There are positions in the world that are very daunting to undertake and Argentine superstar Sergio Agüero can have the distinction of being the most daunting player both on and off the field.

His gunslinging attitude on the field made him an idol fairly quickly at Atlético Madrid, but it is his relationship with his current girlfriend that makes him even ¨braver¨.

He is not currently engaged to just any model or girl in Europe. He is currently living with none other that Gianina Maradona. I guess by the last name you would know who she is related to. Speculation as to him becoming a father were confirmed against Brazil after one of his We´re Having A Baby!goals when he ran towards the stands where his future father-in-law sat and sucked his thumb, giving the hint.

Afterwards, he mentioned that he did that in order to dedicate the goal to his girlfriend who watched intently in Buenos Aires. The world meanwhile watched how the Argentine demigod broke into a combination of tears and joy as he got the news the only way you could give it to Maradona- after a great goal against a rival.