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Alternative Premier League, Gameweek 10: Arsenal Are The Biggest Movers

alternative route Alternative Premier League, Gameweek 10: Arsenal Are The Biggest Movers

Arsenal bouncing back, Newcastle remaining unbeaten, Spurs climbing the table. The APL continues to take shape, despite quiet weekends for the two Manchester sides.

Arsenal are the week’s big movers after their big win at Chelsea. Despite scoring five times the winning margin was only two goals, but when the team in 11th beats the team in 3rd away from home the rewards are going to be big. The Gunners’ 8.62 total was some way ahead of the next largest score of the week and with the Baggies at home on Saturday things could be getting even better for the red half of north London. Meanwhile Chelsea drop three places to sixth after they only managed 1.22 points and the three teams below them won.

Every week people wait for Newcastle to fall apart and fall down the league, and every week they keep going. Newcastle allowed teams below them to catch up when they only managed 4.98 points for their win at Wigan last week, but came back strongly with their win at Stoke this time around. A tally of 7.66 not only moved them up to third but also kept the pressure on Manchester United – a team that the Magpies have outscored in four of the last five weeks.

Tottenham are another side that cashed in from Chelsea’s second defeat in as many games. Their comprehensive win over QPR meant that they are now unbeaten since Week 3. Spurs’ cause was helped by QPR’s move up the table after beating Chelsea last week, and Tottenham’s score of 6.52 was good reward for their dominance in the game. Harry Redknapp’s side of course also have a game in hand of all around them, so their league position of 4th is all the more impressive.

Fulham’s second win of the season against bottom three side Wigan moved them five places to 11th. Away wins are precious achievements in the APL and Fulham now join the crowded pack in mid-table with their 6.91 total. There are only 1.21 points separating 9th place from 14th so a good pair of results from any team involved in that melee could catapult them up the league.

After last week’s mauling, United picked up one point on their neighbours City after beating Everton away. The small winning margin and the lowly position of the Toffees prevented a massive score, but after the last few weeks 6.57 points are a welcome for Ales Ferguson’s men. City had much the same afternoon against Wolves as the Midlanders secured the largest score for a losing side this week, 1.88 points.

Blackburn’s good draw at high-flying Norwich wasn’t enough to get them out of the bottom three, but it was enough to put them 0.01 points above Bolton who slumped to a disappointing defeat at Swansea.

As mentioned, away wins are a big deal in the APL and area a big contributor to league positions so I have now included ‘away wins’ in the league table.

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  • Biggest score: Arsenal 8.62 points
  • Lowest score:  Wigan 1.34 points
  • Best draw score: Blackburn 3.92 points
  Team P W D L Away Wins GD Points Prem Pos
1 Manchester City 10 9 1 0 4 28 69.43 1
2 Manchester United 10 7 2 1 3 15 58.57 2
3 Newcastle United 10 6 4 0 3 8 52.39 3
4 Tottenham Hotspur 9 6 1 2 3 4 48.53 5
5 Liverpool 10 5 3 2 3 4 48.33 6
6 Chelsea 10 6 1 3 2 4 46.50 4
7 Arsenal 10 5 1 4 1 -1 42.63 7
8 Norwich City 10 3 4 3 1 -2 38.30 8
9 Queens Park Rangers 10 3 3 4 2 -9 36.85 12
10 Aston Villa 19 2 6 2 0 0 36.79 9
11 Fulham 10 2 4 4 1 1 36.65 15
12 West Bromwich Albion 10 3 2 5 2 -4 36.23 13
13 Stoke City 10 3 3 4 1 -6 36.07 11
14 Swansea City 10 3 3 4 0 -3 35.90 10
15 Sunderland 10 2 4 4 1 2 35.64 14
16 Everton 9 3 1 5 2 -3 33.48 16
17 Wolverhampton Wanderers 10 2 2 6 1 -8 29.29 17
18 Blackburn Rovers 10 1 3 6 0 -10 26.51 18
19 Bolton Wanderers 10 2 0 8 2 -14 26.50 19
20 Wigan Athletic 10 1 2 7 0 -11 23.90 20 

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3 Responses to Alternative Premier League, Gameweek 10: Arsenal Are The Biggest Movers

  1. David Russell says:

    Aston Villa are doing pretty bad considering they played 19 games

  2. Yespage says:

    I apologize if I’ve already said this, as I don’t mean to be repetitive, but does this alternative table really tell us anything we don’t already know from the regular table? This seems like a lot of work to get very minimal changes.

    It tells us who’s in first, already know that, who’s in relegation danger, already knew that, and that the bottom half of the table is very competitive amongst each other… who already knew that.

  3. Dani says:

    To be honest, why not just make a table based on recent form? I find that a table with rankings according to the previous 6 games or so would be more useful. So for example Arsenal would be right up there with Newcastle due to their recent winnings etc This table doesnt really tell me much tbh.

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