FIFA 12 Trailer (Video): Is This Going To Be The Best FIFA Yet?

Anticipation is building for the late September launch of FIFA 12, the new video game from EA Sports. And to coincide with Gamescom 2011, the huge video game event in Germany this week, EA Sports have released a new trailer for FIFA 12 which is quite spectacular.

The above video features stunning graphics and more video clips than ever before of what FIFA 12 will look like. Plus, the background music in this FIFA 12 video trailer is very moving.

Based on what you’ve seen and read about FIFA 12, do you this is going to be the best FIFA game ever? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Trailer (Video): Is This Going To Be The Best FIFA Yet?”

  1. They really need to work on the off-the-pitch features. Fifa 11 was pathetic. There was no player development, coaching changes etc, that made the old games so much fun. Sure, they’ve improved the graphics and mannerisms of the players but they’ve taken away from the depth of the game.

    1. I suggest you do your research on the FIFA 12. There are already a good amount of information on the game out already. You’d know that the off-pitch features have been improved and given much depth.

  2. You can’t scout for talent anymore, or develop your staff and stadium. There was no academy. The only thing you could do off the pitch was buy/sell and change your squad and formation. I feel like they took a lot away from the game.

    1. Yea, im sure all us EPL fans will get right on that and head over to La Liga talk, so we can hear about barca and Madrid and…..oh, no one cares about the rest of that league, least of all us EPL fans. Plug ur site somewhere else Debbie

      1. Bill, La Liga Talk is a sister site of EPL Talk. And Debbie is my wife. Yes, EPL Talk is a site focused on the Premier League, but her comment was appropriate given that Real Madrid and Barcelona were heavily featured in the above video.

        The Gaffer

  3. Not an Ultimate Team fan, but maybe I’ll get into it this time around. Made my reservation at gamestop a month ago, Im a big geek for Fifa.

  4. Just dl’ing the demo now…the trailer got me psyched though

    Also great music – I love Sleigh Bells! Song fit the trailer so well, it took me back to when I was a kid and I discovered Blur from Song 2 in FIFA 98

  5. i think this guy talking about hw deep the gme shud b shud jst switch to pes 12 played the demo .its gt al dat camp coaching crap .

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