The English Football League (EFL) has requested that the Premier League close the financial gap between the top two soccer tiers.

This could be done by sharing more broadcasting revenue between the top fight and Championship. However, Premier League officials are reportedly not thrilled about the exact figures of the idea.

EFL has been in direct talks with Premier League for months

Negotiations between the two sides have been ongoing for months now. While reports surfaced last summer that a deal was close to be being struck, an agreement has still not yet to be finalized. The Guardian is now claiming that the EFL wants the Premier League to share 25% of their TV revenue with the 72 lower level clubs.

The report goes on to say that Premier League officials were adamantly against the idea. Sources close to the action claim that a letter was sent to these clubs to say that they are “not hopeful” a deal of this nature can be agreed.

Massive difference in money between top two leagues

Current financial terms between the two sides are quite interesting. Last season, Norwich received about $124 million for finishing bottom of the Premier League. In comparison, Fulham earned around $12 million for wining the Championship. The Cottagers are now in the top half of the top flight table.

EFL chairman Rick Parry recently stated that he wishes halve the massive gap between the two sides. “It remains the EFL’s aim to halve the financial gap between the Premier League and the EFL. Doing so would make clubs financially sustainable in a thriving and competitive pyramid,” proclaimed Parry.

“English football now has the opportunity to make the changes required to fix the imbalance. The money is in the game, but a redistribution solution is not. As we have maintained throughout, a combination of redistribution and regulation is required to make clubs solvent and in order protect them in the long term.”

The Premier League is, however, willing to reduce the massive financial gap. Besides broadcasting revenue, the EFL could introduce merit payments to their teams. With financial help from the Premier League, new prize money could be split between Championship clubs.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Sebastian Frej