Jurgen Klinsmann to Serve One Game Suspension; Will Miss Gold Cup Final

USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann will serve a one game suspension from CONCACAF for his tirade against the referee in Wednesday’s game against Honduras, and will miss Sunday’s 2013 Gold Cup final against Panama.

Klinsmann was sent off in the 87th minute Wednesday after yelling at the referee. CONCACAF’s disciplinary committee confirmed Friday night that Klinsmann would be forced to serve the one-game suspension.

Given how well the US men’s national team has been performing throughout the tournament, the fact that Klinsmann will be missing from the sidelines shouldn’t have any dire consequence on the team’s performance on Sunday.

If the US manager attends the game, he’ll need to sit in the stands for the final, which will be televised on FOX on Sunday beginning at 3:30pm ET.

Here’s the footage of Klinsmann getting ejected from the match:

4 thoughts on “Jurgen Klinsmann to Serve One Game Suspension; Will Miss Gold Cup Final”

  1. The refereeing in that game and the one that followed was a total joke. Completely out of control and out of touch with the game. Those refs have no business being on the field in anything more competitive than high school.

    1. Yeah, Dave nailed it. The officiating for the entire tournament has been ridiculous.

      There is an obvious difference between what is considered a clean tackle in Central/South America than there is in the rest of the world. Those players leave their feet and foul aggressively way more than any other football culture. So I suppose the officials have become “numb” to it and consider it good football.

      I know as a college basketball coach, I’ve gotten use to players using their hands to guard a player and bumping players when they’re off the ball, even though that is against the rules.

      But someone higher up in the Gold Cup should have realized that there have been far to many dangerous tackles in the tournament. And maybe Klinsmann should have been reprimanded behind the scenes, but he should not have been suspended.

      The tournament (as a whole) have been officiated poorly. The truth is, some of the officials should have been suspended.

      By the way, I’m not a fan of Klinsmann. I could really care less how the US does in the tournament. It’s nice if they win, but I really couldn’t name five starters for the national team. So I’m not voicing my opinion with a US bias.

  2. CONCACRAP has apparently deployed referees whose job is too look away when red cards should be pulled out of the shirt pocket against US opponents. Holden was elbowed in the box and there was no call and there were other no-calls in hte Honduras game. I think that the troops will be fired up that Klinsmann blew his stack against the officials. This could be good for long-term morale. Red-and-white striped canes should be given by the US to all officials after the game.

  3. Criminal to sanction Klinsmann. He was protecting his players. All game long US players where taken down with no call. No other team would have had their coach sent off.

    I have two seats for the game tomorrow and he can use one of mine. Dr. Scores was coming with me but he will understand if Klinsmann needs a seat.

    Go USA. Lets take apart Panama and show the world we are a real threat for Brazil.

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