Well the rumblings of yesterday have come to fruition today, on two counts. The first happening in South America, the other happening at the Riverside.

I can understand Carlos Tevez wanting his future sorted. But the situation with Manchester United seems to get crazier by the day. After firing back at Ferguson’s claims of rejecting a contract offer and saying he nor his agent had seen a contract, Tevez fired what I think could be the fatal jab when he admitted that he’s going to start hearing offers from other clubs.

In my mind, Carlos Tevez is skating on ultra thin ice right now. You’re not an out and out starter at Manchester United and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’re wanting mega pounds to stay. However to more or less say you’re ready to leave Manchester United and (while I’ll admit this comment is off handed), saying he’d love to play for Real Madrid, the corner that is being back into is not an easy one to walk out of.

Tevez needs to understand that being a squad player means you are not going to make what you think you’re worth at Manchester United. Only the week in and week out players guaranteed in the starting eleven will. If you think you’re bigger than the club, do yourself a favor and simply go ahead and leave. Ferguson won’t deal with the headache.

The other story from last night that came home to roost was the formal transfer request Stewart Downing made to Middlesbrough. It appears clear that Downing wants to continue his career under the wing of Harry Redknapp at Tottenham, but not only was Downing’s formal transfer request denied, Tottenham’s 12 million pound bid was also denied.

This situation reads to me very similar to the situation we saw last year with one Dimitar Berbatov.  Downing seems to be doing everything possible to get ouf of the club, be damned about the relationships made and the respect of the fans you have. While I understand we haven’t hit the sulk level yet, I expect that to happen in short order. The intentions have been made clear, and the impression I get is that Downing isn’t going to stop until he’s out of the Riverside for the comforts of North London.

Steve Gibson is in a tight spot. While I agree with him for making a player honor a contact, how much more of this nonsense will he tolerate. Gibson though saying ‘I repeat: none of our senior players will be leaving the Riverside Stadium this month’ tells me that he’s ready for the long haul that this January window will bring. But one thing Gibson should realize is Daniel Levy has very recently been in Gibson’s shoes, and knows what the final outcome ultimately will be.

Other Stories
Add Arsene Wenger to the back of Sir Alex Ferguson in saying the fixture list is ‘unfair’. Where to do I get my tissues? You’re supposed to be top four sides. Quit crying about who you have to face and when you have to face them.

Joe Cole seems a tad bit unhappy about being replaced for the 13th match in a row and is wanting to meet with Scolari about why that is the case. Just another fire for Scolari to put out. It’s funny though all these little fires are growing into one big inferno.

Wayne Bridge promises that his best is yet to come. As one Manchester City fan put it to me ‘that is until he gets injured’.

Tony Pulis thinks that bringing in players will lift the mood around the Stoke City squad. That is until they decide to take pop shots at each other during a match.

A Column to go Home By
Peter Bills questions if Chelsea have the stomach to fight for the title, FA Cup, and Champions League. I’ve been asking that same question as a Chelsea fan since the second week of the season.