How to Watch FOX Soccer Live On Your Mobile Phone or Tablet With Slingbox

By itself, FOX Soccer 2Go is a powerful service. On a typical weekend, FOX Soccer 2Go streams an average of six live Premier League matches. ESPN2/ shows one, while FOX Soccer — the flagship TV network — airs the other three. While FOX Soccer 2Go is a must-have for followers of the Premier League, it’d be even better if you could watch those three live games that FOX Soccer shows. While that isn’t possible, I do have a solution.

On Black Friday last year, I bought a device that, when properly installed, works marvelously on the go. Most of you may have heard of it and it’s called a Slingbox. It’s a placeshifting device that lets you watch TV on the go. I did an extensive review of it when I first got it.

The basic premise is this: Once installed, a Slingbox will allow you to run TV shows from your cable box via the website through your laptop or apps for your mobile devices. For free. Yes, free.

If you are sitting there in stunned disbelief, don’t be. It really does work. When I got the Slingbox, it was a no brainer…almost. If you read my review, while I had some initial frustration and caveats I had to endure to get everything up and running, in the time that I have had it, it has been beneficial. FOX Soccer and GolTV are at my beck and call. And I can even watch shows that I DVR.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been out and thankfully have caught portions of a game because of this device. As a matter of fact, I watched the Manchester United against Liverpool game while traveling to see my parents over the weekend. Plus, now most of my mornings aren’t complete unless I watch last night’s DVR’ed FOX Soccer Report on my phone.

One of my biggest field tests recently was when I traveled to Las Vegas in January. Being in a hotel room and the airport, and knowing that I couldn’t catch any of the matches locally, out came the iPad and off I went. Even two guys who sat nearby wound up watching some of a match I was watching. Again, it works as long as you have a good Internet connection.

A few things to keep in mind however:

– Although you have to buy the Slingbox device, you have access to your whole TV on the go and furthermore it’s a one-time cost. No annual renewal or subscriptions needed.

– Ok, so the picture is not high definition, but it’s probably the same if not better than what you are getting on the FOX Soccer 2Go.

– I can’t stress it enough, your picture is as good as your connection; Wifi is the way to go but 3G works as well too. But be mindful of your data usage.

– Check your cable provider to see if your cable box is compatible with Slingbox before purchasing it.

– If Slingbox isn’t the way to go check this website for other options as well as advice and troubleshooting for hooking up your device:

Here’s a breakdown of what it cost me:

  • $170 for the Slingbox Solo (It does go on sale occasionally, so keep your eyes open),
  • $65 for the wall ethernet adapter,
  • $30 for the iPhone app (and you have to pay that amount for the iPad if you want to do both).

While Slingbox may not give you the entire soccer world on a mobile platter as the FOX Soccer 2Go app does, it does complement it so you’re able to see some of the matches when you aren’t in front of the TV.

Depending on where you live, and based on what kind of coverage you may already have, you can do so much more with his device. After a few months, and the initial headaches, I am satisfied with it.

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  1. Dear readers one thing I forgot to add (it almost seems common sense but it’s fair to add this in) for those of you that didn’t know, everything that comes through your Slingbox is based on what you already have in your cable subscription. Ergo, if you DON’T already get certain channels, Slingbox will not add it!

  2. Another way:

    USB TV Tuner: ~$50
    iPad VNC app: ~$5

    TV Tuner plays TV on your computer. VNC mirrors your desktop on the iPad. Probably need an even better connection than Slingbox needs though. It works on the fast wireless I run at my workplace but has failed to produce tolerable frame-rates at several open wifi locations.

    If you have an old computer lying around and are up for tweaking Linux, MythTV is free software that will do everything the Slingbox does (and more) and has an iOS front-end. Can be a real bear to set up though. I believe Elgato Eye-TV also offers an iOS place-shifting app for their DVR hard/software for Macs.

  3. I tried Elgato but it was too much of a headache to set up…plus your PC needed to be on at all times for it to work. I don’t like my PCs running idle if I am not on it.

  4. If you have Dish Network, you can use their free iPhone/iPad apps with your SlingBox and avoid the $30 slingbox app. Since Dish owns Sling now, the Sling capabilities are identical.

      1. With most recent Android devices you can stream flash media. This includes the streams, live streams usually come through in perfect quality as long as you can run it on 4G LTE, sometimes the 3G doesn’t really cut it. As far as the on demand games its typically hit or miss, sometimes they will show perfectly but other times there is a “not compatible with mobile device” message. However, for the price of a year’s subscription to foxsoccer2go its really worth it to have a phone that allows you to access the games at any time. And the one advantage that you have over the iphone with using this on an android is that you can access the on demand games which isn’t allowed on the iOS apps. Even if they don’t always work its really clutch when they do. I made a bus trip from Pittsburgh to NYC in December and spent the whole ride watching games from the weekend on my phone.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’d be useless, but in that case a combination of FOX Soccer 2Go and Slingbox would be the solution that soccer fans need to watch their games online or via mobile devices.

      The Gaffer

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