Top 10 TV Commercials Of World Cup 2014 [VIDEO]

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has been one of the most entertaining World Cup tournaments in recent memory. With so many goals and upsets, every match has been interesting, but the commercials before the matches, at half time and post match have been entertaining too.

Many of the larger ad campaigns have been showing their typical 30-second features on TV, and then posting longer commercials online for viewers to watch. Over 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup commercials have been watched thus far according to YouTube, so we decided to rank our favorite 10 commercials below.

10. Gatorade

Gatorade’s “Win from Within” campaign features David Luiz, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi training then playing while drinking Gatorade all set to the tune of famous Disney song, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”.

9. T-Mobile

What would happen if the rules of soccer were similar your wireless plan? Sounds bizarre, but the TV commercial also features Shakira, which is almost always a redeeming quality.

8. Kia

Model Adriana Lima is in several commercials for KIA promoting soccer, which doesn’t seem so hard when you’re, well, Adriana Lima. Kicking a ball at a shell-shocked youth football team will likely do the trick.

7. adidas

Some pick-up games take place outside and some take place in your home as David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura show us. Adidas’ commercial features the soccer legends playing indoors after playing a video game and just what can happen if you’re not careful.

6. Nike

What would soccer be without Neymar being able to dance past defenders, without Tim Howard making incredible saves, or without LeBron James’ impossible shots? Nike explores what would change if clones played the game and players like Wayne Rooney were left to work the docks and Cristiano Ronaldo found work as window model. One fan saves soccer by changing “Risk Nothing” back into “Risk Everything”. This is “The Last Game.”

5. Beats By Dre

Featuring Brazil’s poster boy, Neymar, Beats takes you behind the scenes and shows some of soccer’s best during their pre-game rituals. The commercial also features the fan’s preparing for a match, some by praying and some by drinking tea under a framed photo of Bobby Moore. In “The Game Before the Game” we see how everyone gets ready for the beautiful game.

4. Nike

One of the first commercials to be released leading up to the World Cup was Nike’s take on a pick-up game of soccer between friends. Transitioning from a regular neighborhood pitch to a sold-out crowd, the young men transform into their favorite players and even the Hulk. This is “Winner Stays.”

3. Hyundai

Hyundai has several ad’s for their new “Because Futbol” campaign, this ad features a man rushing home from work trying to avoid the big game that’s already happened. Running out of the office, turning off his radio and silencing his neighbor isn’t enough however as it’s spoiled at the last moment.


ESPN’s “I Believe” ad is a commercial video to sell the US Men’s National Team, and it works. Combining patriotism with imagery from the USMNT and American Outlaws, it gets you excited about the US team. No doubt.

1. McDonalds

Our favorite commercial features some of the most amazing trick shots being performed by average people around the world. Kicking a ball at a church bell or over a highway overpass is no easy feat, but these seemingly average fans make the impossible a reality. McDonald’s searched everywhere for the best trick shots and they found them, the commercial is incredible and should not be missed.


While the following weren’t good enough to make the top 10 list, we still wanted to share them with you.

12 thoughts on “Top 10 TV Commercials Of World Cup 2014 [VIDEO]”

  1. Would not argue with that top 10. I had not seen the McDonalds ad. That had better not been cgi enhanced. If that was for real it’s very impressive. The Hyundai one too made me smile. I’ve been that guy!

  2. Here as well, I didn’t see the McDonalds ad. Although I see that in the bonus section you missed the sucky VW ad with Lalas and Ballack.

    1. We didn’t miss the Ballack-Lalas one. We’re going to be posting that one in a separate post in the next few days.

      1. Gaffer I’m very curious to know your thoughts on my comments below about the U.S. games not being on ABC. Isn’t this worthy of more coverage?

          1. I’ve known this since Feb. as well, but it’s even more sickening when you consider how important these games are. Every nation should be able to see their home country’s games. I know I’m talking to a brick wall, but it’s just another thing that will keep soccer in its minor role here.

            1. I agree. Thankfully Univision is showing the game on free-to-air network TV as well as providing free and legal stream of the game without authentication. But yes, ABC should be showing this game on national TV. God forbid someone misses the local and national news for one night!

  3. Who cares about ads? I really am shocked nobody is talking more about how the U.S. games aren’t available on ABC for the whole nation to watch. I bought it up on other threads, but I feel it bears repeating.

    The fact ABC won’t interrupt their pathetic primetime schedule for such a game shows the mentality that still exists towards soccer in this country. Could you imagine if this happened in any other country? Imagine telling Brazilians or Italians they have to subscribe to a pay channel to watch most of the world cup. They would riot.

    To me the World Cup is like the Olympics and the bulk of it should be free to view. ABC showing just ten games is a scandal. What’s funny is I remember the USA-Germany game in 1998 being on ABC in the middle of the day instead of the usual soap operas.

  4. Im surprised the two Nike ones were so low. For me they were the best ones. (I cant stand McD’s so even though that one was great i dont like it as much)

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