Is it or isn’t it? That’s the question regarding the recently leaked photographs of the alleged new England home shirt. Umbro says it’s fake, but I’m still not 100% convinced. And now, there’s a new piece of evidence that casts doubt on Umbro’s story.

Last week, Umbro unveiled its newest version of its logo — a red diamond (pictured). Perhaps it’s a coincidence, or maybe the designers of the fake shirt knew something we didn’t know. Or maybe the “fake shirt” is actually the real thing, or an earlier prototype.

Whatever the answer is, I still believe the “fake” England home shirt is real. The amount of detail and time put into the design is enormous. Why would a faker go to all of that trouble?

For those of you who haven’t seen the picture of the new England home shirt, here it is (with the red Umbro logo):

Not only that, but the excellent Football Shirts website has found another image of the new England home shirt (see below). The more evidence that comes out, the more likely that Umbro’s statement that the shirt is a fake is a red herring.

England’s home shirt won’t officially be unveiled until March 28 when they play Slovakia in a friendly at Wembley. Until then, share your thoughts regarding the red Umbro logo and whether you think the shirt is fake or not. And be sure to take a look at Umbro’s informative and interesting history of how their logo has changed over the years from 1924 to today.

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