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What's Your Perfect Day Of Soccer?

Liberty Stad Swan What's Your Perfect Day Of Soccer?

What’s your perfect day of soccer? Think about what it would be like for you, and share it in the comments section below.

For me, it depends if I’m in Wales or Florida. If it’s the latter, it’s a Premier League Saturday kicking off with a tantalizing kick-off at 7:45am ET at home. With the ESPN2 game on my big screen HD television and a cup of tea in my hand, it’s a chance to sit back on my couch and unwind after a busy work week. With laptop and iPhone nearby to look up stats or write my thoughts down for story ideas, it’s a chance to immerse myself in a classic Premier League match. All I ask is that it’s two-sided and features the frenetic pace that we’ve been so accustomed to seeing from England. Here we are now, entertain us.

The perfect Saturday would be followed by a brilliant upset in the 10am ET kickoff where one of the Big Three is convincingly dethroned. And last but not least, the third game of the day, the 12:30pm ET kickoff features another pulsating game that shows how the English game is a league apart from the rest of the world.

A perfect day of soccer would be completed by going to see a professional game in person with my family on a warm Florida evening. A local MLS team would be a dream come true again.

I love Saturdays. I always have, and they will always continue to be my favorite day of the week.

But if I was in the United Kingdom either on holiday or living there, it would be a completely different experience. A perfect day (and a fantasy) would be to have tickets to go see Swansea City play at home at Liberty Stadium in the Premier League. To be honest, I’m not sure what I’d do in the morning. There’s a massive gap between 7am and 3pm GMT, eight hours in fact, so I’m not quite sure how I’d fill it. Perhaps a walk around a Welsh village such as Laugharne, 40 miles away from Swansea. The village on the Welsh coastline was where poet Dylan Thomas lived.

After clearing my mind and heading back toward Swansea, it’d be a perfect opportunity to stop at a pub for lunch or fish’n chips and watch the early kick-off, 12:30pm local time. And then, during half-time to head closer to Swansea’s ground to get ready for the match itself, choosing a pub not too far from the ground to grab a pre-match pint alongside Swansea City supporters.

After the game, a post match meal at an Indian restaurant followed by watching Match Of The Day at home would end a perfect day.

How about you? Share your story about what would be your perfect soccer day in the comments section below.

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6 Responses to What's Your Perfect Day Of Soccer?

  1. eplnfl says:

    That’s harder than one may think to answer. Being a fan of the EPL, MLS, both US National Teams, and enjoying various cup competitions it is a challenge to say whats perfect.

    A few real things which I do really like to see or want out of my soccer day. The early Saturday morning EPL broadcast is a must. Now with the ESPN production it’s even better to enjoy getting up on a dark winters morning putting on the coffee and watching the game before the sunrises here in the Midwest. Sunday mornings it is a bit less critical but still a positive to have a early game before the day starts. A big game on either day is a plus, the middle table matches are good but we all want to see Man U. v. Chelsea, etc. each weekend if possible.

    Like Chris it is great to follow things with a local match to watch in person in the afternoon or early evening. Seeing my hometown Chicago Fire either at 3:00pm or 7:30pm makes it a complete day.

  2. Adam says:

    As a Newcastle supporter, its a bit tough to imagine a better day than this past Sunday, save for being there in person.

  3. TJ says:

    It used to be heading to the pub to watch the games, having an Irish breakfast, washing it down with too many Magner’s and stumbling out to bright daylight around 2pm.

    Now that I’ve got FSC at home, the perfect day is putting on coffee and bacon and settling in for the early game. This is my known alone-time, and being that it’s so early I get it 100% grief-free. For this I am very thankful.

    The ESPN2 broadcast is of utmost importance, because as we know it is the only real HD available to those with Comcast. What a difference. The match ESPN shows has of late been all Chelsea v. Scrub, which I’m awful tired of. I want to see the Spurs v. United, Villa v. Birmingham, etc in HD. Stop broadcasting Chelsea v. the lower table. The way to ratings is broadcasting the best matches! Stepping off the soapbox, the perfect day means morning sunshine, coffee, pacing, singing, and the smiling “you are crazy for this silly game” looks from the better-half.

  4. Tony says:

    Wouldn’t you fit football Focus is, or isn’t that shown anymore?

    • The Gaffer says:

      I was thinking the same thing Tony, although it’s been so long since I’ve seen a Football Focus that I don’t know whether it’s worth watching or not anymore. I’ll pass on Soccer AM. Not my type of show, but I’d rather soak up some history or culture or landscape in Wales on a Saturday morning and then go mental in the afternoon for the football!

      The Gaffer

  5. Jim says:

    Being a relatively new fan of the sport, my perfect day is likely different than most. I try and make it a habit, no matter who is playing, to watch every game on Saturday morning that I can. Usually I catch the last few minutes of the early ESPN2 match. I get my breakfast ready, pull up my fantasy team so I can track how my players are doing, and enjoy the 1-3 matches that are on. I try and get some of my lesson planning for the upcoming week done as well during these matches. I have really enjoyed my Saturday mornings and can’t wait until it gets a bit colder and I can get up and make a warm breakfast and have a cup of tea while watching the games, it’s too early here in the Midwest to be having a pint while watching the match.

    I have had one experience while studying abroad in Ireland to take in a match, Galway United vs. Leeds United. From what I’ve heard and seen, we had a typical match day. The group I was studying with enjoyed a couple pints down at a pub while waiting for it to get closer to kickoff. We walked as a group down to Terryland Park, found our seats, and cheered on our new “home team.” I wish I could take in more matches in this fashion.

    Two examples of my perfect match day.

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