Special 1 TV: Nine Special Years (Video)

It’s been a slow week in English football, so this week’s edition of Special 1 TV focuses on its own drama instead of what’s been happening at Anfield, St. James’ Park and other locales.

In this episode, Wayne Rooney features a special one-on-one interview with Sven who is riding high with his Foxes.

Plus, there’s a surprise at the end which could have big ramifications on future episodes.

Be champions! And shut up ThompsonLives!

9 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Nine Special Years (Video)”

  1. Wait a second… The Special One has sacked It, is being nice to The Voyeur and now has told The Boy to “shut up”? He never tells Wayne to shut up!

    I think we may have a Special Impostor on our hands.

  2. I know everyone loves to rip on Mourinho but what I’d give to have him back at Chelsea. 9 years! Does anyone know if that includes UEFA and/or league cup matches?

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