NBC Will Make All Premier League Games Available On Demand via NBC Sports Live Extra Beginning This Weekend

UPDATED: Beginning this weekend, all Premier League matches will be available on demand via NBC Sports Live Extra.

Up until now, only one to two select games each weekend have been available on demand. During an exclusive interview with a NBC Sports executive in late August, he said that NBC Sports was working diligently on making all the games available on demand. And the corporation has now followed through on that promise.

What this means for soccer fans in the United States is that after every Premier League match ends, the games will be made available to watch on demand via the NBC Sports Live Extra, which is accessible via the web. On demand capabilities for tablet and smartphone devices for all games is not available at this time.

In order to access NBC Sports Live Extra, you’ll need to subscribe to NBC Sports Network via your TV provider, and your TV provider needs to have an agreement in place with NBC to provide the NBC Sports Live Extra service. Thankfully, the vast majority of TV providers wised up and offered the free service to its customers.

The on-demand capability is fantastic news for soccer fans who may miss a live broadcast of a match — especially those early kick-offs where soccer fans on the west coast have a 4:45am PT start-time for a Saturday match.

Here’s the TV and Internet schedule for all Premier League matches this weekend.

64 thoughts on “NBC Will Make All Premier League Games Available On Demand via NBC Sports Live Extra Beginning This Weekend”

  1. Only problem is the score ticker at the top of the Live Extra app window. Most people likely aren’t looking to find out the score of the game they plan on watching

    1. For the 10am ET games, where the ticker would be a concern, I believe that only the 10am ET game televised on NBC Sports Network (and the live stream of that game, as well as the on demand version) will have the ticker shown. So, if it’s a concern, watch the other 10am ET games via the app, and save the one that’s broadcast on NBC Sports Network until last.

    2. You may want to try an adblocker or script blocker. While watching the Stoke City game online, I was wondering why the game wasn’t filling the entire screen. Then I realized that I was mostly likely blocking scripts were displaying ads, scores, or whatever in those spots. So I had the game on the screen with black three sided box outside of it.

      And what is with the negative votes on a post raising concerns about score spoilers?

  2. Gaffer, has NBC said how long they’ll wait after the match is over before making it available through the app?

    I recall that with FoxSoccer2Go, the game isn’t usually posted online until 7PM EST that day–which (a) is a long time to wait, and (b) makes it harder to avoid spoilers, especially if you want to watch other, later-starting games in the meantime.

    It would be great if the game was available on-demand within an hour or so after it ended.

    1. From what I understand, they’ll try to get the games available on demand minutes after the game has ended, but let’s see what happens this weekend to get a better idea.

  3. Four weeks into the season and still no fix for the Live Extra Android app. Haven’t been able to stream one live app. This is really pathetic.

      1. It still doesn’t work on my Galaxy S3 (or HP touchpad running cyanogenmod 9). The update makes it no longer crash every 5 seconds but it doesn’t load any live videos, it will play non-live stuff just fine. Also reading the google play reviews show they still have a lot of work to do.

        1. I havent had problems with it on my Nexus 7 running CM 10.2 or my Kindle Fire HD/Nexus 4 also both running CM. My brother in law has a GSIII again running CM and he also has no issues streaming with the app.

  4. I have a question, can we watch the 10am Game that is being Broadcasted on NBC Network on the app itself at same time?
    Like this Sat Arsenal game is live on Tv channel and other games are live using app, Is it possible to watch that Arsenal game on Live extra app/webpage?

    As I won`t be home to watch it so was wondering.

      1. will see if it works this weekend. why i am cynical because their schedule shows other games being available at live extra but Arsenal game shows only scheduled for tv.

  5. Personally I think this is crap. I think NBC did not live up to the promise of having all games available live every Sat. which is how they promoted this. I know technically the did with the Internet access, but they severely downplayed this part in the advertising. Fox/ESPN actually did a better job last year with more games being broadcast live on various channels. I also thought that, games were going to be “On Demand” live, didn’t they do this the first week? Although there was the issue of not being able to switch without going back to the beginning. Now the game isn’t even available until after it is over! This is a joke.

    If Rick Cordella was truly as amazed at the amount of Soccer consumed on the first day of the season, then it would seem to make sense to broadcast more games using aux NBC channels to drive up revenues. Internet access to other games is a nice bonus, but I would prefer more games broadcast live, to allow multi-TV setups, and not have to use computers etc.

    1. Every single game has been shown live on the Internet and television since the season began. They never misled anyone. Ever since we reported the news in April, they’ve stayed true to their word.

      On a typical weekend last season, only 7 games were shown live on US television (FOX/ESPN). Now, as long as you have a good TV provider, you can see all 10 live.

      Which TV provider do you have?

    2. I don’t understand your comment at all. As a DirecTV subscriber I have access to all the live games on my TV and on my iPad.

      I know some are frustrated because their TV provider hasn’t partnered with NBC, but that’s not NBC’s fault.

      1. NBC absolutely dropped the ball here. They knew the ratings that ESPN and Fox had for EPL games. They had analytics on how many minutes were streamed via Watch ESPN and Fox Soccer 2 Go and yet they were not prepared to stream the matches from the first game.

        I have still not been able to watch a game on my ipad or iphone without having the app crash numerous times per game.

        Then there is the issue of full match replays which are still unavailable. When I click on full match replays a menu containing only games yet to be played populates.

