Spike Lee and Theo Walcott Share Their Passion For Arsenal FC: Video

Forever Forward from Ladoja & Sons on Vimeo.

Movie director and Arsenal starlet Theo Walcott appear in the above video and talk about their admiration for Arsenal Football Club.

Lee, who has been a longtime Gunners supporter, waxes poetically about his commitment to Arsenal, while Walcott describes what it feels like being an Arsenal footballer stepping over that white line.

A few other characters appear in the video and discuss their passion for Arsenal FC.

The Gunners kick off their Premier League campaign tomorrow with an away trip to St. James’ Park which will be televised live on FOX Soccer at 12:30pm ET for viewers in the United States.

5 thoughts on “Spike Lee and Theo Walcott Share Their Passion For Arsenal FC: Video”

  1. It would be nice to see Theo put that “passion” on the pitch this coming season. Nuff respect to Lee and Patterson – best show on Radio 1.

    1. More like his childhood hometown team, which shows his loyalty.. if anything else. He is brutally loyal to the Knicks. That’s respectable if nothing else.

      But clearly you’re playing the role of ‘let me make fun of the team I don’t support’, and that’s okay, I guess.

    2. arsenal was actually the first soccer team he ever really spent time watching and has a friend in london, who worked on his films, that introduced him to the Gunners. and that was when they were winners, not losers. at least he hasn’t bandwagon’d man utd. he’s arsenal til he dies, apparently. (knicks as well)

  2. He wears Arsenal gear around NYC all the time. Jeffery Wright, also has season tickets at the Emirates. I watched a champions league match with him a few years ago.

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