While English soccer was still bathing in Danny Welbeck’s fairy-tale return for Arsenal, the West Midlands were in shock and utter despair, not least because of Aston Villa’s 0-6 annihilation by Liverpool, but also because of an inexplicably rudderless performance.

Nearly four decades ago, the Villa Park that now is characterized by deafening boos and countless critics used to be home to the glories of a proud English football club. How times have changed. The Villans are an absolute mess at the moment, and one that doesn’t appear like it can be resuscitated anytime soon.

Aston Villa’s current state of affairs is a damning indictment of both the players’ and owner’s unquestionably hazardous mentality. While the players are in hiding, Lerner is still busy trying to sell the club with no new owners on the horizon.

The appointment of someone as passionate as Remi Garde was seen as a welcome gesture at Villa Park. A few erudites apart, just about everyone was of the opinion that a managerial change – as generally is the case – would do a world of good at Villa Park. Sadly, for Villa, his impact has been negligible.

Aston Villa face a future doomed in the Championship for several seasons. If the fans actually want a change, they must stand against the management for the club. It’s these Aston Villa supporters now who are the only solution to what has been a long-standing problem at the club. The Villa are going in no direction whatsoever, which will only result in it all ending with a club so rich in history, getting lost somewhere in the history books. Come together, and get the lot of them sacked.

The Villans can probably look to Leicester City for inspiration. Just take a look at how well managed with relative small resources. The scouting, the recruitments, and the finances have been all been handled systematically and henceforth, it’s no surprise that Leicester City are riding high. The board and the owners there aren’t concerned about money. Even if they are, it’s second on the list of priorities, with the first being “playing your hearts out for the fans.”

Villa need the same. That, however, can only happen if extreme measures are taken with immediate effect, and that includes not turning up at Villa Park for a single game, since there’s no point in watching a team of money-minded unprofessionals who don’t care about the club, the fans or anyone. If they can do that, the ones hiding behind will almost inevitably have to come out of their shells, and walk straight out of the club eventually, which is exactly what’s needed.