        Furthermore, they haven’t responded to the numerous posts on prosoccertalk.com’s guide to watching the premier league online (http://prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com/2013/08/16/how-and-where-to-watch-the-barclays-premier-league/)

        Please someone give me a link to the full match replays. Why is that so difficult?

  6. I have Dish Network and they are not providing the Extra Time package. Does anyone know if they are going to pick them up any time soon?

  7. Awwww man this stinks, i can’t afford cable really and my parents use dish who doesn’t offer the online streaming access. I’m quite jealous of everyone who can stream!

  8. Don’t know about everyone else…. But the on demand function is NOT WORKING…. Not getting any option to replay matches.


    1. So far, I’m seeing Hull vs Cardiff available as on demand. It’s possible that they may be working on adding them one-by-one now.

    1. Right now, the only one I’m seeing available on demand is Hull-Cardiff. I’m sure they’re working hard on trying to add the others.

      1. But now the Hull-Cardiff game is no longer available on demand. Hopefully they’ll add the games on soon. Today is the first day they’re trying to add them all.

        1. Whenever they get this thing sorted a post to walk through accessing the on demand may be warranted. I go to the home page and there is no mention of on demand. To make matters worse the scores are plastered all over the home page.

          1. Yeah, gaffer, I have been using the ipad but no on demand, so maybe NBC can provide a link for use on the computer that will go straight to the on demand games when they are posted with no info on the games that can be bookmarked.

            1. For now, at least, the on demand games will be on the web only and not on smartphones or tablets.

              But I like your tip/recommendation.

  9. I am so pissed at NBC. They took the rights from Foxsoccer, who gave us everything we wanted, and now they show one, maybe two matches a week. What if I want to watch my match on my TV? The only way is their crap on-demand service. I hate NBC so much now. I can’t watch my matches. How, for example, if I have dish, can I watch tomorrow’s match Arsenal vs Swansea? NBCSN isn’t showing. So I guess I can’t watch it.

    1. Arsenal against Swansea is being shown on free-to-air NBC at 12:30pm ET.

      If you have DISH, subscribe to NBC Sports Network and you’ll get all those games plus access to Premier League Extra Time, so you’ll have access to all 380 live games a season.

  10. The LiveExtra app still doesn’t show any replays of games!!! The EPL season started almost 2 months ago, and still no replays. The LiveExtra App is useless at this point until replays are available. NBS shows additional games on the app while showing a game on TV simultaneously, making it impossible to see all games in their entirety.

  11. Why is NBCS only showing Liverpool, Man U Arsenal and Chelsea and whatever team they’re playing against? They’ve completely blacked out all the other teams in the league.
    They get a D rating from me.
    Plus, showing the score in the upper corner of the other games, not good.

  12. Finally made my way through the spoilers on the NBC website to find the on demand Man U vs Southampton. Clicked on the button “watch Now” All I got was this stupid stupid video of some stupid new manager at Spurs, and some stupid videos on the backgrounde of Manchester United and Southampton, but NO FRICKIN GAME GRRR really disapointed.

  13. This is getting silly. Why can’t this be fixed?
    For example – Palace vs Hammers was on earlier today. It’s night time now and NO replay option.
    There’s a slew of midweek games tomorrow, what do I expect for replays? Probably none….NBC, sort it out.

  14. Hi.. do we need any cable subscription to watch the games online on live extra or does it work without any subscription?
    I am able to watch the NFL live game right now without any subscription. Was wondering if same is the case with EPL games as well..

  15. For the NBCSN you would have to have a cable subscription. Now if a game and some are boadcast by the over the air network then you have them free and I am not certain but they may be online on the regualr NBC sports site.

  16. This is third week in a row where the first few games are not showing up as replays. Today, no game is showing replays. Most games only show highlights. NBC claims that obtaining rights was better for the future. How? Even if more people watch, they will quickly get frustrated once they see NBC’s system of game replays. I even seem to be forced to see the scores during live matches. NBC has made little improvements since the first of the season. I am disappointed. I would rather FOX have it, or even ESPN. NBC has done the worse job with EPL.

  17. The replays online of epl games no longer work . I am unable to catch Arsenal live on Wednesday and won’t be able to see it on demand afterwards until this is fixed. Its been a while since I’ve seen full games offered on demand. Any ideas Gaffer as to the change from NBC.

      1. Cheers gaffer. Just seen your other article. Fortunately by some miracle Verizon Fios had Arsenal on demand deep in their menus. NBC definitely missing a trick on the Internet side if things which is painfully apparent when you can’t be home live to stream games.

  18. Has anybody heard anything from NBC about this issue of replays not being available? This has been an issue for months now, and I just don’t understand how it can take this long to solve it. This is getting extremely frustrating.

  19. Nbc sports never replays Arsenal home games. I am an Arsenal fan and every week if I don’t catch the live feed I miss the game because they don’t post the replay. They post all the other matches, just not Arsenal home games. What gives????

      1. If he was using a DVR it wouldn’t be an issue; would it? The point is that there is seemingly no rhyme or reason to which games will be made available for replay. I often find myself getting home from work on a Sat afternoon, hoping to view a game on replay, and it not being available. I just want to be able to predict which games are going to be made available on demand.

        1. Unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason regarding which games will be available on demand.

          For those who have Premier League Extra Time, there’s the opportunity to watch the games on-demand there. For those with Comcast, the xFinity app often has games available on-demand.

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