Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United: Tactical Analysis (Video)

Some Manchester United supporters may want to erase the game from their minds, but many may want to watch to see where improvements can be made in future conquests. For fans of other fans and neutrals, the above video is an interesting analysis of how positioning, marking and tactics can make a massive difference in the game of football. There’s definitely plenty of things you can learn here. Warren Barton, eat your heart out.

5 thoughts on “Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United: Tactical Analysis (Video)”

  1. I feel evra should have maintained defending line. Instead of tracking Messi, who had wall before him, could have gone with Pedro & stopped that goal. All if and buts…

  2. Good analysis. Hopefully UEFA doesn’t get it taken down. The reason I haven’t used video highlights in our analysis videos is for that reason, the Premier League would alert Youtube and have them removed. Good stuff nonetheless.

  3. Well put together, and telling. As the game is being played, I think the fog of war takes over. You could tell Evra not to leave that much space for Pedro, butall of a suden he drifts in by two yards and it’s two yards too many.

    Would Roy Keane in his prime been a help? I’m not sure because of the way they selfishly move the ball around. There is a symphony to their movements, and the ball is gone so quickly.

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