FIFA 11 Predicts Wigan v Man United and West Ham v Liverpool

In the recent game simulations by FIFA 11, they did get the <a href=" versus Barcelona score wrong, but they’ve gotten most of their other predictions correct including the 2-1 victory by Manchester United over Manchester City.

This week, the brains from FIFA 11 use their simulation engine to predict Wigan versus Manchester United and West Ham against Liverpool.

Will they be correct? We’ll have to wait and see. If Darren Fletcher, one of my Fantasy Premier League players scores this weekend as shown in the above video, I’ll be a very happy man!

8 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Predicts Wigan v Man United and West Ham v Liverpool”

  1. I think Wigan vs Manchester United will end in a draw. Wigan are beginning to play better and United don’t play well away from home. United also have two more away games against Chelsea and Liverpool back to back and they will be lucky to pick up more than 3 points in this stretch.

  2. The next 3 games will determine United’s title claims. All 3 are away to teams that are not easy to beat on their home turf. United have just come back from CL play away to Marseille so 3 more away games in just over a week will be tough especially since United have not been as good on the road as in previous seasons. I can see United losing to both Chelsea and Liverpool and draw at Wigan. So I’m going for 1 point to United in their next 3 outings.

  3. Is it just me …or does the football world, including this simulation, IGNORE the great NANI? I see Nani scoring vs Wigan…that dude has been incredible …Nani always seems to makes good things happen for Man U…Nani is one of the classiest players in the world

  4. classy ?? watch the tottenham game they played earlier this season, and see the classy player flop on the ground and grab the ball, then prance around after scoring a cheap goal

  5. This is the biggest week of United’s season. They will have played 4 away games in a row in just over 10 days. Given their away record this season I can see them struggling to get points. They’ve already drawn with Marseille and I can see the same thing happening today against an improving Wigan team. Wigan are an enigma in that they can play well one week and totally self-destruct in another. If the former Wigan team shows up I can see them getting something out of this game.

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