Tim Howard to Co-Commentate Chelsea-Manchester City On Sunday On NBCSN

US Men’s National Team and Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard will be the co-commentator of NBCSN’s match this weekend between Chelsea and Manchester City, which will be televised live on US television this Sunday at Noon ET.

Howard will be in the booth at Stamford Bridge alongside commentator Arlo White, one day after Everton plays Aston Villa in the Premier League.

“It is the first time we will have an active player in our announce booth,” said NBC Sports Group coordinating producer Pierre Moossa. “He has recently played against both Chelsea and Manchester City and will provide the viewer with a very unique perspective on not only the game but what it is like to face these current squads on the pitch.”

“It’s a real coup for NBC Sports to secure Tim’s services for this huge game,” added Arlo White. “Not only is he one of the best US players of his generation, he has been mixing it with the best players on the Premier League for over a decade. His insights will be fascinating.”

On Sunday broadcasts this Premier League season thus far, NBC Sports has had Graeme Le Saux as commentator. While Le Saux has been doing a fine job, he is a former Chelsea footballer, so putting Howard in the co-commentator’s chair should make the broadcast more impartial. Plus, Howard can give the Chelsea-Manchester City an even greater ratings boost given that USMNT soccer fans may be more likely to tune in to the broadcast to hear how Howard does.

Due to the time change in the United Kingdom this week, Sunday’s match will kick off at Noon ET instead of 11am ET.

As far as we know, Howard has no experience as a co-commentator, but it’ll be interesting to hear his insights in the match to hear what he can bring to the audience during the game. In previous years, FOX Soccer hired Brad Friedel as a studio analyst.

21 thoughts on “Tim Howard to Co-Commentate Chelsea-Manchester City On Sunday On NBCSN”

  1. bad idea just because you play does not make you a color commentator.sounds like something fox would do.you already have the Evil Empire playing the Evil Empire and then you throw this into the mix.let the game sell itself we need no gimmicks.

  2. Agreed this is not a good idea.. Lesaux has been fine, of they felt LeSaux would not be impartial the should have went with Dixon. I don’t see any value add for Howard being in the boothe… You have many bother players working as co-commentators out there WITH experience… Why throw Howard out there he has never been on the mic.. This has amateur hour written all over it. Not a very smart choice by Mr. Moosa. I hope this is not the start of “experimentation” by NBC… We all know how Fox’s experiment is going…


  3. Well he can’t be as bad as you-know-who. But I just don’t know why you would go and inflict a completely inexperienced commentator upon a top-4 v top-4 match.

    If he wants to give the mic a spin then turn him loose of Palace v Fulham or some such. Nothing against those clubs, but NBC should be trotting out the top commentators on matches that a lot of newer and potentially new fans might be tuning in for.

  4. Is Everton not playing this weekend?

    Anyway, I don’t see anything too bad about it. Give it a shot. If Timmy stinks, then we don’t have to do it again. They must have some reason to think he’ll be okay though. And he’ll be in the booth with a very experienced commentator in Arlo White and he’ll make sure to take Timmy along carefully, ask him questions that allow him to show well, etc. I seriously doubt it’ll be a disaster like Gus Johnson + Random Inexperienced Analyst.

    I’ll mostly be curious to see if they have to bleep him at any point. Guy has a potty mouth. I’m sure he’ll be on his best behavior, but something might still slip out.

    1. Everton is playing Aston Villa on Saturday. Howard will be doing the commentary for the Chelsea/Manchester City game on Sunday.

  5. Tim’s first words as commentator: “Hey Arlo, check out my tats bruh…you like em bruh? Check ’em out. Yeah, this last one I got is because I love Grand Theft Auto.”

  6. I wonder if they will have a delay so they can bleep out all of Howard’s cursing?

    I distinkly remember Le Saux commentating a Chelsea match already on NBCSN and he seemed pretty neutral.

    You don’t see FOX taking Joe Buck off of the World Series because the St. Louis Cardinals are playing. You don’t see FOX take Troy Akman off when the Cowboys are playing the high profile Sunday game.

    I think this is a stupid gimmick to get USMNT fans to watch the match.

    1. “A delay so they can bleep out all his cursing”

      Really funny…you mug. You have zero knowledge of Tom Howard’s current status with his Tourette’s.

      A typical lack of common decency class from a Chelsea fan…what were the chances?

  7. I’m not averse to this. He’s every bit as qualified as Le Saux to provide color.

    What would be fun is if he were to do color for an Everton game! Imagine Howard in goal with a mic yelling at his defenders. Now that would be too gimmicky. I’m surprised Fox haven’t tried it already.

  8. How does anyone know how it will be? Has anyone heard him?

    I hope Howard smashes it! I have not heard Howard so will reserve judgement, so far NBC have selected contributed well…

    Jonny come lately football fans that don’t know their arse from their elbow, EVERY single co commentator from this week BPL games on NBC was an ex player!

    Chris Waddle
    Davie Provan
    Trevor Francis
    Tony Gale
    Dean Sturridge
    Barry Horne
    Garry Birtles
    Lee Dixon
    Graeme Le Saux
    Paul Walsh

    Not forgetting other ex players that are regular co commentators that are good, Gary Neville, Stan Collymore, Andy Gray, Stewart Robson, David Pleat, Ray Hudson, Alan Smith, Jason Cundy, Garry Mabbut.

    The only poor ex player co cornerstones I’ve heard off the top of my head, Brian McBride, Eric Wynalda, Nial Quin, Ian Wright.

    The last four are terrible yes, but they are the exception not the rule.

    Over to you Tim!

  9. Again… He has never done any co commentating … So this is no more than a gimmick by NBC…. And he is not the most eloquent bloke either… Yes many ex players do commentary… But don’t do a GuJo and throw him in the deep end on such a high profile match.


  10. Wow, bury the man before he has a chance. He may bring some perspective to the match that only a current player can. I’m interested in hearing what he may say and if he’s awful so be it but to rip him and NBC apart before it’s happened is a bit rash.

    1. I’ve never understood slamming things BEFORE you experience them, if he sucks, sure, but how these people can say its a “gimmick” defies logic.

      American Sports Network want’s to use u.s. men’s national team goal keeper that is a BPL starter for perspective, how is that even remotely a gimmick.

      Myself & cynicism have a great relationship, but this isn’t a situation that needs it, you have to really be wrapped up in a blanket of cynicism to attack him. Esp as he has felt Tourette’s his entire life, I’m sure a bunch of ill thought comments on a website won’t deter him, esp after dealing with the red top rags on England.

      I look forward to seeing all the melts apologies and admit they were wrong when Tim smashes it!

  11. What’s the big deal. Have fun with it. An American audience should hear an American accented voice on their broadcast as long as the person can speak with authority and he can.

  12. So what did everyone think?

    I thought Tim was pretty good overall. He was quiet and let the play on the field speak for itself. When he did open up I thought he was insightful. His discussions about what kind of official he liked working with was and Joe Hart were interesting.

    Great job by NBC getting a Premier League keeper announcing a day after he played. I’d like to see other players have an opportunity to do this if they were interested regardless of nationality.

  13. I’ve watched the two games that Howard has done with Arlo White and thought he did a good job in both. I’d rather have two Brits in the booth as a rule, but Howard was just fine. He picked his spots and had some interesting comments on the officials and (naturally) goalkeeping. He’s no Eric Wynalda- praise the Lord.

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