‘SoccerWarz’ book by Kartik Krishnaiyer examines feud between MLS, NASL and USL


The history of the evolution of soccer in the United States is a fascinating journey that’s awash with acronyms. MLS, NASL, USL, USSF, APSL, NPSL and MISL are just a small number in a long list of soccer organizations that have tried to grow the game on these shores. Nowadays, three acronyms that interest many soccer fans are MLS, NASL and USL. The relationship between the organizations hs been eyeopening, to say the very least.

One person who has a very unique insight into how each of these organizations operated and interacted with each other is Kartik Krishnaiyer, senior writer at World Soccer Talk and an expert on all levels of the American game.

From 2010 to 2013, Krishnaiyer worked at NASL as their communications director, working alongside a myriad of interesting characters including Aaron Davidson. In Krishnaiyer’s new book, SoccerWarz: Inside America’s Soccer Feud Between MLS, NASL and USL, what follows are the lessons the author learned behind the scenes, from when he joined the new NASL before it’d played its first game through the time he left its front office when a new group of ambitious leaders replaced those that had just come to grips with North American soccer’s realities. From its marriage with Traffic to reclaiming its storied name, from the halcyon days of unfettered ambition to US Soccer’s initial rebuke and the reset of year two, he saw NASL 2.0 go from dream to reality, and he knows what part of today’s rhetoric remains anchored in 2011’s dream.

In SoccerWarz, the book also examines the role that the now disgraced Traffic Sports had within NASL, as well as the league’s plans to challenge Major League Soccer’s position as the top division in the United States.

Published by World Soccer Talk, SoccerWarz is available via all fine online booksellers. Download the SoccerWarz eBook today via any of these sites:

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