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The Piers Morgan Show On FOX Soccer: What’s Your Opinion?

piers morgan The Piers Morgan Show On FOX Soccer: Whats Your Opinion?

FOX Soccer is pulling out of the stops today by featuring opinionated Arsenal supporter and TV host Piers Morgan in its pre-match, half-time and post game analysis for the Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal coverage.

While I hope that the match itself will be the main talking point, I wanted to create this open thread to give you the opportunity to post your uncensored positive or negative feedback regarding Piers.

Will Piers exceed our expectations? Or will he under-deliver?

Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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41 Responses to The Piers Morgan Show On FOX Soccer: What’s Your Opinion?

  1. Bergkamp_10 says:

    Disaster of epic proportions!!

    What have we consumers done to Fox Soccer to deserve this, besides pocketing them with out hard earned cash?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Oh, the humanity!

  3. gargoyle says:


  4. Bradley says:

    Gus Johnson- Last night on Showtime Sports there was a replay of a 2012 boxing retrospective show. Some of the clips had Gus Johnson calls (he no longer is calling fights for Showtime). There was many fans who tweeted how happy they were that Gus was gone and could we just pretend his time as a blow by blow guy never happened. I have a feeling many fans feel the same way about Gus’s soccer experiment.

    Piers-he’s a jackass. If Arsenal loses he will whine incessantly about Wenger, not winning trophies, and selling Van Persie. It is all he does on twitter (except for correcting followers’ grammar-which seems to make him feel good about himself because he knows it is “You’re” instead of “your”).

  5. Dust says:

    Way to completely F*** up the broadcast of the NLD Fox.

  6. paddy h. says:

    where’s the talksport audio link/feed? many thanks in advance…

  7. jtm371 says:

    Fox can kiss my A$$ thanks for F-ing up the end of the EPL season.Mute and listen on talksport.

    good luck to your Spurs hope the Wife kids and pets have been dismissed so you do not have to filter yourself during the match.


  8. NotTheNoob says:

    I only follow two sports; mixed martial arts and soccer.

    I was beyond thrilled on the day that I heard Gus Johnson was leaving CBS/Showtime. I thought I’d never have to hear him call one of my favorite sports ever again.

    I never dreamed that Fox would hire him to do soccer.

    To paraphrase one of Johnson’s most infamous MMA calls, “Sometimes, these things happen in broadcasting.”

  9. Spurs fan says:

    Just found out who are the announcers of the NLD! What a JOKE,! Who can we write at Fox to let them know they “don’t know what your doing”!

  10. IanCransonsKnees says:

    If they think Piers Morgan is representative of the average British football fan they want f*&king.

    The man’s a retarded imbecile who is very lucky he’s not in the same boat as a lot of his peers over here at the moment.

    As I said yesterday, look up Stephen Fry’s definition of the word countryside. It’d have a picture of Piers next to it.

    • jtm371 says:

      spot on.tough loss for your Potters yesterday.

      • IanCransonsKnees says:

        Not really, we’re playing terribly at the moment and there’s and uncomfortable stench around the place. I’m afraid Pulis may have to go to freshen it up.

        If we were to take a risk I’d go for Steve Bould or Nigel Pearson.

        If not I’d go for Steve Bruce if Hull don’t get promoted, or Sam Allardyce if West Ham go for Di Canio.

        Di Canio would be like Ossie Ardilles all over again I think playing wise, though I’d love to see him and Mourinho on the touchline together if he came back to Chelsea.

        • Yespage says:

          At the moment? Stoke have been looking rather unimpressive the last couple of months. I’d be a little scared of relegation, but that would require a massive self-destruction for that to happen.

          West Ham did a great job stopping a number of stabbing forward passes that would have certainly led to scoring chances. Defensively, they are sound, but the offense has been terribly lacking for a while now. They are safe now because of their great performances early in the first half of the season.

  11. Pete says:

    I had the television muted as the pregame show was starting…then i saw Piers Morgan sitting with the rest of the Fox Soccer clowns…and i already knew Gus Johnson was calling the match.

