubs.

And Doncaster insists teams have not ruled out helping Hearts after the premature end to the season saw them relegated from the top flight without the season being finished on the pitch.

“Ann Budge of Hearts is keen to come back again with another resolution looking at reconstruction around an enlarged Premiership,” Doncaster told Sky Sports News.

“Clearly that would have the consequence of effectively avoiding relegation for those clubs relegated as a result of the early curtailment of season 19-20.

“Any change would certainly need to go to a vote and it really depends what form of process Hearts choose to go down.

“It is likely that any expansion would need 11 out of the 12 Premiership clubs to approve it and 75 per cent effectively of other clubs. But it does depend on the detail.

“But we are certainly looking forward to seeing the proposal and, as and when we receive it, we can share it with member clubs and have a broader discussion.

“It’s something that a number of clubs have said they are open-minded about and I think there is a sympathy for the position that the relegated clubs find themselves in and we’ll see where it goes.

“We await the proposal and I know that a lot of clubs will want to look at it with a really open mind.”