Poll: Which Premier League Club Will Be Relegated Alongside Reading and QPR?

With Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa winning over the weekend, there are now an incredible eight teams who are still in danger of being relegated as the 18th place team in the league this season. And there are only 2-3 matches remaining this season.

Forty points this season may not be enough to guarantee safety. If Wigan wins their game in hand tomorrow, they’ll reach 38 points with two matches to go. Right now, the teams with the worst run of form that are in the battle to avoid relegation (from worst to least worst) are Fulham, Norwich, Newcastle, Sunderland, Stoke, Southampton, Wigan and Aston Villa. None of these teams can afford to take their foot off the pedal.

Out of the eight teams, which club do you think will get relegated?

And out of those eight teams, which club do you want to see relegated?

Vote in the polls above and share your feedback in the comments section below.

26 thoughts on “Poll: Which Premier League Club Will Be Relegated Alongside Reading and QPR?”

  1. All depends on tomorrow, if Wigan lose to Swansea then they are going down. If Wigan win that match then I’ll go with Norwich

    If it were up to me, Stoke would go down but that seems unlikely

  2. I’m really torn over this. I’ve been wavering between Stoke and Wigan as the team I want to see relegated.

    Stoke: I desperately want to see their style of play change. If they appoint a new man for a team in the Championship, the pressure to win by any means necessary wouldn’t be as great. They have enough talent to make this change in the Championship and still be back up by the 14/15 season. However, the club has probably the best supporters in the league and I’d hate to have a season without them. I’d miss seeing games at the Brittania and our excellent Stoke fans on this blog.

    Wigan’s case is exactly the opposite. Their support is the joke of the league. There’s a distinct possibility that I played in front of larger crowds at a division 3 college in Saint Paul. However, they try to play a passing style of football that I enjoy, and I’d miss this time of year when I think they could go to the Camp Nou and get points out of Barca for God’s sake.

    1. I hear what you’re saying Matt. But they really play good football. I’ve grown to like them a lot (despite their sh*t support and sh*t pitch).

      I’d rather see a team like Norwich go down. I hear what people are saying about Stoke’s brand of football, but I like their physicality. There are some real characters on that team.

      Norwich just plays boring football (my opinion).

      1. I don’t mind the physicality to a degree.

        Maybe I just don’t want to see De Gea have to defend long throw ins again next year 😉

        Norwich are a solid choice. It would be quite typical of Chris Hughton to get his squad relegated.

        The one I absolutely don’t want to see is Aston Villa. Lambert has the right idea, and I am a believer that youth is the way to go.

        1. Again, I’m right with you. Villa have gotten better and better. I really hope they can keep that team together.

          Their counter attack is ridiculous. The pace is unreal. Almost like Madrid when they fly the other way.

          1. “Almost like Madrid”?? … Really? For me, that’s an extremely far away “almost”. Sorry, Pete, but comparing Villa’s break to that of Real is kind of like comparing Benteke to Christiano… I guess their first names are “almost” the same. All good *fist bump* and all that – but I just don’t see a valid comparison.

          2. Well, you and I have a different definition of “almost”.

            With that said, you almost spelled Ronaldo’s name right….it’s Cristiano, no “h”.

      2. Wigan is a bit unfortunate in their Location. They are surrounded by the Likes of Liverpool and Manchester.

        Plus Wigan is more about Rugby league than football and where they have one of the best teams. These two things along with the fact that the place is pretty small and deprived town means support will never be that good at Wigan

  3. I want Wigan to stay up, but they have a rough schedule ahead: Swansea (H), Man City- FA Cup, Arsenal (A), Aston Villa (H)

  4. I cant believe there is no option for Chelsea or Arsenal in the “who do you want to et relegated” vote… Unreal

  5. Wigan’s great escape bid will come up short this year given their run in. Otherwise it’s one of the two teams in free fall- Newcastle or Norwich.

  6. If Wigan don’t beat Swansea tomorrow then they are as good as relegated. Cannot see them beating Arsenal next Tuesday after Saturday’s FA Cup final. Wigan also have a left back problem with two of their left sided players injured. I’m afraid it’s a bridge too far this season. Shame as I really like Martinez and what he’s done at Wigan.

  7. Nostrodustous prediction:

    Wigan get a draw with Farenal to keep their hopes alive but go down with 40 points because of a poorer goal difference than Stoke also on 40.
    Newcastle beat Farsenal on the last day to stay up with 42 points.

  8. Has to be Wigan for me, they offer nothing to the premier. They have no ambition and are just content to stay in the premier, all the other teams especially Villa , Newcastle and Sunderland will attempt to get better

  9. I’m afraid Wigan might not make it this time around. With their injuries, one eye on the FA Cup final on Saturday and a very tough schedule it is going to be very difficult for them to survive. The other teams like Sunderland, Newcastle, Norwich and Fulham are at least for now giving Wigan hope. Wigan will only survive if they can hold their season in their own hands by the time they play Aston Villa on the last day. Tough ask as they have Swansea and Arsenal and City in the FA Cup in 8 days. Very big game for Wigan tomorrow against Swansea. Anything less than a win and Wigan are gone, maybe not mathematically but it will be very hard to survive otherwise.

    1. It all depends on Wigan. Wigan could take a giant step to stay up today. Where’s the ‘yawn’ in that?

      Based on form, Aston Villa and Wigan are the two teams near the bottom that have some of the best recent form in the league. As of right now, the entire bottom half of the table are in a battle to avoid relegation (other than Reading and QPR who have already been doomed).

      Oliver, your ‘yawn’ comments are premature.

      The Gaffer

        1. Emphasis on ‘could.’ Or they could stay up on the final day of the season.

          I think it’s disrespectful to keep saying ‘yawn’ when their fate hasn’t been sealed yet.

          The Gaffer

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