    So now I’m searching for alternative viewing options.

    I’ll even take non-English speaking commentators.

    Can someone post a “Countdown to NBC’s EPL coverage”?

    • Gerry Binks says:

      Before getting too excited about NBC, we may end up with Arlo White. He is a white Derby oik version of the pathetic Gus.

  12. Angie says:

    Fox Soccer is the worst. Gus Johnson repeatedly botches players names, not even understandably. He adds letters where there aren’t any. He has no understanding of the game and often SCREAMS into the microphone when goals or scored.

    Being an twitter jackass shouldn’t qualify one for being asked to provide commentary on tv, but this is Fox Soccer.

  13. OT says:

    FOX Soccer is taking the IMG audio. Peter Drury and Craig Burley.

    No Gus today. I guess Shanks thought the match isn’t big enough.

  14. jtm371 says:

    Matt Lawrence on talksport.

  15. gargoyle says:

    No Gus.

  16. Pete says:

    I guess I’m in luck today.

    No Gus Johnson commentating.

  17. Smokey Bacon says:

    Wow, Gus has really been working on his British accent. I like this new Gus already. Sounds so much better. Almost like a proper commentator. Well done Gus! Keep up the good work!

  18. The Gaffer says:

    Thankfully we can now all concentrate on the game today!

    The Gaffer

  19. bc says:

    Fox execs: How do you opt for Gus Johnson over Martin Tyler and Gary Neville? It’s like you purposely want people to watch the ITV stream on the internet and unsubscribe from your channel.

  20. gary says:

    Piers Morgan’s qualifications to be an “expert” on Arsenal are……………….?

  21. BA14 says:

    I like it, they have a pissed off Arsenal fan in studio showing his frustration.

  22. Smokey Bacon says:

    To be fair, Piers still has more to offer than Wynalda.

  23. gillyrosh says:

    Why is Piers Morgan there? Why does Fox Soccer keep treating him like he’s an expert? He’s just an annoying blowhard.

  24. NotTheNoob says:

    If less Gus Johnson means more Piers Morgan, I’m all for it!

  25. Jason says:

    I have no problem with Fox having Piers Morgan in the studio. He is not there as an analyst but a die-hard Arsenal supporter. His opinions on Arsenal are shared by many Arsenal supporters.

    I like the fact that he is not afraid to say what he feels about his beloved club. He pulls no punches and is not neutral like so many on Fox. Agree or disagree with him but you cannot argue the fact that he is passionate about supportng his club.

    This from a City supporter.

  26. Efrain says:

    A lot of Piers Morgan haters. Personally I don’t follow the guy, but I agreed with everything he said post game. He’s been pounding the fist on AW and he is right, in my humble opinion. AW should have been gone last year. Looking more and more like we will not qualify for the UCL next year… what a shame.

  27. Larry says:

    Maybe Fox are on to something by bringing in famous supporters of PL clubs. I’m not an Arsenal fan but I didn’t see anything wrong with what Morgan said. He was giving his opinion about the club he supports. It was different from the usual bore at Fox.

  28. martin richards says:

    The whole show was presented in anticipation of an arsenal hammering and a celebration of the new world superstar Bale. Neither happened but morgan could not help himself, burbling on ridiculously and insultingly to us arsenal fans who are also “suffering”. Why oh why give an ar@@@ole like that a platform for his vitriol and nonsense. I trust we will soon see some Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Villa, etc etc “Fan” come on and criticise the team we love. We can see it for ourselves I do not need some pubicity seeing fu##wit adding fuel to the fire. Just because he is “famous” does not mean he is intelligent. Thank you Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda (less so) for not feeding in. Please save us from wankers like Piers Morgan, give us real insight about strategy and the game. Not a frothing pompous ass with nothing to offer.

  29. Joe Brindley says:

    Morgan’s a joke. He’s only a bit popular in USA because us stupid Americans think he’s like Simon Cowell. He’s a nobody. His opinions don’t count…in anything, sports, politics, etc.

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