Roberto Martinez Defends Callum McManaman, ‘He’s Not That Type Of Player’: The Nightly EPL

Roberto Martinez has defended Wigan footballer Callum McManaman for this tackle against Newcastle United’s Massadio Haidara.

Here’s what Martinez said in front of the BBC Sport cameras post match:

“If you see a lot of [McManaman], you’ll realize he’s not that type of player.”

“The referee was in a very good position, and I’m sure he saw him touching the ball. And from that point on, obviously, the injury is something you don’t want to see.”

Martinez added that McManaman wanted to show his enthusiasm in his first league debut for Wigan Athletic, but a footballer needed to control his enthusiasm. “It’s good experience. We’ll make sure he learns quickly from it,” added Martinez.

In fairness to Martinez, he admitted when the interview began that he hadn’t seen the foul on TV replay. Martinez also said that if Haidara got a bad injury, “We’ll make sure as a football club that we’ll contact the boy and apologize for that.”

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7 thoughts on “Roberto Martinez Defends Callum McManaman, ‘He’s Not That Type Of Player’: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Well Roberto exactly what type of player is Mr McManaman? Certainly not a fair one. He almost cripples a fellow professional then within two paces later commits a deliberate hand ball before the referee who really should retire brings play to a stop.
    Let’s hope the powers that be ban him from the up and coming cup tie. But make sure he’s back for their relegation celebration.

    1. Totally agree with this, no matter what type of player Martinez thinks he is doesn’t matter. A tackle like that has no place in the game and he should have been thrown out of the game immediately. Terrible refereeing, but what’s new in the EPL?

  2. There was no intent to hurt the player on the challenge. I have watched it in real time from many angles. But it is a horribly dangerous tackle. He goes for the ball but how he does it is something that should be corrected immediately by the coaching staff. He should be punished but I am not sure how he can because the ref gave a yellow. Part of the FA’s stupid rules.

    1. I don’t think it was a tackle meant to cause harm, but there is no reason for him to go in that high on the tackle. As for the coaching stuff should correct it immediately, you can’t really correct that type of thing. You can tell him don’t go in that high again, but it’s ultimately up to the player how he goes in on a tackle. This one is all on him.

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