SNL Comedian Jason Sudeikis Manages Tottenham For A Day In NBC Promo [VIDEO]

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Jason Sudeikis appears in NBC’s latest promo spots to highlight the network’s coverage of the Premier League, which begins on August 17.

Jason Sudeikis becomes Tottenham Hotspur manager for a day to hilarious consequences. He plays the role of Coach Lasso, a true-blooded American football coach who is steeped in traditional American sport lingo.

I love the ‘It’s football. Just not as we know it’ tagline.

Hats off to NBC Sports and Tottenham Hotspur for pulling this off! With all of the NBC promo videos, ads on subway cars, a giant billboard in Times Square, NBC Sports is really scoring a home run.

11 thoughts on “SNL Comedian Jason Sudeikis Manages Tottenham For A Day In NBC Promo [VIDEO]”

  1. Is it true that there will be a fox sports 2? The article on fox soccer makes it sound like so. That would be great more champions league!!!

  2. Is anyone still worried about NBC’s coverage?

    You can’t say they aren’t marketing the hell out of this.

    Again, I invite you to watch NBC Sports Network’s coverage of NY Red Bulls vs Sporting Kansas City on Saturday night (7pm).

    Yes, the match won’t be on the level of Chelsea-Arsenal or any other European match.

    But the broadcast is top notch and the footy is watchable (…with occasional cringing).

  3. “How many countries are in this country?”

    lmfao. this is 100x funnier if you’re also an american football fan.

  4. Great stuff – Thanks for posting! Spurs are very prominent in the spots for NBC. Lots of exposure in the US – would be great for a US tour next year.

  5. also love the fact that NBC is poking fun, simultaneously, at american sports and the perception the british have of american sports fans.

    jokes on both side of the atlantic. brilliant.

  6. This video is good….but can it really compare to the Fox robot that explained the difference between American football and football during the very first Fox national broadcast?

    (…this is sarcasm)

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