Eleven Sports today officially announced that it has acquired the distribution assets of One World Sports. By doing so, it marks the launch of the UK-based sports broadcaster into the United States.

It’s important to stress that Eleven Sports has acquired the programming of One World Sports, but not the One World Sports company itself. According to Awful Announcing, One World Sports owes contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with Eleven Sports acquiring the distribution of OWS programming, it cannot be held liable for OWS’ alleged debts.

With the acquisition of certain One World Sports’ distribution assets, Eleven Sports is available to 50 million homes across the U.S. through carriage deals with, but not limited to: AT&T, DIRECTV, Verizon, fuboTV, Charter and NCTC.

Marc Watson, Executive Chairman, Eleven Sports and Aser Media, Eleven’s parent company stated: “Entering the US market presents a significant moment for Eleven and a fantastic opportunity that is aligned to our core strategy to reach and connect with millennial fans everywhere with refreshing and exciting content. By breaking into the US market, we are opening the door to 50 million more fans from day one and we are committed to providing them with LIVE action and unique insight into sports content that is both engaging and tailored to suit fans’ specific interests.”

In a conversation with World Soccer Talk at the Sportel America convention in Miami this week, an executive from Eleven Sports revealed that the network will emphasize live sports in its programming. Soccer will be included, as well as cycling, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, drone racing and other millennial-focused sports.

With the acquisition of One World Sports’ programming, Eleven Sports now features Arsenal TV, Chelsea TV and Bayern Munich TV in addition to other soccer properties.

Eleven Sports is already delivering international and domestic sports and lifestyle entertainment in five territories across Europe and Asia and will position itself in the US as the sports hub ‘For the Fans’, where emerging and established sports will be combined with engaging and compelling action tailored towards the millennial generation. Featuring sports content that is not readily available, Eleven Sports will — according to their press release — “be the network for under-represented fans who are looking for unique and different events and ways to consume their favorite sports.”

“We know there are fans in the U.S. who are underserved by the current sports networks and we are ready to give them what they want.” said Anthony Bailey, Senior Vice President of Aser Media in the U.S. “Our long-term commitment is to reach the millennial audience by bringing refreshing and exciting content – placing the fans at the very heart of the action,” added Bailey, a former ESPN Vice President who led the Emerging Technology Group at ESPN and served as the Chief Technology Officer for NBC’s Premier Boxing Champions series.

Since its international inception and launch in 2015, Eleven Sports has delivered 2,500 to 4,000 hours of live premium sporting events annually to 20 million households in its existing European and Asian markets.