The History of Manchester United vs Manchester City: Gary James Interview [VIDEO]

I had the pleasure of interviewing football historian and author Gary James earlier yesterday regarding the upcoming Manchester United-Manchester City derby. Not only that, but Gary and I discussed the very first Manchester derby, as well as his latest discoveries regarding the history of Manchester City Football Club, and much more.

Several of Gary James’s books are available for purchase in the United States and around the world including Manchester The City Years 1857-1892, Manchester The City Years 2009-2012, and Joe Mercer: Football With A Smile. Plus, Gary James’s latest books can be ordered from Amazon UK such as Manchester – the City Years: Tracing the Story of Manchester City from the 1860s to the Modern Day, Manchester – A Football History and others.

Or better yet, order Gary James’s classic books at — free shipping worldwide.

The 14-minute interview with James is the first interview I’ve done in several months. In the first few years of the EPL Talk Podcast, I was doing an average of 1-2 per week, so it’s a welcome change to get back into the interviewing mindset. Let me know if you enjoy the interview or not, and whether you’d like to see more interviews like these in the future.

3 thoughts on “The History of Manchester United vs Manchester City: Gary James Interview [VIDEO]”

  1. Good stuff gaffer. I’m usually not a fan of these Skype type interviews but that was pretty smooth with good sound quality no delays.

    I don’t know what kind of contacts you have within the game these days but if you could get some ex pros on and get their thoughts on current issues like ticket prices, racism, goal line technology and the game in general I’d definitely be interested. Maybe you could even ask 1-2 question in the interview that have been submitted from EPL talk readers.

    Id like to see you do a interview with The Swiss Ramble on finances and FFP rules.

    1. Thanks Mufc77. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll definitely take the ideas into consideration. I think The Swiss Ramble is taking a break from blogging since he’s so busy with his day job (he hasn’t posted an article in several months), but I’ll definitely consider it.

      I have an awesome set of contacts, so if this interview format is popular, I’ll consider doing more interviews with people or topics that I find fascinating.

      The Gaffer

  2. Gaffer,

    Really enjoyed the interview. I often go back to old podcasts to listen to some of the past interviews with the likes of Gab Marcotti, Simon Hill and etc. So, would love it back.

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