Sling TV announced this week that it has added ESPN3 as a new channel to its long list of streaming networks.

Previously, ESPN3 was available to Sling TV customers but they had to log in to ESPN3 separately using the subscriber’s Sling TV username and password. But now with the addition of ESPN3 as a completely separate channel that’s built in to the list of Sling Orange channels available, it’s easier than ever to access all of the ESPN3 soccer matches on Sling TV.

The addition of ESPN3 as a separate channel is a big move for both Sling TV and ESPN. By moving it to the regular channel listing, it sits next to ESPN and ESPN2. Based on the quantity and quality of soccer coverage ESPN3 features, it deserves to be considered alongside ESPN’s flagship networks. There are so many soccer games available on ESPN3 that aren’t on ESPN or ESPN2. Thus it makes soccer itself more accessible, which is always a good thing.

Best of all, ESPN3 has been added at no extra cost to Sling Orange subscribers. The Sling Orange service, which is $20/month, includes the range of ESPN networks and a long list of entertainment and news channels. With Sling Blue and Sling Orange combined, you can get ESPN3 as well as the ESPN channels plus NBCSN, FOX, NBC, FS1, FS2, the Univision networks and more. Sling Blue and Sling Orange combined is $40/month.

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Making ESPN3 more visible and easier to access is especially good timing considering that ESPN3 is broadcasting more English-language broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League. For example, during this week’s Champions League matches on Tuesday and Wednesday, almost every single was available live via ESPN3.

For those wondering, ESPN3 is a completely different streaming service from WatchESPN. ESPN3 is a digital network that provides thousands of live events annually, as well as replays of recent ESPN events. WatchESPN, on the other hand, streams coverage from ESPN, ESPN2 and the other ESPN TV networks. The benefit of ESPN3 is that you can access a lot of soccer games there that aren’t shown on ESPN’s television networks. That includes World Cup qualifiers, club and international friendlies, UEFA Champions League, NASL, college soccer and more.

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