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Commentators Named for Opening Weekend of Premier League Matches

brian moore commentator Commentators Named for Opening Weekend of Premier League Matches

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. For the first time in my 36 years of covering English football, I came across a listing of who the commentators will be for this weekend’s round of top flight soccer.

Never before, as far as I know, has a list like this been made available ahead of the Premier League games — at least not publicly. The details are kept so secretive that there are message forums that try to guess what commentators will be doing which matches.

All of the matches will feature TWI/IMG commentators (i.e. the international or world feed) except for Swansea-Man United and Chelsea-Hull. Those two matches will feature NBC’s own commentary team.

Compliments to NBC for releasing this information ahead of time. Here’s the list of commentators for this weekend’s matches:

Saturday, August 17:

7:45am  Liverpool vs Stoke, NBC Sports Network — commentary by Alan Parry and Efan Ekoku

10am  Arsenal vs Aston Villa, NBC Sports Network — commentary by Gary Weaver and Davie Provan

10am  Norwich vs Everton, Premier League Extra Time — commentary by Tony Jones and Tony Gale

10am  Sunderland vs Fulham, Premier League Extra Time — commentary by David Stowell and Barry Horne

10am  West Brom vs Southampton, Premier League Extra Time — commentary by Gary Taphouse and Dean Sturridge

10am  West Ham vs Cardiff, Premier League Extra Time — commentary by Joe Speight and Trevor Francis

12:30pm  Swansea vs Man Utd, NBC and mun2 — commentary by Arlo White and Lee Dixon

Sunday, August 18:

8:30am  Crystal Palace vs Tottenham, NBC Sports Network — commentary by Peter Drury and Clive Allen

11am  Chelsea vs Hull, NBC Sports Network — commentary by Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux

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16 Responses to Commentators Named for Opening Weekend of Premier League Matches

  1. Leafsfan305 says:

    When I first started listening to Enflish Football on the BBC World Service back in the 1970′s Alan Parry was one of their regular commentators along with the late, great and much missed Peter Jones. I had know idea Alan Parry was still active! This will be wonderful!

    • rory says:

      Tyler & Parry are pretty much the only “old school” commentators left – I guess John Helm still does world feeds for FIFA tournaments. I also recall Bryan Butler on BBC Radio back in the day

  2. John Culea says:

    Thanks so much for this. I am very encouraged by the list of commentators, beginning with Alan Parry. Gary Weaver is very good, too.
    In our viewing area (San Diego) it looks like we have Liverpool-Stoke, Arsenal-AV, and Swansea-MU for Saturday, and Spurs and Chelsea for Sunday.
    Not that familiar with Arlo White–I’ll “hear” what I think.
    I dearly miss Ian Darke and also think Jon Champion is terrific. Good that Peter Drury is doing the Spurs game. Excellent talent.
    It has been a long summer without our beloved PL.

  3. Tayo says:

    Kinda sucks Martin Tyler is with sky, love hearing him

  4. David the Yank says:

    I’m surprised you wrote down the wrong time for the Swansea match. Definitely not 10 am!

  5. DaveG says:


  6. cmasia says:

    A very nice touch from NBC.

    A few comments:

    I’ve always enjoyed Alan Parry, so happy to see he’s still around.
    He also works for Sky, so we probably will see both Martin Tyler and Parry on occasion.
    I seem to recall Tyler doing many of the IMG feeds for the Monday Night game.

    I do hope Gary Birtles is still around. He is the most no nonsense, call a spade a spade “color” commentator round.

    When will we be rid of Trevor Francis?
    Trust me on this…Watch any game he does and on every single replay, all he does is tell us precisely what we are seeing.
    He adds absolutely nothing to the broadcast.

    Can we be sure Ian Crocker stays with the Scottish League.
    His voice and awful up turned inflection makes me want to throw a rock through my TV.

    Can someone give Peter Drury a sedative? I’ve said this here before. Every game, every half, every minute, every second, every kick is the single most important event in the history of civilization.

    David Stowell is the only name I’ve never heard before.

    To those who are looking for Jon Champion, I’ll give you even money he’s doing the IMG call on the Sunday Chelsea game along with David Pleat…a pair I really enjoy.

    Cheers to NBCU, as I’m looking forward to this season’s coverage more than any before it.

  7. john marzan says:

    no jon champion?

  8. Southampton FC says:

    Good. No David Pleat as co-commentator.

    Bad. Peter Drury on a ‘one-er’. It’s the only game on.

    Let’s see what the surround sound is like. If they do it with decent sound you can turn down the center speaker to virtually mute the commentators and just hear the crowd. I do this every time I can when Drury is commentating. Annoying, patronising idiot.

  9. Cantona says:

    Class schedule..

    Still never heard Arlo.. But Lee Dixon is solid and so is Grahame LeSaux… So we are halfway there.. I’m hoping Arlo does well.. We will know tomorrow.


  10. Tony Butterworth says:

    Is there going to be a Highlights show, showing all the games and goals?

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